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  1. My original 34 Dodge generator works fine. I've had the car since 2000 and never had an issue with charging. Have you had your generator rebuilt? My car has 89000 miles on it. Made it that far with original equipment. Ken
  2. I'm needing the left inside door handle. I expect it's the same as used on other Chrysler products of the era. The picture is of the right side one that I have. Thanks Ken
  3. Good going Nelson. It will be a wonderful car when done. I have a CM6 roadster that I bought this summer. Don't have any extra of the parts you need but I'll watch out for them. Ken
  4. The overdrive part is what makes this question a bit different. I run a 38 Chrysler o/d trans in my car. I too wonder what oil to use. I've been using standard gear oil. I think it is 75-140. The o/d works fine in the summer but doesn't always want to release in the winter when it's colder out. I expect this oil is too heavy. Otherwise it shifts great and sounds great. Ken
  5. The speedo isn't an issue. You can switch from KM to miles through the magic of the truck computer. there's a button on my GMC steering wheel for that. Ken
  6. We're waiting for the pictures!! Sounds like a wonderful tour. Ken
  7. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Ken
  8. Thanks Keiser. I forgot to say they are 5 stud wire wheels. I'll give Bob a call.
  9. I'm doing the brakes on my 31 Chrysler CM6 right now and would like to find better drums. Mine have been turned quite a bit and some have heavy pitting that's too deep to get out. If I can't find better drums what are my options? Can the drums be built up and machined to size? Is anyone making repro drums?? Ken
  10. I'm going thru the brakes on my car right now and discovered I could really do with better drums. Maybe the same as other models. Pt# 320523. thanks Ken
  11. That sounds like my kind of tour tour. I don't do car shows. Last May on the Nickel Tour we climbed Hurricane Ridge. 5200 ft elevation from our sea level start. My 11 T loved it. So did I! Best part of the tour. Ken
  12. If you want to come out west we're putting on the Pathfinders Reliability Run June 8th to 16th 2019. This is for cars pre 1920. This is a progressive tour covering over 800 miles. Starting in Rossland British Columbia the tour will visit Washington, Idaho and Montana before returning to Rossland. I'll be taking my 14 Premier. For more information on this, email me through the forum and I'll send you the info. Ken
  13. I have a number of sets of the hinged clamp style brackets however I don't know if that is what your car used. The picture is for a touring car but I believe I have some for a roadster Ken
  14. Phil Foster was definitely a legend in our area and so was Vern Wellburn. When Vern passed away about 6 years ago we were able to buy the very original 1911 Model 62 Stanley from the estate. We are the 8th owners of this car and it now lives here Surrey BC. We've toured over 2000 miles in it. One correction though, the Stanley was never owned by the Butchart family. The Butchart connection is that one of their employees owned the Stanley and often drove it to work. It was often seen parked at the gardens. Ken
  15. '34 Plymouth is my guess although it could be '34 Dodge.
  16. KLF

    34 X 4 1/2 tires

    Thanks guys. But they don't have the whitewalls I want. It appears the whitewalls may not be brought in anymore by any of the tire guys. My blackwall tires are good but, you know, I'm a sucker for whitewalls.... Ken
  17. I'm looking for 1 to 6 tires 34 X 4 1/2 whitewall tires. These fit 25 inch straight side rims. New or good used. Can arrange for ride here from Hershey if necessary. I'm on the west coast. Thanks Ken
  18. Thanks for all the info. I'm new to CM6 and still trying to figure out whats what! Ken
  19. Can anybody tell me what rear axle ratios were available for this car? Are other years and models interchangeable with the original assembly? Thanks Ken
  20. That looks very similar to my 35 Packard 120 air cleaner. Mine has that same bolt on the side. It attaches to a bracket on the engine. Ken
  21. Would this be the same as the 34 free wheeling transmission? I have a couple of those. Ken
  22. Thanks Howard. I did. That's an excellent post. Lots of good info. Thanks again. Thanks Keiser31. I've always liked this model of Chrysler. I didn't need another car but how often do you get the chance to get one of these.... Or how about my wife made me buy it? Ken
  23. Thanks for all the info. hddennis's picture is the base that I need.Needs to be the smaller one that measures 2 1/2 od. What I really need to know is if the 31 base is the same as the 32 to 34 caps. The ones American Arrow sells are listed for 32-34 but they don't mention 31. I've emailed them yesterday but so far I haven't got a reply. Here's a pic of my car Ken
  24. Does anyone know if this same cap was used from 32 to 34? I have a 31 CM6 roadster that I just bought and need a cap for it. American Arrow shows the cap for 32 to 34. Don't want to buy the wrong one!! Ken