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  1. Thanks all. I had the car a a trim shop to have the carpet and seat covers replaced. The seat covers were on back order so I told them t keep the car until the parts came in, since it was supposed to be a short wait. They were waiting for the seat covers before starting the project. The car was locked inside a chain link fence compound with a 12"trailer and a boat blocking it in. The "perps" got in Saturday night, as close as we can figure, moved everything out of the way and took the car, even though there were other items of greater value they could have taken. I have it insured with Hagarty, so they will pay full value that I put on the car, but I'd rather have the car back. It's my "Car I own now because I couldn't afford it 40 years ago". I'm sure htere's a lot of us in that club!!
  2. Hello Olds friends!! My 1971 Old Cutlass convertable was stolen the past weekend in Panama City, Fl. so I am posting this to ask for help finding it.:mad: The theft was not discovered for two days, so hopes of recovery are slim, but all I can do is try. Vin # is 342671M146200. If you see it plaese call the Bay County Sheriffs office at 850-248-2178, case # 2012-018931. Thnaks for your help!
  3. Hello all! My 1971 Olds Cutlass convertable was stolen this past weekend in Panama City, Fl.:mad: The lose was not discovered for two days, so I doubt if I'll ever see it again, but there's always a possibilty. Vin# is 342671M146200 If by chance you do see it, please contact the Bay county Sheriff at 850-248-2178 Case# 2012-018931. Thanks for your help!!