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  1. What did the suede bolsters signify? Early production? I found this 88 on CL that has them: http://hartford.craigslist.org/cto/4212540530.html
  2. My 88 had the leaking ICM when I bought it, but it ran great. I went to the yard and picked up a Delco setup with coils and the bracket for $30.
  3. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. http://newhaven.craigslist.org/cto/4062360937.html
  4. The brake lines are crusty, so will likely need replacing. The seller is asking $1500 for it and is pretty firm on the price.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking at possibly buying a 90' convertible and have some questions. I had a friend of mine look at the car for me and he took some pics. Here's the details: 90 white over red unknown mileage (cluster has been out for a long time, just installed working one) interior is in good shape, little to no fading engine/trans good top is decent, no tears new tires headlights don't pop up front has spray paint on it has rust. Looks to be mostly around the wheel wells, battery tray I don't know anything about the convertible portion of these cars, my friend mentioned (and took a pic
  6. I'm not thrilled to be doing this, but I think it's time for my 88 to find a new home. I have done a lot of work to it since I bought it and it does ride great. It needs a few things to be a real good looking car. The good: Electronics work (CRT had wavy display on bottom part of screen sometimes) Added Trofeo compass module Radio works and has 1/8" jack install. Cassette does not function Cleaned and redyed entire interior. New headliner Compass mirror installed Power locks and windows work, passenger window is slow New monroe sensatracks on all 4 corners done 1k miles ago Engine runs grea
  7. FWIW, I had a problem getting any pressure from my 88 when I got it. I tried running it without the accumulator attached and no fluid came out. What ended up working was with the accumulator off, I unbolted the pump assembly and with the key on, tipped it upside down a few times until it started pumping fluid out of the port for the accumulator. I bolted it back up with the accumulator installed and my brakes worked.
  8. I hope someone saves it. I ran the plate through carfax and it shows it being registered to a 90 Reatta.
  9. The handle on my 96 Fleetwood looks similar to the Reatta handle. Those caddys turn the dome light on when you lift the handle, if it fits that could be a good replacement.
  10. The brakes on this car are pretty bad, but might just be the bad accumulator. AC compressor functions fine (and the system actually holds a charge!), doubt that can be it. I ruled out under hood accessories as the smell is not under there at all. I'll have to check the cat too, have to remember to do that in the evening. Thanks guys!
  11. Hope it's that simple, I'll report back once I get under there.
  12. As long as I have owned my 88 there has always been a faint smell of burning rubber, mostly from the back of the car. Today I pulled her out of storage and once again noticed it while the car was idling from its long nap. It seems to come from the rear of the car, not under the hood. Once I drove home I got a real good whiff of it, very strong as if I just laid some rubber down (which in its current state cannot happen without some help ). I have looked for it in the past, but can never figure out where it's coming from. There is never any smoke, just he smell. Anyone have any clue wher
  13. Unfortunately I was just passing through and didn't have the time/tools to pull anything. I hope someone saves these parts!
  14. The driver's door panel was gone, headlight switch damaged, tail light cracked and the roof was ripped. The interior was in ok shape, but looks like the roof had been leaking for a while.
  15. For those in the Riviera beach florida area, I saw a black over tan 90 convertible at the LKQ there. Didn't notice any body damage, a real shame it ended up there. It was still pretty complete yesterday.
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