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  1. Hi Tony Yes I used the 34 bell housing still. No mods required on it at all. I have had a few shifting issues, mainly it doesn't always want to go into 2nd gear. According to the repair manual, I think the problem is that the engine has to be adjusted level on the rear motor mounts. I believe the engine torque over the years has caused a slight rotation of the whole engine on the slotted rear mounts. This wouldn't be a problem if the gear shift lever bolted directly onto the transmission like the later cars. It's a big issue with our 34's though as the lever bolts on to the cross member. I'll know in the next week or so as I'm just getting my coupe back on the road after replacing the cluster gear. It had a broken tooth. Ken
  2. I've installed an overdrive in my 34 dodge coupe. As has been noted, they never came from the factory this way. Mine is from a 38 6 cyl. chrysler. I had to use the tranny cover from my old transmission. It wasn't long enough so I welded in a section. This is required because of the 34's having the shift lever mounted to a cross member as mentioned above. I shortened the drivesshaft. The parking brake on the 34 is a drum on the back of the tranny. The operating linkage was on the wrong side on the od so I fabricated different linkage to make it all work. I like the od a lot. I have another that will go into my 34 dodge conv. when I get around to restoring it. Ken
  3. Mark I've got the same problem with the right front on my 34 coupe. I haven't taken mine off yet. Was it a hard job? I'd be interested to hear how you make out with the seals Ken
  4. I'm listing the Buick for my 85 year old Dad. We've been in the old car hobby since 1962. The time has come to start to reduce some of the collection. My main interest is brass era cars and Model T Fords!! Anyways to answer your question the motor and drive train were rebuilt many years ago. the car has been toured a lot since. It's still is in very good mechanical shape but it's not a fresh rebuild. Ken
  5. 1939 Buick 40 Special. Older restoration of original car. Runs and drives well. Reupholstered interior as original with some moth damage. Maroon colour. Very presentable but not a trophy winner. Mileage reads 119000 miles. Great tour and family car. $8900 US. Can ship anywhere from Vancouver Canada. Ken