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  1. What are you asking for the radio sir?
  2. Is this the radio that has the speaker control? The one with the knob that sends volume to the front/rear/left/right etc? If so, how much? Thanks, Nick
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Regarding cleaning the TB, do I need to remove it, or just clean it with spray? Are there any ports that typically get plugged? Regarding the radio, I've seen some of them for around 100$. I was just thinking I can't be the only one who's had this problem before and there might be a connection short in the radio somewhere I could solder back together. Thanks Nick
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie posting on this board. I've looked at the forum before but decided to join. I have a few questions for you guys. My dad has a 91 TC V6. There are somethings that I'd like to help him out in making it run better. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, not much I won't attempt. Here are somethings I'd like to get some help with: 1) This car has an infinity radio, the joy stick that allows you to choose which speakers to use apparently doesn't work anymore, what can I do about that? 2) This is hard to explain but let me try; when you have your foot in it, it drives fine, but when you have your foot barely in it, kinda at like say 10%, it'll buck, maybe like it drops a cylinder, and jerk the car (slightly), I've changed the MAP sensor and replaced quite a few broken vacuum lines. 3) The air-filter box has 2 hoses, one goes to the valve cover, the other I don't know where it goes? Can anyone help me out with that? 4) The car leaks oil a little bit, are there any common places to look? Front Seal? Valve Covers? Timing Covers? Thanks guys! Nick Carter
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