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  1. Hi Norman, That looks gorgeous 😄 What is the story about the fender spotlight? .. Is that from an ambulance? The guy I bought my car from had one of these too. Still interested to know if anyone can help decode my car from the body tag, I'm also interested in more general information about these cars such as production numbers, options etc. or places to search for more information. Thanks.
  2. Hi, All chrome was redone about 15-20 years ago. I remember this from the first time I saw the car in 2008, a lot was spent and it still looks amazing. Here is a picture of the bodytag - and one of my own pictures of the car from tonight :-) Best Regards Victor
  3. Hi, I saw this car back in 2008, had the opportunity to buy it in 2015 but missed it. It came up for sale last week and this time I was lucky :-) Now as the car is sitting in my garage I'm quite excited to dive into the story of the car. I was told it might have been a police car, but I'm working on getting this confirmed. Meanwhile I have spent quite some time trying to decode the bodytag - but surfing the internet turned out with no luck. Can someone please help decoding a bodytag? :-) Best Regards Victor
  4. Hi, I have no affiliation to these cars, but they are up for sale on auction here in Denmark. There have been other cars on this auction that already sold for a more than a fair price. The auction is about to end, but I thought I would share this. http://www.lauritz.com/ItemList/CustomItemList.aspx?OnlyActive=1&LanguageId=1&article=0&ItemCollectionId=4786&SelectedTab=0&PageIndex=0 Best Regards Vifa
  5. I am going to see the car again in a couple of days. I will try to locate the WIN this time. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you for your help - I will try to look for it !
  7. Hi, I have been looking at a Cadillac Coupe De Ville 1955, but need some help to know what I should look for on these cars. I will try to list some of the things I have stumbled across, and hopefully some of your experts can answer them for me. :-) I believe there should be a VIN located on the car somewhere, but the seller told me there never were a VIN on these cars - only engine number. Is that right ? I took a picture of the body plate, and it reads the following: Style No: 55-6237DX Body No: FW14122 Trim No: 65 Paint No: 84-90 Top: Acc: E-H-Y I can't seem to figure out the accessories. The car is equipped with radio, power windows, power brakes and power seats - but the bodyplate says E-H-Y which I have decoded to the following: E: E-Z Eye Glass H: Heater Y: Electric verticle seat lift option on 62 Conv., dV, 60 Specials. Best Regards Vifa
  8. Vifa

    Lead fuel additive

    Good to know - thanks for the anwers ! ;-)
  9. Hi, A simply question about lead fuel additive. I just realised I have done it wrong for the last 1500 miles. I have added lead fuel additive AFTER filling up the car with fuel. I just read on the bottle that it should be done prior to refueling the car. Should I worry about anything ?
  10. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies, and Ray, thanks for the links - that might be what I am looking for.
  11. Hi, I have been working on the interior of my Dodge Wayfarer 1949 and everything is out of the car now. I began primarily to check for rust, but I have got around to fix the radio, repair the seats and polished all the chrome parts - a lot of small things. However, I did discover some rust at the bottom when I got the carpet and seats out of the car. I want to get this fixed and repainted, but it should be with a time typical paint. Earlier this year I was searching for a time typical enamel paint to touch up some small spots on the exterior, but came to find out that no one is allowed to use these old single-component paints anymore - at least not here in Europe due to legislation. How are the legislation in the States ? - will I be able to source some paint through the States ? Best Regards Vifa
  12. Hi, First post - introduction: I own a Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe from 1949. It is a 100 % original car with 19.000 original miles. Not mint, but has some nice patina. I know the history on the car right back to 1949. When I bought it, I found a little sticker in the engine bay stating that the oil had been changed in 1966. Among other things I have an original cloth that came with the car, still unpacked. I have many great things related to the car, even an old photo of the very first owner standing right next to the car. I want to keep her a 100 % original car, a survivor, but there are still some things that need to be taken care of. Here is my project: I am going through the whole car to check for rust now, because I found that some of the rubber sealings at the windows were not closing properly last summer. I discovered som very light rust undernearth the dashboard I wanted to take care of. I removed the radio first, since it wasn't working and I had to have it restored, this way it would also be easier to access the undernearth of the dashboard. Then I removed the glovebox, ashtray and some of the chrome lists. It is still hard to access the rust affected areas, and since there is some spots on the back of the dashboard I thought I would remove the whole dashboard. But I am having a hard time figuring out how the dashboard is mounted. I have seen pictures of other dashboards on ebay, I know how it should go but I am not sure how to access the screws/bolts the dashboard is mounted with. Do I have to remove the lower panel on the front window ? Please see attached picture I found on ebay, it seems like the dashboard is mounted with 7 screws at the top, how do I access these ?:confused: Can anyone help me on this ? Best Regards Vifa
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