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  1. Congrats on the purchase Neil, I just couldn't pull the trigger at this time (dog-gon-it). Please keep us updated on the progress. Justin.
  2. This website has helped me to identify transmissions/serial numbers... I am sure it will help others. Early Ford Serial Numbers For Cars and Trucks Manufactured for the USA Market from 1932 to 1953
  3. Hi wwwinn, Trimacar is probably in the right ballpark regarding pricing if the car is complete and in nice condition. As with any car, the overall condition is very important. It can be tough to put a proper price on a 1932 because of the many aftermarket reproduction and fiberglass cars being built today. Ebay makes it even tougher with false auctioning (friends of seller bidding to push up the value) and with the aftermarket high dollar custom cars being built. Wealthy consumers pay a local hot rod shop to build them a fully custom car with tons of chrome and show quality paint, t
  4. I'm looking for a set of 1937 Ford tail lights, would like originals. Thanks for looking!
  5. So it looks like one of my cars is almost complete, just need a seat now! hahaha and I bet he had just as much fun going to his local car show (even if he had to trailer it there). probably drew just as much attention as the guy beside him, maybe more. It doesn't matter what you drive or how much it costs as long as you enjoy it!
  6. I posted on the general forum, should try here also. I'm looking for a nice set of 1941 Lincoln continental (or zephyr) front brakes, actually only need the backing plates. They are the shallow style which look exactly like the 1940-48 rear's and are specific to 1941. Mine are pitted and would like to replace with better set. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a nice clean set of 1941 Front backing plates for a Lincoln Continental or Zephyr. (shallow recess). The ones I have are pitted from rust. Thanks for looking!
  8. Thanks guys. exactly my point! same sense of pride and enjoyment (maybe even more pride since he likely did most of the work himself), same trophy, just a different category of competition. Take "rat rods" for instance, many of the local shows are starting to see these cool looking pieces of crap show up which seem to attract the same, or sometimes more attention than the high dollar restoration its parked beside. Why? Because its not the same cookie cutter car that was parked two rows over, it's the ONLY one in existance and it strikes the curiousity of the onlooker to see what someon
  9. Hi guys, Great topic. In my opinion, the general public's eye thinks us car guys are rich because of TV's perception of the hobby and mis-informed education on the subject. Car auctions like Barrett Jackson, My Classic Car, even commercials for Maguairs car care products generally show the average onlooker what the "rich" people are buying (and seldom if ever driving or purely enjoying). They never show what the average person owns because it's been in the family, it was a good deal, or it was all we could afford. They focus on numbers matching or 100% nut/bolt restored with expensive
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a nice clean 1940 Lincoln (Continental or Zephyr) steering wheel, may consider1941 but prefer 1940 without the horn trim. Thanks, Justin. Ontario, Canada.
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