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  1. Thanks again! Am trying to figure out how to upload pics . . .
  2. Thanks for the tips Fleek! I'm thinking this might be the solution, slipping the clutch a bit. A lot of the problem is operator error. This rig doesn't get driven very much, so I lose the finesse of feeling the gears. I'll try your idea! Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I am trying to figure out what is going on with my non-synchronous 4 speed truck transmission that sort of "sticks" ~ not letting me shift into any gear slot. I have a 1940 International / Fabco fire engine with the chassis being a International D35 truck powered by the International 241.54 cu. in. displacement inline 6 cylinder gas engine. The transmission is the stock International 4 speed forward, 1 reverse, non-synchronous, mounted to the engine, with a “fire” modification (lock capability ~ 4th gear ~ to allow use of a PTO operated fire pump) ~ Northern pump. Single speed rear en
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