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  1. It's been tears ago, but my brother ran Hudsons for several of their last years production, to 1954, , always buying all the power he could incl Twin-H...Seven-X engine sound familiar??...anyway, a performane lover, drove fast and hard (Texas/NM), the only complaint i remember being that the U-joints couldn't handle the power, so the Twins must've been fine.
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    Looks like was mostly confusion in dates in the gasket catalog, probably because was apparently practice then to announce, and ship, new model in middle of year..announce in July 1915 that 1916 model is being shipped!! The 33/16 in the catalog was marked 1916-19 when 1917-19 were actual "year models"....the 33/8x5 was correct for 20-21, which should be yours... the air coo;led motor apparently didn't sell as it wasn't listed; if few orders may never've actually been built or installed in production cars..... As to info re' yours, good luck (there's no evidence Briscoe sold engin
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    The paper trail for Briscoe is a bit confused... The original Briscoe model was imported late 1913/early 1914 by Briscoe for NYC show display, built by his French operation, Briscor Frerres, with an 80ccx100cc aka 31/5 (no typo) x 51/8 four... It was apparently then produced here in the US at the Jackson MI factory.... Various 1914 advertising described its "French Continental engine',(meaning French-European, no connection to US Cont'ls) and a company slogan was "The First French Car At American Prices" (was sold as "Light Car"..... In early 1915 (1st Qtr ATJ) the 1915 mo
  4. If you're looking for an engine or info re' engine, you might also try The Gardner club, they apparently used the 4S and 4SL... The old-truck sites, as 4SLs got into Gramms, Republics and Stewarts plus some other orphans... Looks like the series goes 4S, 4SG, 4SL, 4SLH, 4SM, all listed as 31/4x4`1/2 and sharing some parts, altho 4SL does seem to've had some changes; don't know if they're drop-in fits for each other...--
  5. Didn't your original answer say to click on my name and a screen with the envelope would cone up, then to click on it??? Anyway, FYI, clicking on my name on my 1996? set brought a screen with 4 symbols (no envelope) at upper right--clicking on the one that looked like a magnifying glass THEN brought out the bell and evvelope.. Many thXX! Bud
  6. Please remind me how to open PMs on this forum; I promise to write it down this time...Bud Tierney
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    W@ell, By Cracky, Briscoe DID have three engines... The original show car was imported from France with Briscoe-Freres (Briscoe Bros French operation) motor described as 31/5 (no typo) x 51/8, 80x130 CC in Metric, advertised to prospective dealers on 8-8-14 with that engine, , and again advertised as a "foriegn car" to sell on1-16-15..... Slogan was "A French Car At American Prices"...ealers on 8-8-14 with that engine,...
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    Looks like Briscoe just had the two---parts catalogs are weak reeds to lean on, but better than nothing...
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    Which one ?? Briscoe had a a 33 HP L-head and a later air cooled 24HP... Google'll be your friend here- if you want just info, search around for other owners, search in the period car journals for the announcements of the new models... Builders bombarded the journals with press releases, often describing engines in detail, especially "new" ones like Briscoe''s ...OOPS---looks like Briscoe might've had three engines in its lifetime... A 30 gasket catalog lists a 33/16x51/8 for model 24 1916-19, and a 33/8x5 for 1920-21; but Briscoes ffrst cars were 1914...what engine was i
  10. No, your Tucker's 36, not 21, but he probably had a four wheel conversion for it...
  11. If the info you need doesn't turn up here, Googling Vintage Fire Trucks or Antique fire trucks should bring up at least a couple old fire truck websites that could be hepful...
  12. I dealt in literature, vehicle and otherwise, as a hobbyist, for probably twenty years in the 80s and 90s period...in the dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, of mail transactions, buying and selling unseen, I can only remember one time when I sent an item and didn't get paid, and several times I had dealers send more than i was asking...consequently, it's all too easy to develop a kind of 'this's an honest bunch of people' outlook...
  13. More depressing news---no real info in my old catalogs---a 1917 Burd ring catalog, with quite extensive listings, doesn't list any Milwaukee engine despite it also covering many marine engines.. That doesn't mean they couldn't've had a fair production tun; if just sold locally/regionally, and to makers who didn't advertise engine builder, parts companies may not've considered them worth stacking parts for in national catalogs..... Stf Cat says the Cuting (Clark-Carter Automobile Co, Jackson, Mick 11909-13) used Milwaukee and other engines.. The Wisc Cptn Comm should have company
  14. My notes not any real help--- I'd forgotten a 1905 entry saying Milw Mtr & Mfg Co was incptd as Milw Motor Co, so apparently one company after all... I have no history or dissolution info...they were passing around a "very atrractive catalog" in Oct 1903, supposedly doing a good business in the Midwest, and wer still listed in Buyers Directories in 1915...you might try oldmarineengine as they were into gasoline marine motors as well as auto engines... Std Cat says they also built the Monarch car in Milwaukee 1903-04, nut decided to stick with engines. Std cat had no comments
  15. A 36 King Prod catalog has one listing for 1916-23 V12, listing models 225, 235, 325, 335 Twin 6...if includes yours might broaden your search...(1915 125,135 Twin 6 shows different piston)...
  16. Oddly enough, you might try the Pierce-Arrow people... , A 36 King Prod catalog lists one 29-33 Stude 8 (Pres 8, 80, 90, 91, 92) that shares the piston ass'bly with var 29-33 Stude trucks, Pierce-Arrow cars and trucks... Valves listing isn't that definite but seem to match altho spring change at eng FE22087 Bearings ??? can't compare as P-A bearings section only lists one 6 cyl (weird---P-A piston ass'bly goes to 36, valves only to 32, one bearing listed 6cyl 21-28???)..... Another oddity---optional alum piston offered for Stude in Stude section, NOT listed in P-A secti
  17. There were two Milwaukee Motors – I think one the Milwaukee Motor Co and the other the Milwaukee Motor and Manufacturing Co, operating in roughly the same period, both producing inline fours per their advertising... I think. I can't lay hands on my M notebook; will dig it out and reply this PM...
  18. Yard art inner tube tire has hole in its side?? Put a boot in it (make your own if have none) paint whatever shows black if wrong color shows....we drove on tires with holes in sides, altho sometimes had to go to reliners or tire-in-tire (hard to do without being bumpy).. Doesn't everyone have a few old tire boots in the basement??..
  19. FLYER: Yes, and if I remember correctly Foley(??) offered that service too... I was surprised the 36 catalog didn't mention the replacement inserts should be fitted by a machine shop, but it may've been so obvious it didn't have to be mentioned..... I'm still sorting out Chrysler inserts; per my catalogs (weak reeds to lean on) some 32s had inserts but not all...
  20. :Looking at my admittedly incomp0lete H-S list, two possibilities show... Their "I" a 31/4 b9re in a 1917 catalog... Their 2700. a 3/4 x 5 in a 1930 catalog...possibly you can find images to compare... Whatever you're able to decide upon, you can Google for announcements of their introduction in the Auto mags of the Day...The Automobile, Motor Age, Motor Way ad nauseum...these introductory announcements usually contain enough desc/specs for a solid ID...
  21. The Kaiser Travelers (wagons) were functionally 3-door cars...outside they appeared regular 4-door sedans, but the spare was mounted on the inside of the left rear door, and it was either bolted or welded shut, did not open...had a 49, domn't recall ever looking to see if welded or what...
  22. Just out of curiosity, looked this up in a 36 King products catalog, and came up with questions... As to dates, 32 for Chrysler (8s), 34 for DeSoto and 33 for Dodge and Pymouth per that catalog... ALSO noted, under Dodge, two con rod bearings for various pre-1918 to 1928 4Cyl's, one of which is pictures and seems to have slightly raised sides similar to a main... ALSO noted each of the four had bearings listed as " insert type to replace Cast-in-rod bearings"... Both the "pre-28" bearings and the replacements were listed as inserts in the catalogs numerical index, no me
  23. Just ran across his old post by accident (ordinarily never check this section)... Lycoming parts generally not that easy to find; there was some commonality in engines, though, so if still looking for piston assembly, valves or bearings can check my old catalogs. If shared with other engine models may make search easier.....
  24. Dort seems to be one of the nicer "forgotten" cars; Std Cat calls it a "fine little car", m'f'd by J D Dort, fmly business associate and lifetime friend of Billy Durant...per Std Cat he liquidated his company in 1924, sold the factory in 1925 and died that year (wound up the company per poor health??)... The ad raises an interesting question: Std Cat says all 4s were Lycoming, and a couple parts catalogs agree... However, one catalog, a 1924 Houpert piston catalog (25 pgs of 55-70 listings per page) lists a Dort 4cyl, no years listed, 3 inch bore, with a code name that does not
  25. If you're not already a member check the Durant Club (forum on this site) as the W4 seems to've been largely; if not completely, made for Durant/Star... .. Have you tried Monte's Eqpmt, NW of Chicago, obsolete Cont'l pats dealer, and PA Ross Machinery in Dallas, longtime Cont;l dealer sometimes helpful?? Doubtful you'll find an overhaul set; if you're reduced to scrounging parts piecemeal, the W4 shares piston assembly, valves and bearings with some other Cont'l engines; can send list if you think helpful...
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