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  1. Nice truck. I just bought a 1933 in original condition. The seller had done a fair amount of work to make the truck drivable, including new tires, brakes, etc. Happy to speak with you privately about what I paid and overall condition, etc. It will also help if you can get the engine servial number to determine if it still has the original drive train. Attached a pic of my truck. I have the bumper and need to get it on.
  2. I am not sure you can get them over the pedal. I installed mine on the pedal shafts when I had them off for restoration. In any event, if you are going to try and get it over the pedal, soak it in near boiling water to soften it up. Might also use some liquid soap to help it slide. And, remember to install them so that the flat surface (side down in your photos) is facing up so that it engages the toe panel when the pedal is in the full up position (trust me, I just installed a fuel tank and forgot to connect the wire to the sending unit).
  3. I figured this out after years of wondering. The seals are installed on the pedal shaft (when they are off the vehicle). The flat area goes toward the floor and the seal rides along with the pedal shaft. So when you push the pedal in, the seal moves down and when the pedal returns, it rests against the kick panel closing up the hole that the pedal goes through. If this isn't clear, I may be able to find a picture.
  4. Hi Folks: I am speaking with a fellow who has these attached parts for sale. He has no idea what they are for, and thinks they are for a 1935 Dodge truck. I am fairly sure this is not accurate. Just received some feedback that these are for a 1934 Chevy truck. Parts are in CA. You can contact the seller directly at: Willi Beller willi@procalelectric.com 760-362-1988
  5. Yea...it's definitely a home made roof. Just trying to figure out what they started with? Could have been a touring car or chassis?? In any event, after speaking with him, I don't have any interest. Still looking for my 1933-35 truck:)
  6. This popped up on eBay this morning. Not aware of this type of configuration on a 1920 pickup truck. Appreciate any feedback regarding the roof. Might it have been a screenside that someone modified? Anyone in the area who can have a look at it for me? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1920-Dodge-Other-Pickups/282589040275?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. Does anyone know the status of this truck. Has anyone looked at it, or contacted the seller. I suspect that this left the factory as a chassis and was built up as a pickup truck? Just curious about it. I have seen it for sale for several years, and wondered if anyone actually bothered to look at it. May have to schedule a business trip to Tucson in the next month or so, if it's still there.
  8. What year and model truck is it? They look strange. I wonder if they used pins to hold the jute mat in place. I have a 1937 MC and have no holes in the slanted part of the floorboard (is that what we are looking at).
  9. If you have time, you ought to post a few pictures of your truck. It's not unusual for these old trucks to be missing the parts you mention. It's all part of the hobby. Finding parts, making new friends, and investing a small fortune in this old junk:) As Alan mentioned, we have lots of resources for used and repo parts. Sure you can find everything you need.
  10. PS: You should clean the paint off the end of the tube to get a good ground. Based on the picture I sent you from Rhode Island Wiring, you can see how the parts fit together. The cap on the wiring pigtail presses onto the tube in the taillight can. You use a piece of wire loom over the wires and a clip is used to fix it to the wires. Hope this makes sense.
  11. You need the female part of this. It pushes on and twists to fix. The bulb fits into the tube in your headlight can the same way. Look at this picture and hopefully it will make sense. If not, I can shoot you some close up pictures of my setup. You can get these parts from Dodge Central https://dcmclassics.com/lighting/184-le-116-tail-light-bucket-wires-with-connector.html
  12. I am open for offers, and not expecting too much. Will be costly to ship as it's fairly heavy
  13. Dug out some additional parts that I no longer need to hang on to. If you have any use for these please drop me a line. Any reasonable offer on this stuff. The radiator has a part number on the upper tank of 581317, but I cannot find it in any of my books. I got this with a large collection of parts from a 1937 3/4 ton truck that was being chopped. Fender brackets are from a 1937 Chrysler Royal parts lot I got, and has a horn bracket. Thx Vic
  14. Yes. I thought I was going to get this one, but someone out sniped me. What a bumber. I am looking at a bezel and lens for $75 that I might get. But, yes, appreciate your help in finding another one or two of these. The one in my picture is usable, but will need ot get a lens for the license plate hole. I am about four weeks away from installing the bed, and really eager to take this for a drive. Guess I don't need rear fenders or a tail light for that:) Appreciate all the help. Big parts-a-roma out this way in June, but hoped to have this solved by then. Here is one option I found over in OH that may work. Would have to purchase one of two to try it out: http://www.cmwtrucks.com/index.php/54-55-chevy-gmc-tail-light-assembly-black-body-with-stainless-bezel.html Seems that the opening is the same size, and would want to make sure the shape is similar. They don't have these with the license plate lens, so either have to cut that out, or use what I have on that side, and thes on the other? Decisions, decisions??
  15. Perfect. Thanks. Have been watching eBay, and it was rather dry!!
  16. Thanks for your consideration. Not sure those would work, as I am doing a full stock restoration. I can get repos from the Dodge supplies, with the correct lenses, just thought I'd ask if anyone out there had some junkers for restoration! Here's a progress shot. Hood going on tomorrow, and bed is almost ready. Have all my headlight parts, and getting ready to build up the tail light. I plan ti insert another socket in the can for a turn signal, so that it's all one unit.
  17. I believe it is stamped DATO or some such brand. Mounting post are at 2" on center. Overall diameter is about 3 9/16". Just looking for a pair that are similar. Will modify for the right side if necessary (close up the license plate lens hole). Thanks for your interest with this
  18. Was wondering if anyone has a tail light can or two around for sale. I have pictured below the type of can I am looking for. Have searched around locally for a used part, but no one seems to have anything available. Any condition would do. This can and bezel have the bezel mounting screws located just below the center line (not symmetrical). Could use one or two, and bezels, if you have them. Please drop me a note and like to see pics of what you may have. Appreciate any help you can provide.
  19. Assume these are sold? Also, might you know where I could get replacement lenses for this type of light? Thx
  20. Dave: Thanks for the parts info and all the pictures. Looks like I can get what I would need to do a stock restoration. Still working on getting the title issues resolved and will then see what I can do to get this vehicle Thx
  21. Noticed that the top cover on the dash is missing. Did this have a crank out windshield similar to my 1937? Seems like the cover will be another difficult piece to find??
  22. Thanks for the info. Appreciate your consideration
  23. Really, thanks again for all this info. Lots of great pictures and videos. Two questions: are the wire wheels correct for this year, and what is it about the box that makes you believe it's not correct. I see the headlight issue. Really appreciate everyone's feedback and all the details you've picked out. Seller did have a build card and original engine code is T5-3193. Build date is Feb 5, 1934. So how difficult to find a T5 coded engine. Other then the serial number, this engine would be identical to the truck model? Not the horns on this, assume they are correct?
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