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  1. I have a problem with shifting from 1st to 2nd. The gears grind and at times will not go into 2nd. I have had it in the shop and after a series of adjustments and a lot of money the gears continue to grind. Any suggestions?...Thanks for your suggestions
  2. Can a 6 volt battery be jumped by a 12 volt portable jumper or 12 volt in another vehicle? Having a starting issue when motor is shutdown and restarted while hot. Battery acts like it is dead until car cools off. Initial cold start is very quick.
  3. I wanted better dependability from my '48 V12. Had two estimates for a re-build this week. They both came in at $10K-$15K with the ususal escape "provided we don't run into anything". The price of a rebuild is obscene. I just use her for local shows and even though she burns some oil I'll run her until she drops and then put in a V8.
  4. First of all, I would like to extend my appreciation to the resposes I have received. I made a typo error on #3 cylinder. It should read 95 psi and not 05. I have had the car running. Changed the plugs which by the way were soaked in oil. She does puff white smoke when changing gears but is clear when running in 3rd. I am hoping with your advise that she will not need a complete overall. Thank you Gentlemen.
  5. I need help and advise as to a compression issue with my V-12. The following compression test was done in May 2012. I was told that based on this compression test the engine needs to come out and be rebuilt. Estimated cost for the rebuild $8K-$12K. Do you think I need an entire engine rebuilt? Your opinion will be greatly appreciated...Thanks 1. 100psi 2. 110psi 3. 05pst 4. 105ps 5. 110psi 6. 115psi 7. 120psi 8. 110psi 9. 55psi 10. 120psi 11. 100psi 12. 110psi Thank you again for your help.
  6. Absolutly stunning 1948 Lincoln Continental. A deep black with triple plated like new chrome and perfect stainless steel trim. The La Bron Bonney interior is flawless and comes tan with red leather trim. All gauges including clock and radio are functional. Spotless glass all around with rebuilt hydralic windows and required "bug". Wide white wall tires are in excellent show ready condition. The engine is a mechanically sound V 12, with 3 spd manual and overdrive. This car is a proven winner in both Concours and car shows. This car was restored to the exact specifications on the original build sheet, to which I have a copy. Car comes with large historical binder containing all the parts receipts and labor preformed. The original jack and tool kit, parts/repair manuals, Lincoln fender covers and car cover. Not to mention a car that you would be very proud to show off. Please contact me at or call 216-870-2190 with your questions or additional picture request. Car will be shown by appointment only. Please serious buyers only. Priced below market value at $29,999.00 Car is located in Richmond Heights, OH, a suburb of Cleveland, OH. Very secure winter storage can also be discussed.
  7. Thank you very much for the information you sent. It is greatly appreciated. The willingness to help on this forum is stellar.
  8. Can someone please tell me the modern day paint code for the standard '48 Lincoln black which was M14024. Need a small touchup. Thank you
  9. Accidently spilled oil on my fender. Tried cleaning it with waterless car wash and applie wax. Still has a slight smear. I was thinking about a wash with Dawn soap. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. I'm sorry big fingers small keys...221030692765 I apologize.
  11. Listed my 1948 Lincoln Continental on EBay. Fully restored and ready to win trophies. Item # 221030692765. Email me or call 216-870-2190
  12. Looking for a radiator 48 Lincoln Connie V-12
  13. I need help with a recommendation for a mechanic/restoration shop in the Cleveland, OH area. I need motor work/electrical and overdrive work. Because of disability I cannot do the work therefore I need to outsource. I would greatly appreciate your recommendations...Thank you.