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  1. I was so hoping you weren't going to say that. But I think that your right and will definitely check it out and hopefully find the short. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated. Terry
  2. Pretty nice car. I'd buy it that's for sure. Love that body style.
  3. I hope no one minds my doing this, but when I saw these pics all I could think of was a tv commercial for the '56 Buicks. Here's my rendition: (intro music)"Introducing the all new car line up of the 1956 Buicks: First for the economy minded buyer is the 1956 Special available in a four door Tourback sedan, four door Riviera sedan a two door Tourback sedan, a two door Riviera and an Estate wagon. For those buyers who like to feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face we have the Special convertible. All come with Buick's smooth and powerful, overhead valve V8 engine. Next in the l
  4. Right now the problem I'm having with it, is that when I push the defogger switch, it stays on for about 30 seconds then shuts off. I push the switch again but it won't activate for about another 5 seconds. I asked a fellow member about it and he thinks it might be the switch. My brother-in-law (a mechanic of over 40 years experience) thinks is might be the relay switch in the fuse block or a short in the wiring. With winter approaching, I'd like to get it fixed ASAP. Your thoughts?:confused:
  5. No damage here with the exception of a few small branches. Power stayed on throughout all of it and winds only gusted to about 40 mph.
  6. If I had the moolah, I'd buy the Super off from you, in a milisecond. Both are masterpiece Buicks, IMO and if I had to choose....I don't think I'd be able to make a quick decision either. Best of luck to you.
  7. I second that. I had always wanted to chat with him about his books and Buicks. I can only say that from the posts I've read, the BCA has lost a great man. May his family find solace and comfort knowing that he was a well liked man.
  8. American Pickers was up here in the Watertown area visiting a sick relative, though I'm not sure which one was related to the teen.
  9. My best friend in high school had a plane jane 88 Skyhawk, brand new until one night he was driving some friends home from church took a left turn......right off a cliff. He and his friends survived with minor injuries, the car obviously did not. A UPS driver that used to make routine deliveries at my old job had one and he called it a skychicken.
  10. Many thanks, Barney. I had a feeling it was something like that. Your help is greatly appreciated. :cool:
  11. Sorry to hear about your Bonneville. I had a 96 Bonneville SE, it was a great car til a cab hit it.
  12. Hi all. I need your help in trying to figure this out. I bought a 92 Century last saturday and while going through the owner's manual and other documents from the florida dealer where it was originally sold, I came across a booklet that had handwritten on it "1992 Buick Century Special". I checked the info tag on the driver's door and the spare tire cover and they have "AH69" for the model number, which indicates a Custom. Yet on the rear quarter panel all it says is "Century". It doesnt make sense to me and I highly doubt it's a one off kinda thing. The car has pwr: steering, brakes, cruise,
  13. I used to own a factory original 78 Turbo LeSabre Sport Coupe and did plenty of research on the car. The LeSabre Sport Coupe was only offered in '78 and '79 and the factory original engines were a 3.8 with either a 2 or 4 barrel carb. A/C was not possible due to room limitations in the engine bay. In "Buick 75 Years of Greatness" It states the above engine/carb set up, then the next paragraph states: that the regular LeSabre and LeSabre Custom were equipped with a: 3.8 (non turbo), 301, 305, 350, and the 403. My guess would be that it was one of the above mentioned LeSabre cloned to look lik
  14. I'm 45 and started buying Buicks when I was 16 or 17. Heres the list: 61 Electra 55 Special Tourback Sedan 78 LeSabre 68 Special Deluxe 4 dr sedan (still currently own) 71 Skylark Custom 4 dr 72 Skylark SunCoupe (broken frame, scrapped it) 78 Skylark 2 dr 78 LeSabre Turbo Sport Coupe (exact same color as in the dealership brochure, blue and blackout trim) LOVED that car! 83 LeSabre Limited 4 dr (awsesome car) 90 Century Custom 4 dr (fast little sleeper!) 93 LeSabre 4 dr 98 Skylark 4 dr (last year for the Skylarks) 78 LeSabre Limited Currently driving whats left of a 99 olds
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