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  1. Ok. Thanks. Just need a little brighter than stock.
  2. Thanks. I will check them out...
  3. Thanks. I will check out DashTop. Reno is a quick shipment to Sacramento.
  4. Greetings and Happy New Year. Just wondering if anyone out there has purchased the dash cap from OPGI and what do you think of it for $179.00? I re-upholstered my dash pad, looks good, but..... Also can any of you recommend a good brand of replacement headlamps you have put on your 63 or 64. Mine are original type and I would like something much brighter. There seems to be quite a bit to pick from out theer. Thought someone could narrow it down for me. Thanks. Have a good weekend.
  5. Saw this at Winco today.I hear it is distilled with 30 wt. from 64 nailheads. Can also be used as octane boost!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I will delve into the ignition switch deeper. In the meantime, I switched back to an original type VR. Took out the new, but inexpensive solid state VR. No problems as for now. Three drives, did not die. Ignition switch and distributor ground wire will get a good look when the weather cools down! Thanks everyone....
  7. OPGI carries them , maybe CARS inc. as well...
  8. TallJohn

    64 dies

    Hi all. In my last post I was having charging problems. Problem was fixed by replacing my new Delco Remy voltage regulator which was bad out of the box ( $89.00 non returnable!) with a solid state VR from O Reilly's ( !! $34.00) and the 2 wire pig tail that plugs into the back of the alternator had the wires reversed from the factory. Reversed them and all was well, or so I thought. Consistent VR reads 13.9 to 14.1. Yay. Now however on my last three drives after the new charging parts installed, the car dies after driving for approx 10 min. Pull over to the side of the road, Starts right up an
  9. Thanks for the replies. Did some more tinkering with the VR this morning. Amp light barely on at idle , goes away at higher rpm. VR Quiet, charging. I will keep tinkering....Continuity is good, double checked...Thanks all...
  10. I had done a continuity test to begin with, but I will do it again to double check. When I started it this morning I increased VR to 14.2 at idle, no buzzing, but Amp light remains on solid and the VR was clicking at the speed of a turn signal and amp light was flickering at the same rhythm of the points tapping each other. Car is charging fine. Took in for a spin, now no clicking at all ( Hmmmm). Charging fine but amp light still on...ugh
  11. Positive cable is brand new. Ground cable three or four years old. Are you thinking that would be the cause of the voltage regulator buzzing so much as well as the amp light staying on even though the system is charging?
  12. Problem partly solved. I had bought a new connector and wired in the blue and white wires accordingly. all continuity good as stated before . Although my splice was good, the leads in the head of the plug were reversed from the parts store. I switched them and car was charging immediately. Lesson learned on the blu and white wire to the back of the alternator. Diode test was good too! Now the new issue. Amp light stays on and the voltage regulator is buzzing loudly at idle. Very annoying. System is at 13.3 at idle and 15.2 at higher rpm. Buzzing stops with acceleration , louder as
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