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  1. Thanks Joe for the kind words. You also made the sale go well. We had 44 emails and a few phone calls from start to finish. That was great because we both knew exactly where we were at, in the whole transaction. The Reo's gone to a great home which was very important to my 90 year old Dad. I'm sure you will get the same enjoyment from the Reo that Dad got every time he looked at it, worked on it or drove it! Here's a few pics of the Reo leaving the west coast and heading to the east coast. Ken
  2. KLF

    Unusual Vacuum Tank

    Thanks for all the info. It never occurred to me that it was a fuel vacuum tank. I'm just a youngster in the hobby, 44 years only of owning antique cars..... It's never to late to learn something. Ken
  3. KLF

    8 fuel pumps

    I'm only able to identify one pump. the rest don't seem to have #'s. 6 of them appear to be rebuilt. The other 2 may have been. Old stock. $150 lot plus shipping US funds Shipping from Vancouver BC Ken brass t guy at g mail .com
  4. I don't know anything about this. Looks to be old, from the 20's perhaps. Some of the big classics had vacuum assisted brakes back then. Or maybe commercial?? $100 plus shipping US funds Shipping from Vancouver. Ken brass t guy at g mail .com
  5. These came off a 41 coupe. Good condition. Not bent. $100 plus shipping US funds Shipping from Vancouver Ken brass t guy at g mail .com
  6. Head appears to be in good shape. No visible cracks. The spark plug threads look good. Very light surface rust. Will clean up nicely. $200 plus shipping from Vancouver BC Ken brasstguy at Gmail .com
  7. Can't really say. I bought these for my 63. Maybe the 62 is different. I have a used one that I pulled off a 63. Pretty sure I compared these to it. Can't find it right now to check again. It's been about 10 years since I was actively playing with my Buick. Ken
  8. Russell It's been a busy day but I finally had time to go dig out the fan clutch. I'm only selling one. $150 plus shipping US$. I'm near Vancouver BC. Shipping isn't too bad from here. Ken
  9. I have an extra NOS one available. Picked it up for my 63 skylark conv. which I hope to get back at one day.... Too many projects. I'll dig it out tomorrow and post a picture for you Ken
  10. I've had a lot of trouble with the choke on the EE-14 carb on my car. Has anyone swapped over a Carter 512 used from 41-47? The better choke makes this an attractive idea. I guess the air cleaner might be a problem but will the linkage match up? My 120 is a 1935 but the engine is from a 37. Thanks Ken
  11. The wheels in pic 4 have found a new home. I'm still not sure what they fit. The others we still can't identify. We had a garage sale for the local club yesterday but nobody there could help. If anyone is interested and needs better pics I can send them. We'd like to find a new home for the rest of them soon or??? Ken
  12. I think the winter front will be coming to my garage so I'll have some answers for you then Ken
  13. Thanks for all your help....I think! Not sure what we'll do with the wheels. We don't have room to keep them. Ken
  14. This is hanging on a friends wall. Maybe a winter front for a mid 30's Dodge?? Ken
  15. Keiser Do you mean not Chrysler product because 18" wheels didn't come welded? I have 16" welded spoke wheels on both of my 34 Canadian Dodges. From the factory!! Ken
  16. My elderly Dad has sold his house so now the family is cleaning it out. Dad has been in the hobby since 1960 and there's a fair amount of parts we're trying to identify and move on.I seem to recall that some or all of these wheels were Chrysler products. What do you think?? Ken
  17. I was sent this picture that was scanned from a Houston magazine article in 2010. There's no info on the pic but it's clear the Dodge coupes were new and they look fully equipped. Ken
  18. KLF

    1936 Dodge D2

    That 36 Dodge with the rear spare has a trunk rack mounted behind the spare. I've never seen that before. Think that is factory?? Sure looks nice. Ken
  19. KLF

    1936 Dodge D2

    I've got a pair of dodge sidemount covers that I'd sell. Not sure of the year. I was going to convert my 34 conv. to sidemounts but decided not to now. I'm used to the rear spare and would miss it!!
  20. From the information we have on the car it appears that it came with the green body and green fenders from the factory. The build sheet for the car shows body color Spec #2730. This would indicate to me a custom (special) color was ordered. The fenders were ordered in Fenimore green and the wire wheels were Rutherford green. Judging by that I would make an educated guess that Spec#2730 was also probably green. How closely the green on the car matches the original is anybody's guess today. Also I would think the fender green and the body green were probably different shades not both the same as they are today. The original owner must have had a bit of money to be able to order a new car with all the options and a custom paint scheme! Just my speculation! Ken
  21. This Reo 4 door Sport Sedan has an older restoration and is in very good running condition. It has dual side mounts with factory covers, wire wheels, accessory factory trunk rack with trunk, and tropic air accessory heater. It also has the optional chrome plated rad shell and grill. It came stock with a 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed syncromesh trans, and hydraulic brakes. The crankshaft is counter balanced from the factory. The Reo is very clean inside and very solid through out. This Reo was shipped to Barryman Reo Co. in Kansas City MO on August 25, 1932. Sometime in the 1970's it was given new paint, chrome and upholstery. It received very little use until the current owner purchased it locally in 2008. Since then it has had many little details fixed and corrected and has been used for car club and community events. It starts right up always and shows no sign of any engine issues. I expect the engine was rebuilt at the time the car was restored in the 70's. The oil pan was removed when we first got the car to check out the bottom end. All the bearings and the crank looked excellent. The Reo Club of America shows only a few of these models. Most of those don't have the very attractive wire wheels. The current mileage reads 55715. I have no way of knowing if this is the original mileage however from the condition of the car and the way it drives, I would expect that it is. The roof insert is excellent and doesn't leak any water in.The headliner is perfect and the 3 rear blinds are there. The paint is excellent for being 40 years old. There are a few little chips and nicks as would be expected but it still has a good shine and is very respectable. The right front fender edge has been scraped getting out of the garage and needs touching up. There is no metal damage. Over the years the starter button was changed to one from a fifties Ford and put in the dash. The windshield wipers work and signal lights have been installed for safety. The tires have lots of tread but show some age cracking. They've never let us down yet! The fuel gauge doesn't work and the speedometer needs a new cable. There's a slight leak at the pinion seal. A new seal goes with the car. The hydraulic brakes work well but are heavy to push. Upon inspection we discovered the woven linings have glazed over. They should be replaced. The handbrake shoe has been relined and works well. All the lights are in working order. I'm selling this car for my elderly Dad who has been a antique car restorer and collector since the 1960's. The Reo is located in Vancouver, BC Canada. We can arrange for shipping anywhere. $19000 US funds OBO Priced Reduced $17500 US funds Ken email brasstguy at gmail.com
  22. The carburetor has been sold pending receipt of funds. Still have available the fan clutch, the NOS Skylark hubcap centers and the single NOS dog dish Buick hubcap. Ken