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  1. Picking up something like this (unknowns in poor cond) is always a gamble or a labor of love (just trying to salvage without making any money, and actually being lucky not to spend too much time and effort, etc)... Wood wheels are not my thing, but don't limit yourself to a bus or truck--several large cars of 27-28 or so period either had 700x20 (old 32x6.75 per Burness) or very close 20" tires, and the wood wheels (we called them "artillery wheels) were often an option to wires... There's also the possibility the 700s were not the original size; when older tires became dificult to find, we st
  2. If still available, you might generate more interest if you knew and could post which Reo engine it was...none of my catalogs that list Reo in 48 show "Speed Wagon", just factory model numbers and the original engine fitted (which is not always the same engine fitted when it's junked)!! With sympathy, Bud
  3. A suggestion on the motor: Kaiser used a Continental 226, which was a very popular Continental engine in all kinds of comm'l, industrial, Ag eqpmt uses for years. Under Cont'l usage of the time the "automotive" (truck, etc) version was F6226; the ind'l/comm'l/ag version was F226, and the stand-alone power unit version was PF226 or P-some other letter 226... You'll have to talk to Kaiser-Fraser club members to find out if any of these would be a drop-in fit, if off-the shelf F6226/F226 etc parts will fit (one had timing gears, the other a timing chain--I can never remember which is which), or w
  4. Well, if you want a coincidence ??? my little Shurhit catalog shows Cadillac 1932-33 V12 with DR 4092 and 4110 distributors... My 46 Motor does list AL 1GM 4002/4003 distributors but no usage list, so the number looks valid... Are you sure it's a 12 and not a dual ign for a higher-output 6?? Some 6cyl Hercs in White trucks used AL 1 GW 4110A and C.. Sorry I couldn't be of any real help... (Sigh) I can just see someone tweeting: Al, I've got 1 GM 4110 distributor...(Sorry; couldn't resist!)...
  5. Interesting your boxes apparently say S36L and S36R... That 36 King catalog, under ES-36, lists: Chrysler 34-35, CA, CB, Airstream C6, 6cyl; CZ 8cyl; DeSoto 35 SF, Airstream; Dodge 34 DR, DS (lefthand) Plymouth 34 PE, PF (lefthand). The 41 McQ-N has no numerical index, but under the above four Mopars shows: Chrysler 34-35 CA, CB, Airstream 6, 6cyl; Airstream CZ 8cyl, (lefthand) DeSoto 35 SF, Airstream (lefthand); Dodge and Plymouth listings are the same as in the 36 catalog... On those that specified ES36 as lefthand, the righthand was ES35... Can't help on the other things...
  6. Your post would probably receive more helpful replies if posted in the Maxwell forum below; Benj Briscoe was involved with the Maxwell before building the Briscoe and all, and there is a Maxwell club and a Maxwell-Briscoe owners group... Std Cat says Briscoe built own engines (possible, but I'd guess he contracted with established engine builders) and would've almost certainly used vendor ign, carbs etc...it did say that in 1916 he introduced an air cooled 4 cyl of 24 HP, and Std cat lists the 1919 Model B 4-24 as 24HP, that he offered small communities assembly rights to assemble his kits
  7. While I'm not a Cont'l buff as such, I would guess that if there're not many whole engines usually available (I haven't Googled or checked EBay etc for whole motors) it's because they were heavily concentrated in the "orphan" cars and trucks, most of which went into the shredders and melters over the years, and that the engines are now carefully watched for and snapped up by collectors/restorers... As the orphan makes died off, most (all?) of the US m'f'r's left made their own engines; Cont'l remained in the industrial engine business (specialty vehicles, ag, comm'l and industrial eqpmt as the
  8. On the assumption you already follow the firetruck sites, a couple suggestions: Another gasket place might be gasketstogo.com; they're also a sponsor on smokstak, a popular old-engine old-iron site; (Olson's is highly regarded in these old engine forums)... The place to start for obsolete Cont'l engine hard parts, information, advice and/or sympathy (as the case my be) is often mentioned to be Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Monte's in Chicago, obsolete Cont'l etc dealers; garradmoon@montes@flash.net, or montesequipment.com... Another place described as helpful with old Cont'ls is P A Ross Machin
  9. Should've thought to add that if you're reduced to convassing the profe$$ional obsolete engine parts dealers there's a good list on the Parts and services section of aths.org...
  10. I thought I had a note from another forum to the extent that while the Seagrave was based on the PA block, some of the internals were different, BUT if i did have such a note, I can't find it...(please feel free to correct me if that is wrong)..... On a more positive note, I do have a note that on 12-15-11 someone here said Ray at Old Car Parts NW 206-300-1083 had Seagrave small V12 bearings...
  11. The old shade-tree test for shocks was to push down on the front end, release, when it rose push down again to see if you could "bounce" the front end (not off the ground, just keep it easily going up and down on the rebound of the springs)---"shocks" are put on to "damp" (slow/stop) this "bouncing" effect, so you don't lose control after going over a hole or a lump and have the front wheels losing grip on the up-bounce (as has been already described above)... Don't be surprised if after cleaning out all the old grease and crud and freshly lubing the front end you don't have more problems, as
  12. Haven't had any luck posting pix, but will give it another try. Bud
  13. Ron: My old parts catalogs are all over the map on which 31/4 Lyc came in the 8-126... I do have a smattering of Lyc piston ass'bly, valve and bearing info; if you've determined whether you have a whole Lyc, and, if so, which one, I can see if my catalogs list any other Lyc's sharing parts... Of five catalogs I eyeballed, only one listed the 8-126 engines as "own", which would imply Kissel added their own innards; the other four listed various Lyc 8's for parts reference as if Kissel bought the whole engine... It's also possible Kissel built their parts to the same specs as the Lyc parts, just
  14. Rattling around in my junk jar (odds and ends I'm afraid to throw away) is this oddity...Octagonal (8 sides) "base", metal, crimped onto a round white ceramic about 3/8 long, to the "bottom?" of which is riveted a small 90 degree elec snapon/clipon connection... Going the other way is a 11/4 inch tall metal "tower", graduating down to 3/8 at its end, with what looks like SAE threads on the outside about 3/8 long...this part looks for all the world like an older inner tube valve with threads for the cap... Stamped into the metal "tower", which is hollow, are: "AC Spark Plug Div", and under that
  15. Well, Republic was one of the better known old names, 1912-29, when they merged with the commercial division of Americsn LaFrance, becoming LaFrance-Republic (which was bought by the old Sterling in 1932, the LaFrance-Republic name continued to 1942) (all per Mroz's truck book)... Your local library should have a copy or a copy of Georgano's World Trucks book for some history; there should at least be a Wiki piece... For pix I'd Google Republic truck history, Republic truck images/pictures, or Republic Motor Truck Company and see what comes up; there's a site called Hank's truck pictures that'
  16. Haven't been in site for a few days, just noticed your post... I started to say it could depend on which car its going into, but on checking it appears it may've been only used in Jordans (not usual for Cont'l but they made fewer 8s than 6s)... One would assume the Jordan people would be able to advise the exact shade, assuming it's going into a Jordan... If not a Jordan, would appreciate knowing what it came out of, if known...
  17. I don't know anything about Kaisers ring gear system, but will say the engine is reportedly Cont'ls 226 (F6226, F226, probably PF226 ad nauseum). If so, and should no ring gear be available, and yours past repair, you might try Garrad Moon at Monte's Eqpmnt in Chicago, obsolete Cont'l parts dealers, to see if that ring gear system and your particular ring gear (number of teeth, degree slopes etc) was used on any of Cont'ls 226 truck, ag, ind'l, pu engines. garradmoon@montes@flash.net, or montesequipment.com
  18. No mention of Derby in my stuff or the Std Cat US cars 'cuz the Derby was Canadian, or the Canadian name for the Davis. Oddly enough, it is in Auto Qtlys The Am'cn Car Since 1775 ("5000 Marques"), but that's just names and addresses. Wiki or somewhere said two Derby's exist; if one matches the Davis that used the 20L, chances are the Derby did, too, at least for that model--one of the Derby thumbnails said it used a Con't 6 cyl, which helps, but not much. With sympathy, bud
  19. 20L in trucks Acme--27-29/28-30+?(catalog years, if shown, often differ;30+ meant listed in 1930 catalog, so may've been used in later years) #16, maybe #17 1ton (one catalog showed 20L and 29L); Century-Defiance (usually listed as Defiance)--1928 #FL,F; Corbitt--probably 1926-27 #20 1ton; the 1928 seems to've gone to the 31L; Fisher--no yrs--Junior Express--9L, 20L, 31L; built 1912-33; King-Zeitler--1927 #22A--9L, 20L; 1928 went to 31L; Monarch--1928-29 no model#. This's a puzzle: it's listed in the 33 Perf Circ in the truck section, but none of my car and truck references list one of the per
  20. As usual, my old catalogs are inconsistent on the 20L...eyeballed five (1924 piston=no listings, too early??; 29 piston, 30 McC gasket, 30 wrist pins, 33 Perf circle rings)... For cars, 3 listed 20L for Davis, altho one listed 9L and 20L (many don't list years, so no way to tell if both engines available or if one engine replaced the other, altho, again, it's usually one replaced the other)... The 30 Pin also listed 1926-27 Paige 6-40 with the 20L, the Star 1926-27 "early L" and the 27-28 "late R" with the 20L. There were apparently some engine changes in the 20L--the 30 pin catalog,
  21. Just noticed your post--if still looking (the "respectable price" part may be difficult) you might try sites like oldmarineengine etc, as many of these were gathered up by boat owners. Good luck.
  22. Well, what the engine came in kinda depends on who you ask---in my case I use a batch of old replacement engine parts catalogs, and they often don't agree (I have a lot more sympathy now for parts people)...plus many "assembled" vehicle builders bought engines and called them their own. On a complete, relatively complete or even half complete listing on Cont'l engines and their specs, I'd like to find one myself. My own list, from my old parts catalogs, turned into a godawful nightmare of confusions, corrections and inconsistencies, presently bogged down and ignored. There was a book, somethin
  23. Saw this the other day but forgot to comment. If haven't ID'd it yet, any cast/stamped numbers/letters on it? (might need to wire-brush to find any). If any, post pic and numbers to truck site like aths.org and/or abtiquetruckclubofamerica.com (small site but free). There's also an Antique Car and Truck forum on smokstak. Be sure to also post size of duals. Good luck. bud
  24. Well, when my brother worked as a mechanic for a Pontiac dealer, they all had to go down to unload the new cars, as all too often some of the parts'd be in the back seat or trunk; some they had to truck to the dealers shop to "assemble"...maybe the Reo line was rushed and one dropped in and was just left... Seriously, sounds like a question for the Reo forum here or for the Reo club (reoclub.org??).
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