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  1. How far away are you from here? I am 1000 miles from Dallas TX. 1600 miles from San Francisco
  2. Hi, I am located in Hosmer, South Dakota 57448 zip. about 60 miles directly west of Aberdeen, South Dakota. I had a guy offer $500 the other day, seems a shame since the metal junk guy will pay me that much because it is so heavy. I posted pictures in another ad here, but I am not sure how to find it. the car is in pretty good condition, especially the motor and tranny. no accidents. Thanks, Randy 925-497-2993
  3. thanks for informaiton. I have two, a '55 Century and a '47 Roadmaster. They both are complete, yet I am getting offers under $1000. Is that the game for these guys? Low ball until score? Cheers,Randy
  4. I have a complete, original 1947 car, 4 door, engine complete, with tranny...stored in garage and need to find a home for it. the body is very good condition, too.
  5. you still have the car for sale? if so, please let me know. thanks.
  6. did you sell this car yet? curious because I have '55 up near San Francisco and don't know what to ask. thanks.
  7. whatever happened to this car? I have a '55 up near san francisco needs parts, thanks...
  8. We have a '55 Buick here, originally yellow/black and now peeling white color. Has a little rust around windows, however has been garaged excusively since it died of a failed head gasket back around 1979. It drove home, and has been parked since. The head has been removed, all parts in box. The rest of the car is original. Electric front seat, tube radio, v-8 engine, automatic tranny (could not really hear it shift, so quiet). Car located near San Francisco, California. asking $2200.00. call randy 925-497-2993 or email please email for pics. thanks.
  9. we are opening up the garage and should have a few **** soon. it is the one with no center post between windows, has four doors, and the four "port holes" on the side of hood. it was original yellow/black color, which is showing through the cheaper white paint job. Has zero rust. had head gasket leak, drove home, tranny good and parked ever since. interior very nice. tube radio. working on pics. thanks
  10. thanks for letting me know the pics were not uploaded. I will look up the meaning of "patina"...lol
  11. I thought the pics were loaded. how to load? send me email address maybe. I try to load agian here. thanks.
  12. Sorry, no pictures yet. My friend has it in his garage out in CA, he is the original guy driving it when the head gasket started leaking. He was young at the time - there were no computers or digital cameras. Well, now at age 60, still no digital cams nearby. I am working on that, but I am in South Dakota (where his 1947 Buick resides, too). I have a person to take pics this week. The car has no center post between the windows, is 4-door miodel, automatic tranny, tube radio. Interiior very nice.
  13. body straight, interior nice, all chrome and glass good. garaged since 70's one owner. Needs head gasket, engine head removed, all parts here. Tranny was excellent when gasket went. Drove it home and parked since. Original paint was yellow/black now has inferior coat of white. No rust. located in California Bay Area.
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