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  1. Well, I can offer a few suggestions (and my apologies if you're already doing/done them)... (1) the Calif Cptn Comm or it's equivalent (states all love their own nomenclature) will have a record of the formation of the business, its principals (whether or not they had any principles) and it's dissolution...if you had a middle initial Edward'd be easier to trace,and/or relatives with the same last name...("Cptn Comm's", despite that name, USUALLY also have records of partnerships, sole proprietorships, assumed business names, etc, BUT it's always best to inquire before sending money, if a fee is involved)... (2) SF City Directories, issued annually, would show when the business operated on the ground and its principal business...following the address backward would give you predecessors, and following it forward, and checking the principals of the new business might tell you if Edward kept on in some other line...ditto with following Edward in the individuals section of the City Directories, assuming Edward lived in Frisco proper or the area covered by the Frisco CD's, which sometimes include suburban bedroom communities.. (3) A Lincoln dealer would have to be relatively substantial; don't know if there's a Calif Auto Dealers/Agency Assn that'd have old dealer name lists etc....you could try FOMOCO; you might hit a history buff who may look something up for you... With sympathy, Bud
  2. Sorry not to've replied earlier--haven't been in the site for a few days... (1) Cont'l C400s, AS SUCH, listed in my 38 Victor a 4cyl 33/8x4, were not a very popular engine...along with your Beacon, a few were put into Angleworm tractor model 10 1935-36, Divco truck model R 34-35 and model S 36-37 (1-11/2Ton)...I also have a note they're in "Fageol #9 36-37", but my source note doesn't match (that model # sounds like a Fageol farm tractor, not a truck, but it's too late in the day to go thru catalogs with Fageol listings). HOWEVER: that Victor shows the C400 shares bore, stroke and some gaskets with the C4143 (truck engine) and its power unit version PC143 (if there's a farm/ag/ind'l/const version it'll be C143)...you need to email Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Monte's eqpmt in Chicago (Obsolete Cont'l parts dealers) to see if another block can be used in the event the C400 was the parent of a seriies of C-engines. (Cont'l was famous--infamous??--for giving basically the same engine different designations for different customers befor getting into the truck/ind'l/pu designations). garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com. (2) "cracked beyond repair"---unless you've gotten a professional opinion you might be surprised at the repairs a liberal application of money can accomplish. With sympathy, Bud
  3. You might want to follow the F198 question I posted on the Multi-Cyl Power Unit forum on smokstak..so far found a couple more catalog listings but no real info. It appears to be an oddball of some kind--the 198 doesn't appear to be the cid if the catalog b/s are correct.
  4. Did eyeball a couple more catalogs that included some heavy Cont'l users like Hough and Towmotor, as well as various road/industrial eqpmt makers; lots of Cont'l listings but not a single F198. Without sorting thru my Cont'l list (presently in disarray) it appears to be the largest of the F 4cyls; it's possible it was produced for F 4cyl customers who wanted/needed a more powerful 4 as an option, or it's "dedicated/designed" use was something not covered in my old catalogs. If you decide to look you should post on Ag sites like ytmag, eqpmt sites like hcea and one or more of the Cat sites (catskinners are around lots of eqpmt on const etc sites).
  5. Well, the F198 does seem interesting... It doesn't show in a 68 Am'cn Hammered or 84 and 86 Fed-Mog bearing catalogs, but does show in a 94 Clevite bearing catalog, which could imply it was a rather low-prod unit (replacement parts catalogs often omit low-prod or specialty engines, even when they share parts with more popular engines in the series)... That Clevite catalog only lists the F198 (same 37/16x43/8 as the F162/163) (3.438x4.375); Cont'l usual usage for this F-series was to have an automotive version F4198, the ind'l version F198 and a free-standing power unit version P198 or P?198. It's also possible these Clevite listings are incomplete and such versions do exist. Nor does that catalog list any other 4cyl 198; Cont'l sometimes used the same number in differing engine series (A4124, F4124 etc)... Eyeballing a couple likely catalogs covering trucks and some ind'l/ag eqpmnt fails to turn up F198 listings, but my stuff is very weak on welders, gens, pumps ad nauseum. Will eyeball a few more to see if anything turns up. Bud
  6. As you can see, opinions differ...but with a 49 Dodge you can afford to take chances if you wish. All kinds of nasty things can've happened where you cant see'um until you pull the pan, as mentioned, and the head, BEFORE turning it over. The internets full of checklists to consider; you might also search "stuck engine" on some of the Ag forums--farm eqpmt engines, often on a piece of eqpmt used only a small part of the year and sitting out in the weather, "stick" all the time, sometimes fatally for the engine if mishandled. I'll confess to just firing up long defunct engines, without serious results, but it was more luck than brains, for sure.
  7. Bill: Only found one list of truck specs, in the Jan 1927 issue, and they're not very helpful--three models were listed, all three shown as model "G" (obviously incorrect): 1Ton--4cyl 37/8x41/2--126" WB--tires 30x5 ft and rear; 11/2Ton--same eng--137WB--tires 32x6 ft and rear; 2Ton--same eng--137WB--tires 32x6 front, 34x7 rear. Didn't specify if rears single or dual. All three showed spiral bevel rear axle. One thing was clear, though: the Jan and May 1927 Graham Bros ads showed a 2-piece windscreen, while the Jan, Feb and July 28 ads showed a one-piece. Your 700x20s were almost certainly added later. Info is from the American Exporter magazine, an exporter trade magazine. I have the Jan-June 1927, and all of 1928, altho it's possible I have Jul-Dec 27 out misfiled somewhere. An annual publication : Dyke's Automobile Encyclopedia, would have more specs, but a set is out of my price range. Cheers, as they say. Bud
  8. Commodore is right on; that said, I have no idea what the "M" etc part designates. Cont'ls 226 was produced in the period they were using different designations for differing types of usage--the 6cyl 226 was the F6226 in the "automotive" version (Possibly Kaisers and Frasers, some later Checkers??, smaller trucks, forklifts etc), F226 in the "industrial" version (tractors, ag/farm/const eqpmt, incl forklifts,welders, gensets ad nauseum) and PF226 in the stand-alone power unit version (engine, radiator, hood sheet metal, usually clutch or pulley, etc mounted on skidframe). It was one of Cont'ls popular workhorse engines, literally in everything from soup to nuts. Don't ask me why both versions were used in some const/ind'l equipment; I don't know why. There're also CF6226 and CFO6226 versions (the Checkers, flathead and OHV??)... There're FO6226 (OHV) and FS226 (miliatary standard) versions, and probably others. Your "M" etc of the part number probably refers to some particular original installation.
  9. (1) can't make out on my set what the numbers etc?? are above "Cont'l Motors" on tag; PLEASE ADVISE... (2) Have Shurhit catalog #81 (cars generally 1930-42, some mainline trucks, nothing else) and it's not in there...(relatively poor coverage)... (3) does show in dist list in 1950 Motor Truck/Tractor (covers 36-49 mostly over-the-road trucks, some tractors, the major ind'l engines, incl some Cont'l, used in covered vehicles; (4) NOT in dist list in Motor car manual covering 35-42. I'd guess--repeat, guess--it's for one or more of Cont'ls "industrial" engines...truck, ag/farm eqpmt...per it's inclusion in the Trk/Trtr manual, BUT I don't know if that list limited to dist's used in covered vehicles/engines or whole prod/ in use list at that time. Those numbers etc above "Cont'l" on the tag might be the clue...
  10. Bill: My apologies for my compatriots apparent lack of interest in offshore problems...Dodge truck people should've answered by now. I don't follow Dodge, but can maybe bracket you in a bit... Mroz's truck book says a majority interest in Graham Bros was purchased by Dodge in 1920 or so, that Dodge built them with Dodge 4cyl engines; that Chrysler bought Dodge in 1927 (and that also in 1927 Dodge had bought total interest in Graham bros)... Also in 1927 "...1/4, 1/2, 2 and 21/2 Ton models were added, some with 60HP 6cyl engines ...designed by Dodge but built by Continental..." (that makes then Dodge engines, not Cont'ls) Also "...Graham trucks became Dodge Bros in 1929..." A couple old parts catalogs show Graham Bros first 6cyl engine in 1928. Another shows: 1928 6cyl 31/4x41/2..."Bus 2Ton"...(a Dodge Senior engine); a 1929 6cyl 33/8x41/2...2, 21/2, 3Ton...(another Dodge Senior engine) another 1929 6cyl 33/8x37/8...1/2, 3/4, 11/4, 11/2Ton...(Dodge Victory engine); then it lists a couple Cont'l engines, one in a gas-electric, one unidentified as to model or year, and finally another?? 6cyl (Dodge Senior motor) in models JD,JE,YD and YE (which could be one listed above). Looks like Graham Bros model designations were two letters: DD, SD, YD etc; see anything like that?? Tad's Truck Spotters guide sez "Aug 1927 2Ton gets 6cyl, Lockheed hyd brakes....Sept 27, 1/2 ton gets hyd brakes, 4-speed... Looks like "27" had 2-piece windscreen; Aug and Sept 27 changed to one-piece windscreen. Tad shows Sept 27 as "271/2", not 28. He also notes "...starting Jan 29, all Dodge Bros trucks sold with Dodge Bros or Fargo name..." So looks like you down to either 27 or 28. I may have some spec lists upstairs; will check and advise. With sympathy, Bud
  11. Posted some odd little Packard 1914-15 magazine ??? for sale in the Memorabilia etc forum; see that post for details.
  12. About a dozen little (about 11/4 inch high and seven inches long) Packard Motor Co ads/declarations in a business oriented trade magazine of the period named American Industries. The mag was strongly (virulently?) pro-business and anti-organized labor. These have little quotations supporting business 'freedom", with the Packard Motor Co name and a teensy illus of the radiator saying "Ask the man who owns one" (magnifying glass required!). No car illus (no room!!) these look more like declarations of company business principles than a car ad, altho if you consider only plutocrats read this magazine, these would certainly reassure those potential buyers that Packard was not pro-organized labor. Curiosities more than anything else; each attached to several pages to show dates. Price $5 plus MM mailing , probably another $2-3. Details Bud email or PM.
  13. Posted a batch of 1914-16 and 1922 Pierce Arrow Truck magazine ads for sale in the Memorabilia etc forum today; see for details.
  14. A batch of assorted pierce Arrow truck ads from American Industries, a trade magazine of the period. The 1914-16 ads: 26 back cover ads, about 1/4of page illus and balance text---these are on an almost pulpy paper, very fragile, should be put into protectors; 2 back covers, better semi-glossy paper; 2 back covers, glossy paper. A few duplications; all pages outlined in color lines, duplications used different colors. The 1922 ads are eight 1/4 page interior page ads, no illus, text only, good paper, one duplicate. Magazines originally half folded vertically for library storage before being bound in hardcover books, considerable creases in some of the pulpy covers, but good when flat; I long ago dismantled the books to save space. Price $20 plus MM mailing. Details Bud email or PM.
  15. A rather brief Googling finds mention of two "Perkins" gasoline engines, m'f'd by the Massnick-Phipps M'f'g Co, sometimes AKA "Massnick-Phipps" gasoline engines: a 25 HP four and a V8. These had no connection with the later Brit Perkins diesels. There's an old ad online describing the "Perkins V8, mf'd by Massnick-Phipps M'f'g Co". A 1917 Burd piston ring catalog lists FIVE 1915 Perkins engines: Models B and C, 4cyl, 23/4 bore, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings; Model R, 23/4 bore, 8cyl, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings; Model D, 31/8 bore, 4cyl, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings Model P, 31/8 bore, 8cyl, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings. While that catalog lists some as early as 1911 and many in 1917, Perkins are listed only for 1915; Massnick-Phipps or Phipps are not listed. Anyone have an old engine book that mentions these?? They're apparently few and far between; several 1924/25/30 parts catalogs (my oldest after the 1917) don't mention them at all. Any comments appreciated. Many thxx!! Bud
  16. AC: I thought I'd posted to this thread after my apology, but I apparently hit the wrong button... It was to the effect I hadn't checked this site for earlier Ferro threads, and when I did I found your earlier (March 2012?) thread with the several nice engine pix, incl the "Ferro" casting pic you again posted above... I thoroughly agree with the replies in that earlier thread: your "Ferro" casting is almost certainly because they cast the block, NOT built the engine as a Ferro engine... For clear pix of a Ferro 4cyl, with Ferro cast prominently in the side of the block, see the "Ferro Four" thread on the Ferro forum on oldmarineengine.com; that also has an old ad showing the same name casting, but not as clear as on the green engine... My advice as to sending your pix to the Jewett and Graham Paige people remains; they should be able to ID it if it's a Jewett, Paige or Graham Paige engine. Whatever it is, I doubt it could be called a Ferro; this would require Ferro having done the design, whereas, so far at least, they only appear to've been a subcontractor of components. Good luck.
  17. AC: My apologies; I seem to've jumped to wrong conclusions... I assume you mean the Ferro name/logo is cast quite prominently into the side of the block (on a 4cyl marine? engine it's enclosed in a fancy rectangle, the lower horizontal of the "F" carried thru the "ERRO", taking up at least 3/4 of the length of the block)... When you say "another member" did you mean another member of the Jewett Six club/group, or another member of Grahampaige.com?? I neglected to mention grahampaige in my earlier post--Paige came into the hands of the Graham brothers, who named the new company Graham Paige and built Graham cars, and it's my understanding the grahampaige.com site includes the Paige and Jewett cars.. After posting my last reply I ran across an ad on prewarcars.com: A Ferro 6 cyl engine for sale in NZ, but I haven't made any inquiries... If you haven't checked in with both the Jewett Six and the Graham Paige groups I'd still say it's the best place to start for a positive ID; if you have I assume you've emailed any/all numbers or letters cast or stamped anywhere on the thing. If they've been no help, I'd suggest posting a pic of the engine, showing the logo, and listing any/all numbers/letters you can find on this site, on the Antq Cars/Trucks forum on smokstak.com, and on the Ferro forum on oldmarineengine.com---someone's bound to know about this/these engines... With sympathy, Bud
  18. ac: Had to go to Google to find Echuca!! Ordinarily it'd be difficult to ID your engine, but it appears there're enough Jewetts around for a website: jewettsix.com. They'll no doubt be more than glad to hear somethings survived down in AU, or Oz, if you don't mind, and should be able to give you a positive ID. While it's possible you have a Ferro engine, it's more likely you have Ferro cast into some part that Ferro cast for Paige-Jewett. Standard Catalog Am'cn Cars 1805-1942 says Jewett (1922-27) was a little brother to the Paige (Paige was originally Paige-Detroit--Paige Detroit 1909-10, then Paige 1911-27). While it's not infallible, it says Paige built their own engines thru WWI etc, "...the higher powered Paiges of the twenties carried Continentals...". A 1936 parts catalog shows the 22-25 Jewetts with "own" engines but the 26-27 using some engine parts that matched some Cont'l engines. I don't have any kind of Ferro numbers list, or any pic/illus of the reputed Ferro 6, so they wouldn't be of any help to me, but I would appreciate your advising what you find from the jewettsix people. Cheers, as they say; HTH (hope this helps). Bud
  19. Do any of the old car-old engine books have a list of the Ferro car (truck??) stationary engines?? Not that I could afford one, but the library might have one. Oldmarineengine has a wealth of info on their marine engines; the Googlebooks Ferro book covers their 1, 2 and 3 Cyl engines of the time, but it's prior to the time---1915-18 somewhereabouts---that they gave up marine engines and moved into auto engines. Researching is complicated by their doing casting for other makes, maybe at the same time they were building their own, their continuing after giving up their own engines and their keeping their logo on castings for other makes. I'm hoping to avoid a lot of work; all too often, after putting hours in, someone'll say "oh, yeah, that's all in X's book titled X"... I haven't started to list the 4's (it looks like there were at least two marine 4s), there's a marine ref to a 6, at least 5 V8s and the V12. Any comments appreciated!! Many thxx !! Bud
  20. You're close to being a square peg in a round hole here, not that car collectors don't have occasional lapses and acquire trucks... There're several Chev forums for advice/info/sympathy (the markets down in these troubled times); there's classicwhitetrucks.com for the White (it's a small site but concentrated on White). There's a special subset of collectors that like wreckers and winch trucks; as Bob said, you might post on aths.org, the old car/truck forum on smokstak. com, and/or the antiquetruckclubofamerica.com (org?), a small site I haven't been in for awhile. You're kind asking "how high is up?" as to trading: it's highly personal. Maybe you'll hit someone interested, maybe not. If no luck try again in a couple months. Good luck.
  21. Continued... #8205--Gates sez 49-50 Cad V8 160 HP FG (Fan, Gen). Dayco crosses to their #27, includes more Cads to 60 and a long list of other makes to 1968. #8210--Gates shows Olds 49-51 88 and 98, BOTH AFTER 7-49; Dayco croses to #44, incl long list other makes to 1969. #8213--Gates shows 51 Kaiser, 51 Rambler; Dayco index crosses to their #18, but that's a misprint, looks like it should be their #60, which lists later Kaisers, the Ramblers and another long list as mentioned. #8222, 27, 60 not in the Gates book, and with the mentioned misprint didn't trust the Dayco cross index, so didn't check. My Dayco pages fine print, lightly printed, now faded, on almost beige background paper; no scanner, would need too many partial close-ups to fool with to send copies. Riffling thru it doesn't seem to go back before mid-40s except for the mainline makes (Chev, Ford etc). Remember that was a 69 Dayco catalog, and when it lists to 69 means same belt may've been used later as well. With sympathy, Bud
  22. Sorry re' not getting back sooner--found my 50 Gates too early, had to find car section of 69 Dayco buried upstairs (follow trucks/eqpmt much more than cars). Then found the two catalogs didn't match that well, not unusual for most parts catalogs but unusual for belt catalogs... #465---looks like 47-52 Stude champ; Gates shows var 31-36 Dodge trks with Wstghse Comp (for air brakes) or comp/gen, various Int'l trks 30-37, many with Wstghse comp or HD213 engine. Dayco cross (#30) shows fair list other makes etc into 1957. #614---wonder of wonders, both show this for (and ONLY for) 49-51 Pont 6,8 FG (Fan, Gen); this must be a weirdo of some kind. $628---FORD. 39 85HP (no sprchgr), 40 85HP with 33/16 pulley (some have 311/16 pulley), 41 85HP, 42-48 Spec, DeLxe and Spec Dlxe (G-WP). MERC 39 95HP, 40 95HP with 33/16 pulley, 41 95HP and 42-48 G-WP (gen, wtr pump). ALSO var Ford trks using same engines, AND var ind'l eqpmt using same engines. Both fairly well agree on this one. Models with Leese-Neville gen take different belt. Shopping calling; send rest later. Bud
  23. (1) Your old Wix PC-100 is now Wix 51100; (2) My 50 "Master" Gates is too old for your VF numbers (VX seems to be "Vulco Flex"). A 69-70 "Trucks, Buses and Other Machines" catalog doesn't list cars. These hoses were apparently put on anything they fit, VF1 shows on some 65-66 GMC Tilt-Cabs UH; on some 57-75 IH AB, AM, AMC series as LH; VF4 on some Case, GMC 66/67 V6 401 motor, Hough GMC 4055C motor and some asst'd IH, some as LH, some as UH; VF14 didn't see any; VF16 most popular---batch of Chev trucks and all kinds of asst'd const etc machinery (A-W, Clark, MF, Yale) both as LH and UH VF 23 only showed on one JD and a batch of Oliver tractors and their OC46 crawler. Way too many to try to take off; no 'applications" list in these catalog. Will eyeball the belts later. I'd suggest you buy some catalogs, but they'd probably cost more than the belts and hoses!! With sympathy, Bud
  24. Olivia: If extrareach doesn't reply it may be because his post was in 2011, and the automatic advice of replies may have expired. By clicking on his name you can send a PM or an email to him thru this site. If he's no longer interested and you wish to sell, a new post will probably get a lot more notice. Good luck.
  25. Well, lessee here... Per 2000 Wix Champ and LuberFiner both have a PH7=Wix 51049, which shows in that 2000 Wix as "GM family of cars 59-67", as a spin-on 5.178H, 3.660 OD and "13/16-16" (whatever that means) ID... Per that catalog Champ and LuberFiner both have a P70=Wix 51100 (BUT NOT A P70FF, so don't know if same) listed for Cad 51-58, Chev car/trk 50-62, Clark, Herc and JD; its a cartridge metal canister 5H, 4.531 OD, .553 ID... I've found these Wix "uses" listings often incomplete. You "...want to use on 48 Chrysler..."; d'you mean to install one, or you're looking for a replacement cartridge/spin-on?? I think both Wix and Fram catalogs are online, so you should be able to match a size pretty close if yours NLA. I've got some old Gates catalogs, what numbers d'you have??
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