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  1. Thanks Ed. Wow 4 minutes for an answer!!! Ken
  2. Does anyone know if this company is still in business? I sent an email months ago from their website and never got a response. When I phone the number listed all I get is Cindy's cell phone??!? I'm needing a rad cap/ornament for my 31 Chrysler CM6 roadster. Thanks Ken
  3. I'm not sure Greg. there's not a lot of truly original early T's around.My 14 Canadian roadster doesn't have the second bead. I don't know the history of the car though. My best guess would be that Ford Canada probably used both. Maybe they came from different suppliers or perhaps production couldn't keep up with the demand and American fenders were brought in to keep the cars going out the door. Ken
  4. There's an original 14 Canadian touring in town with the double bead fenders as well as an original 12 Canadian touring with them. I have them on my 11 Canadian touring however mine are reproduction as I didn't have any fenders. Ken Surrey, BC Canada
  5. There's actually 3 Model T's and 5 Silver Ghost Rollers on the tour! Both ends of the car hobby are well represented. Ken
  6. What you missed seeing Kaiser is the 20 or so brass era cars that are on the Red Rock Tour. This tour started 2 weeks ago in Ketchem Idaho. They are about 1700 miles into their 2500 mile trip. How doI know all this? My son is on it with his 15 Mercer Sporting 4. He's having a great time Here's the Mercer and some of the cars on tour Ken
  7. They are tough to get off. On mine I drilled and tapped to holes, 1/4-20 I think??, and used a puller. Drill into the steel hub section. The horn button covers it afterwards. Ken
  8. I'm in Canada and I've owned my 34 Dodge Cabriolet for 35 years or more. Never heard of anybody here casting windshield posts. Ram Enterprises was the only place that I'm aware of. Ken
  9. I've got a steering wheel. Some cracks in the rubber. These could be filled and the wheel painted. #100US plus shipping Ken
  10. Jack. I don't see any sign of the sidemount hardware that goes into the cowl. Not even the holes for it. This car wouldn't have come with sidemounts. I like it a lot with the rear spare. If it were mine that's the way I'd leave it. I have a 34 coupe and a 34 conv. both Canadian model DT. They both have rear spares. I sold off the sidemount fenders I had collected to change them over. Glad I did! Ken
  11. Very nice cars. I believe CarterCar was made by GM back then as was Oakland. The engine looks very similar to the engine in my 12 Oakland 40. Northway made the engines. Mine runs a schebler model L carb same as this car. I can vouch for the engines being well made. I've put over 25000 miles on mine over the last 40 years without any problems. Ken
  12. It looks to be a 1911 model . Here's a picture of my 11 T although mine is a right hand drive car with accessory wire wheels
  13. Thanks for the info. I've never had the transmission or rear end apart on the Premier so I don't know if there is any yellow metal in it. In my 12 Oakland there are a couple of bronze bushings so that's why I asked the question. However from what I see here I don't think I have any worries on using this product. Thanks for your recommendation Bob. I'll get some on order. The summer touring season will soon be here! Ken
  14. WOW!!! That is very impressive. You must have a very understanding wife.... Ken
  15. Has anyone been using Chevron MULTIFAK EP 00 in their trans and rear end? It is caramel in color with a viscosity similar to cold honey and is intended for high-pressure industrial gear lubrication. A friend recommended this product. I had never heard of it. It's a semi-fluid grease. It solves the leaky seal problem and also provides some additional benefits including a viscosity that tended to slow the transmission gears, thus allowing for a faster double-clutch shifting. I believe this is in my 14 Premier's transmission now. It does shift very easily. I'm wondering if there is any issue with corrosion of yellow metals with this product. Ken
  16. 1909 to 1914 Ford Model T. They were aluminum for those years and had no louvers. The torpedo model in 1911 used the same hood only it was a bit longer. Here's my 11 T right hand drive touring Ken
  17. I sent this picture to Stanley expert Pat Farrell. Here's what he had to say. Using the same engine that set the land speed record at 127 MPH in 1906, that is a 1909 Stanley Model Z. 9 passenger, 30 HP Mountain Wagon. Developed in 1908 for hauling passengers from Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins; up to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Because of its hill climbing ability, several transportation companies in the Rocky Mountain area quickly came into being while using the new Model Z Stanley Mountain Wagon. By 1912, the Stanley Mountain Wagon had become a 12 Passenger Mt. Wagon. The last year for the Mt. Wagon being built was 1917. So now we know. Ken
  18. Wow. That looks great and the price is amazing. I'll keep them in mind Ken
  19. Looks familiar..... Ken
  20. Well I'm lucky in that I've got a spare generator that came with the car. Brushes are my first guess too. I can get access to them with the generator off the car. I'll play around with the spare and see what happens. It's not in very good shape so I'm sure I'll end up rebuilding the gen on the car eventually. Thanks Ken
  21. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience working on a Remy Model 0 generator? Mine isn't charging. This is the factory correct unit for my car. I haven't pulled it off yet. It seems to be a good design. The brass tag says it will charge 15 amps and is 6 volts. Guess I can't do too much night driving even when its fixed. I wonder what other cars used this unit. Ken .
  22. Thanks Mike. I have another set coming right now that should work. If they don't I'll be back to you. Ken