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  1. I have only been going to the show since the early 80's but I believe this was one of the top 3! Most friendly ever.Thank you Hershey region,I thought it was flawless.
  2. Was not the Dodge also shown in HPOF that year?I recall seeing the old girl before.
  3. Take exit 77 to Route 39 south.Runs right into entrance for show cars at Giant Center.
  4. People like you are how the hobby started.Not everyone had a garage/workshop to work in.I would rather have a car ,sitting on a paved drive,with a QUALITY fitted car cover at your home than at a storage garage miles away.A lot of us started out working on the driveway.Perhaps the perfect garage will turn up in the future,till then work on it and have FUN
  5. What a fine looking car.That 289 looks lost in ther.I can't help being a little jealous.
  6. About once a month,I wipe down my original paint 57 Bel Air with WD-40.A little shiny to start.but dulls down nicely after a couple of days.Try it on an inconspicous spot and see how you like.At any rate it does wear off.
  7. I had 2 coolant loss problems with my 93 LeSabre.The car only has 65000 miles.The first was the gasket between the throttle body and the intake plenum.It was such a small leak that i could smell the coolant long before i actually saw it dripping.It was turning to steam on the exhaust crossover.The second was the elbow out of the manifold connecting to the bypass hose near the water pump.Mine was plastic and cracked.Worth checking both before doing maifold gaskets again.
  8. My 73 Centurion with a 455 uses a Group 78.A 74 LeSabre should be the same-Have fun
  9. To be honest with you j.w.my Buick never set a check engine code.I changed the TPS on a mechanics advice
  10. Check for a code,but my symptoms on a 93 LeSabre were the same.A new throttle position sensor fixed it
  11. Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. I hope you enjoyed your self.
  12. Amen.Now I better get out to the garage and make my HPOF cars more original before Hershey.
  13. We also had only 2 judges.It was late,around 12:30,and we were amongst the last in our class(HPOF Orignal) to be evaluated.We waited around the car all morning for the evaluation.They spent perhaps 2 minutes under the hood looked at 1 door and told us that a dent from 1966 should be fixed and moved on.I will not be hanging around my car at future shows,I want to see the other cars,so I guess a half hearted evaluation is just not that important to me
  14. Ken I read your helpfull replies to Gene Bryson Nice guys like you give me faith in the old car hobby.Good luck finding your wagon-Glenn
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    That is just too too nice
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