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  1. Hi Rolf, Again from what I can remember my father-n-law was sent to the San Diego area around 83-85 and worked with some people from Maserati to build the prototype. He was in Calif for about a year and a half as best as I can remember. He worked for Chrysler in design. I'm not sure of anything else as it relates to the car. I have a pretty nice 1989 TC myself that I'm getting a few things fixed on. Russ
  2. Sorry, but I don't know of any other photos. My father-n-law is in a nursing home so I'll ask him the next time I see him but I'm not sure if he'll remember. I do remember him telling me that some of the Maserati people were there to do the interior work. Russ
  3. Here is a picture of my father-n-law, Steve Comins, sitting in a prototype TC he worked on in the early 80's in California. He was an engineer for Chrysler and worked with the Maserati people to build the prototype TC. He lived in Michigan but spent about a year and a half around San Diego, I believe. He did bring home a 1940 Plymouth coupe from California when he returned. You can see a few unique features of the TC prototype in the picture with the louvers on the hood and the chrome trim at the bottom of the door and fenders.
  4. Thanks for all the interest. We're going to keep the car. My wife's father worked for Chrysler in design and worked on the prototype TC in California back in the early 80's. I have a picture of him sitting in the prototype that I'll have to find and post. There is a reflection in the photos by the gas tank door so I'm sorry I didn't clarify that. The car runs nice and i'll get the few things fixed and we'll enjoy it again. Russ
  5. My son is in college and needs to sell his 1989 TC. It needs some electrical work but is complete and in pretty good shape. I'm in Michigan just north of Detroit. Mileage is stopped at around 54000. It has not been driven in the last two years The passenger seat is not working with the power and the floor shift indicator is not moving though the trans works fine. He has no time to play with this and would like to sell it to pay some college bills. $2500 OBO Thanks, Russ
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