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  1. Hello, I have a 1982 Buick Riviera and the pump that pressurizes the air suspension in the back stopped. Does anyone have an opinion if it should be fixed or should I just add some air shocks that I can pump up manually when the need arises. Regards, Brian
  2. My mechanic is struggling to find a replacement rear main seal for my 1982 Riviera with a 307 V-8. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Brian
  3. I came across this car while browsing the web last night. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it still for sale? Thanks, Brian
  4. I have been looking for a replacement heater valve control motor for my 82 Riviera with out much luck. I contacted the Buick Farm and they mentioned that there is someone out there that rebuilds these. Does anyone know the person/company to contact to get my rebuilt? Thanks, Brian ROA 13272
  5. Thanks for the response. The car has 92,000 miles on it and it has never been emissions tested. The supercharger was replaced by the prior owner and the intake manifold gaskets were replaced at that time as was the water pump and even the A/C compressor. The car does not use any oil. The the ECM module has been replaced as well. My mechanic replaced the EGR valve free of charge this last time which was about four weeks ago. It was running just find until this weekend when I took it for a 2 hour round trip at speeds of 65 mph. It is now acting up again. The check engine light comes on all of the time now and when it is not on the car still runs rough. I have a crazy thought. The exhaust system is rather rusty and it has a leak near the front of the car. It is not too loud yet, but there is almost no exhaust to speak of at the tail pipe. I purchased the car from a fellow that stored it in barn. Could something be in the exhaust system such as a nest or something causing excessive exhaust pressure causing the valve to fail? Thanks, Brian
  6. I have a Supercharged 1995 Buick Riviera on which the ERG valve keeps failing. I have owned the vehicle for about a year. The prior owner replaced it just before I purchased it and I have put about 8,000 miles on it and I have had to replace the ERG valve as well twice. Is there anything else that could be wrong which would cause the valve to fail repeatedly? Thanks, Brian
  7. Just wondering if there are going to be any other Riviera owners at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College car show this weekend May 5th. It is not much fun when I am the only Riviera at a car show. The temp is suppose to be 68 and partly sunny! Below is a link Northeast Wisconsin Technical College See you? Brian Rasmussen ROA #13??? 47 miles on odometer so far this year.
  8. You got me beat on mileage, so time for a ride to the ice cream shoppe! see ya Brian
  9. It hit 66 degrees here in Green Bay, Wisconsin today. My 1982 Riviera is out of storage for the summer!!!! Anyone of you other Northerns out on the road yet? Brian ROA
  10. It looks nice, but it leaves me cold. It looks too much like everything else that is produced today. After 14 years of nothing I would have hoped they would have come up with something a little more radical for the times like the 71' Riviera was.
  11. It looks like a good time. The problem is that my car is a 1982.
  12. I am looking for the black air dam/ shield that is under the front of my 1982 Buick Riviera. Mine is cracked in half and hangs down. Does anyone know what it is called and where to find? Here is a picture.
  13. Has anyone done a Time Speed Distance road rally or organized one? I would think it would be fun to participate in one with my Riv, but the nearest to me is over a 100 miles away! Brian Rasmussen Green Bay, WI.
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