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  1. Hello, My 1955 Ford wagon has fuel level issues. Stays on full (actually past full) even after I put in new sender. Will return to empy level when I turn off key. Notice gas in tank (6" deep) was about 2" below full when I put sender in. Wondering what else I could check. Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit. Maybe I'll drive some more gas out of it and see if level needle drops. Seems like the needle shouldn't be that far past full mark. Any ideas? Thanks:confused:
  2. Thanks, I'm probably going to replace the sender first. It could be pretty old. Rog
  3. Thanks Commodore, Didn't realize it was on youtube. This definitely helped, especially that I won't have to drop the tank to get at the sender.
  4. Hi, The gas level gauge on my 55 Ford gives erratic readings. When I fill the tank it goes to full mark, but when it reads at half I am close to empty. I recently ran out of gas on a country road and unfortuately didn't have my cell phone with me. I would like to know if theres a way to remedy this problem. I'm getting too old to hitchhike to town. Is this a worn out gauge or maybe need to replace the sender unit? Thanks, Classic Rog.
  5. Just received an e-mail from someone saying to use coil springs from an Aerostar. Don't know what year. Only part number cc850 from Moog auto parts. Said they would lower my car about 2" and improve ride. Any comments? C-Rog
  6. Thanks, I'm now convinced that doing this modification would not be a good thing. I'll spend my money and time in upgrading the brakes instead. Classic Rog
  7. Thanks for the input. The internet is a great thing. Although I'm not concerned about the car losing value at this point, I would like to improve it's looks (my opinion), and handling. A local tire and repair shop said they will do the lowering. Asked what this would do to my car, they said it would handle and corner better. The car doesn't have power steering and I plan on using it as a daily driver. If I can improve the overall ride, that would be good. Thanks, Classic R.
  8. Hi Guys, I have a '55 Ford that I was thinking would look better lowered. At least in front about 2". I think this would make the car look better, and I understand it could make it handle better. I'm not sure what all this entails, but thats why I'am asking your opinion. Will this actually make the car ride better, or could this adversely effect the suspension on the car? Any suggestions? Thanks, Rog (Portland, Or):confused:
  9. Thanks fellows, appreciate all replies. This is my first classic car. Hoping its not a rust problem. This car really doesn't show much rust, at least on the surface. Rog
  10. Hi, Anybody know how to repair a sagging driver's door on a 1955 Ford wagon? Don't know if it's repairable without finding a replacement hinge assembly. These hinges can come from 55 or 56 model Ford as far as I know. Hard to find these, I found out. The sag isn't major. Just enough to be annoying. Thanks
  11. Can you send photo of lenses, if still available. Also shipping cost. Thanks e-mail: rjdorn228@hotmail.com
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