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  1. Hey Guys, My name is Luke and I own a 1935 CM Chev and am wondering if anyone out there in Chev Land can help me find out the history of my old girl or can point me in the direction of someone that can. I've owned her for just under a year and have bought her back to what I think is her former glory and am wanting this information to put on display when I show her. I've attached a couple of photos of Charlotte and her ID plates and here are her engine numbers: GM L 5 4 837591 - 4 MR4397252 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Luke.
  2. Hey guys, Im not sure what they look like but will email these photos to my guy doing the brakes and find out. Being that we are a fully registered buisness now I cant do this sort of work myself anymore, if something was to happen (touch wood) and I had done it myself I can kiss the cars and even my house goodbye. I'll let you guys know how I go.
  3. Ian, Im not entirley sure what the seal looks like, I know its a tappered axle and very hard to find. The place thats doing it are very good at what they do and searched everywhere in Oz but couldnt come up with anything. Ray, what lovely ladys they are. I think you should have a go, the coupe may be hard for the bride to get in and out of but hey, just do it for little brides!! Thanks for your kind words mate, we think the same of them ourselves, I just wish we had the time to call in for that cuppa when we were over your way, you could have taken us for a spin!!
  4. Ive always been lost Ian, sometimes I find my way back!! Haha. I couldnt tell you off the top of my head mate, she's been in getting the brakes done for over 3 weeks now, we're waiting on a rear hub seal out of the states, have forgotten what she looks like!! Will get all photos you want when she gets home, once again, sorry for the delay, our son Beren is nearly 11mths old know and everything has been on hold sorta kinda! Cheers Manual, If you scroll up towards the top of this page you'll see what she looked like when I got her, big difference I reckon!!
  5. Hey Knobless, Dorothy's in getting her brakes done so we wont have any fear when she's out working. Its been a long time since I've had the time to log on. Here is a link to our business, http://www.elegantmetal.net.au/ let me know what you think. Ian, what photos were you after again? I'll be sur to get then to you when Dot gets home. Here's a shot of Charlotte our 35 Chev, she's all finished and ready to be put to work.
  6. Willys77, haha, she's my second addition to my wedding car venture. She's straight as can be, very happy with her indeed.
  7. Hey guys, this is my recently acquired 1935 Chev. She's a 3rd generation vehicle which has been garaged all her life. She'll be getting a freshening up in the new year in regards to paint and chrome then she'll be put to work beside her big sister a 1934 Dodge as my second wedding car. Will post more photos as we get along. Cheers, Luke.
  8. Here's a couple of shots of the Chev and the build details .
  9. Hey Ian, you have been busy! Thanks for the congratulations, he's going great guns! Happy to hear your wife is ok, that would be stressful. I can't work out how to upload pics on the site from my iPod? I'll try and work it out and sort those pics for you today. I bought a 35 Chev last week to go with Dorothy on the wedding scene, it's a 3rd generation vehicle, garaged all it's life, very straight! 35cz8, I was very successful with my search mate, the had all the details I was after, I posted them a couple of comments ago, they were very helpful, best money I've spent on her so far. If I work this photo upload thing out ill repost them as well. Cheers, Luke.
  10. G'day Ian. Im very sorry its taken mths to get back to mate, we've had a massive couple of mths. We're the pround parents of a bouncing baby boy, we named him Beren. Our desktop pc bit the dust and we lost all our emails. What pics were you after in regards to the dodge? Cheers Luke.
  11. Hey Lads, Very long time between drinks! My Wife Ilyse and I have been absolutly flat out over the past year, holidays, work, music,weddings, sickness, now pregnancy!! Dorothy is in at the Auto Elects as we speak having her generator looked at and I've finally got her in to have an indicator system wirred up. I recently entered Dorothy into a car show not far from my place and we picked up a top 10 award out of 506 entries, was pretty stoked with that! Also ended up getting my hands on her Build Card. Check out the photos I've attached. Hope everyone is well and your cars are still turning their wheels!! Luke.
  12. Ian, Here's 3 from the rear. Luke.
  13. Hey Guys, Now I know what im doing with the pics Here's a couple more from the weekend. Luke.
  14. Hey Guys, Thanks for the help with the pictures. They were too big so had to compress them, worked it out in Microsoft Office. Jas, yes my windsreen winds out and works great. Ian, please find attatched the pics you asked of me. Hope they help you out mate. Danielle from Chrysler Historical Servrices replyed today and is looking for information on Dorothy before I send off the application form, very exciting!! Let you guys know how she goes. Luke.
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