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  1. Hey gang, Growing up I always thought I would be into Fords as so many models are iconic. First old car I could buy at 16 turned out to be a '40 Buick Special 2 Dr. sedan. I drove that as my daily transportation for many years (purchased in 1972). Still have it and did steer me towards Buicks a bit over the years. A Buick here and a Buick there accumulated over the years makes for a pile of them as the decades last......... Ernie
  2. Hi Ransom, I would finish with 400-500 grit hand wet block sanded. If this were a BC - CC application I would finish with 500-600 grit wet blocked. DA sanding with 320 grit open coat dry with give you approx. the same surface smoothness as 400 grit hand blocked (but would not DA sand primer on a show finish particularly with a dark color). 320 grit hand blocked wet or dry is coarser then I would finish with but if color sanding non-metallic single stage urethane you could get away with it. Have been painting since the early '70s on the side and full time when needed. Painted many black la
  3. I would add that '38 Buicks are very addicting so be careful if your will power is weak!
  4. I am located in Lino Lakes, Where are you at?
  5. P.S. That's Dave Tachney in the picture unloading the 37 60C. He's very dangerous to know if you have a weakness for Buicks!
  6. Hi Mike, Newbie here. Steve Ernster ("Ernie" for obvious reasons). I have not been active in any type of club or auto organizations up til now and am interested in conversing with fellow enthusiasts so I took a look at this forum. First car purchased was a '40 Special 2 door sedan back in '72 and still have it. It was my everyday driver for may years back then. As a kid I always liked the Fords but by luck of the draw I started with the Special and that shot me in a whole new direction that I have never recovered from. Also have a '66 Chevelle I purchased from my uncle back in high scho
  7. One more update/correction to my original post, The Roadmaster I mentioned in my original post is an 80C, I confused it with an 81F that I have also. Once again I have exposed my ignorance to the masses!
  8. I forgot to mention that I live just outside of St Paul also.....
  9. I have had the same problem with a '38 Special and a '38 Roadmaster 81C which I drive the wheels off of in the summer. I pulled the rear end and replaced the ball seal on the Special. Concerning the Roadmaster, I borrowed the top of my wife's roasting pan and wired it up under the torque ball so as not to leave any grease slicks until I repair it (have the parts but not yet installed). Made for an issues last Thanksgiving as I had not returned the cover to the kitchen in time for the turkey roast and had to fess up on it's location. I went to pull it off the car but the Mrs. wasn't having
  10. Hello Brian, I don't know who owned the 80-C in '78 but I have a hunch I know who currently owns it and where it's located. It's sitting in my garage at the moment in the midst of a brake job. I recently purchased it and with it came the Buick ad you mentioned framed sitting in the back seat with the car in the picture circled and marked "same car". I do have a bit of a soft spot for Buick as my first car (which I still own) was a 40 Buick 2 door Special. Bought it in '72 and it was my driver for several years including Minnesota winters. Since then I have accumulated several Buicks, main
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