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  1. That is me. I am FROM Georgia. If this current deal falls through, then I could sell it to you, and in the transport process, stop in my home town, and visit my Mother. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati - $5000 - Missing hard top, however, this automobile is in very good condition; 49K miles; All documentation, to include manuals, window sticker, and salesman's business card. Very good Light Yellow (Crystal Coat) exterior with Ginger interior, and black soft top. Umbrella, tool kit, mini-spare, all unused by me. I hate to let this Maserati go. Price is firm.
  2. Well, its not a done deal yet, plus I'm from Georgia, and could deliver it to you for cheap. 89TCMaserati
  3. Sale is pending, waiting for check to clear. If it falls through, its yours! I also have a 1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary for sale as well. Great Florida car! Automobile search, LynnySumnerMotorsports.com Home 89TCMaserati
  4. 1979 Pontiac Trans Am - 10th Anniversary Firebird Trans Am The icon of Detroit Muscle in 1979, with a limited production run of 5,683, this car was made famous by Burt Reynolds and the "Smokey and the Bandit" movies. This is a 10th Anniversary edition with 28,882 original and un-restored miles. The engine is a 400 cubic inch displacement (6.6 Liter) (208 PS, 150 kW) with 4 speed automatic transmission. In true original condition, this Trans Am has the original Firebird hood decals, original glass T-tops with factory storage bags, original paint and spare tire, air conditioni
  5. 1979 Pontiac Trans Am - 10th Anniversary Trans AM This is the Detroit Icon of Muscle Car! 10th Anniversary Trans Am Firebird, one of a limited production run of 5,683 were made this year in this configuration. With only 28K miles, this car is offered in very beautiful ORIGINAL condition. The engine is a 400 cubic inch (6.6 liter) with 4 speed automatic transmission. Complete with original glass T-tops with factory storage bags, original paint and hood decal, original spare tire, air conditioning, 8-Track Tape stereo, and all the special touches of the 10th Anniversary edition are w
  6. A good body shop/audio installer/ hot rod shop could make you one easy enough, you would just need the form or a template from cardboard with dimensions. 89TCMaserati
  7. Looking for a place to stay for the USGP Formula 1 race in Austin, November 15-19th, 2012. Ferrari fan, Retired Soldier, and current Teller County, CO, Sheriff's Department Posse. Looking for a quiet and safe place to stay with easy access to the race. Separate entry highly desirable. References can be provided. Please contact me through the Private Message option! Thanks Lynny:)
  8. Nope they are serious! No April Fools, a new Chrysler TD!
  9. Dennis, where are you located? I'm in Colorado! Lynny 719 330 0697
  10. Sounds good, Dennis. Send me a PM or call and tell me the details! Lynny 719 330 0697
  11. Do wheels that fit a 89 Le Baron fit a 89 TC?:confused:
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