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  1. i have a 49 chrysler windsor and i recently had to take off gas tank to service and clean it out when i replaced fuel pump and gas line, the fittings on the line going into the gas tank has a double flarelike appearence and is not useable due to it being all rusted ,a regular fitting will not mate up to the gas tank one without leaking ,can anyone help me on where to locate the right fitting to put on the gas line? i'm told it's a chrysler nut.
  2. i have a 49 chrysler windsor with the fluid drive semi automatic transmission worrded on for not shifting from either 1 to second or third to fourth when letting off the gas pedel, i all the switches and govenor parts are expensive to replace, can anyone give me advice for my mechanic on things to check on this, i have gotten prices on the govenor 250.00 dollars kick down switch 300.00 and interupter switch 50.00 and told being electrical they would be non returnable but are said to be all nos parts. can anyone help so i am not buying unessasay parts? are there any common problems with this to check first? i have only had this car a few months and never owed a fluid drive chrysler before, any adavice would be much appreciated.