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  1. Don't follow Yellow as always considered it a GM product, but see in Mroz's truck book GM didn't buy from Hertz until 1925...Mroz saz; 1924/25 built 1Ton in two versions---T1 130WB, T15 150 WB, identical otherwise except T1 has pneumatics and T15 had solids, both with Cont'l V4...Can't find my Cont'l folder, but a 1930 McCord lists it as a 4cyl Solid Head (no b/s listed)...(4cyl inline, not a V-type engine)... Unfortunately, he doesn't specifically mention 1926 trucks... He does say by 1928 Yellow Knight was building 3/4 to 4ton units, the lighter ones with unidentified Cont'ls, the heavier w
  2. Don't know how may built, but do know not nearly enough survive to satisfy collector demand... a couple other sires for info/parts/envy are ATHS (Amercn Trk Hist Soc??) and diamondtclassics.com.
  3. Mroz's truck book isn't much more help on the 26s, pretty much following ROs findings above, only adding that in 1926 "some" trucks used Herc's... If there are any cast/stamped/whatever numbers/letters on what's left of the engine send that, the Stoughton model number (if available) and some pix to: (1) Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Monte's in Chicago (obsolete Cont'l parts dealers)---garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com---for possible Cont'l ID... (2) wehs.net (Wauk Eng Hist Soc) for possible Wauk ID... (3) try Jerry Biro---herculesparts.com---obsolete Herc dealer---for possible
  4. KK: Moving down to the Graham & Paige forum here will get you in touch with other owners as well as Graham-Paige.com, the Graham and Paige club, who should be able to get you a definite ID on your engine as well as suggestions/parts info... Generally, on obsolete Cont'ls, the place to start is Garrad Moon at Monte's in Chicago (a dealer in obsolete Cont'l parts) ---garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com...(don't know how Garrad is pronounced but he's often referred to a Gerry/Jerry Moon)... DD: Std cat says Paige had two engines in 1922, both 6s: a 45HP and a 70HP...but the sam
  5. Well, Std Cat sez Paige built own engines thru WWI "...the higher powered Paiges of the Twenties carried Cont'ls...the straight eight,,,for 1927 was a Lycooming...". HOWEVER, it may not be that simple... A 38 Victor gasket catalog lists, under Paige: Models 6-66-70-21-24...1920-25...6cyl...Cont 8AA/10A... no 8AA in the Cont section, but 8A, 9A and 10A are listed as 33/4x5) Model 45......................1927.......6cyl...Cont 18L (18L lumped in with several other "L"s in Cont. section, two b/s listed for the batch: 23/4x43/4 and 27/8x43/4; no info on which "L" was which bore) Models 65
  6. Apparently Enger's 6 was a temporary bridge into the V12, as it's listed in one of my old parts catalogs as coming with a Cont 7N, not one of Enger's own engines... A 1917 ring catalog lists the 1915 V12 as 2 5/8 bore, while the 1916/17 were 2 11/16 bores, a pretty small difference...bored out to correct casting irregularities??? That catalog indexes ring sizes from 1 3/8 to 12 1/2 bores, and the only other 2 11/16 bore was the Militaire "S" for 1917, listed as a 4 cyl...(Std Cat lists a Militaire 2 wheel, advertised as a car but described as a a motorcycle by Std Cat, built 1916, but doesn't
  7. Found some more notes on the Veerac--apparently Mitchell paid the bills after (during?) the truck and Andrews tractor production by building Railcar engines...post on sites like NARCOA (Nth Am'cn Railcar Owners Assn??) and/or other RR sites, and something might turn up. Good luck.
  8. WIEKING: That was my post in smokstak on the Verac/Veerac engine; I can't recall getting any replies or comments, and don't recall now why I was looking---possibly just idle curiosity... I should've been clearer on dates for the Andrews tractor: one reference, Wendels Std Cat Farm tractors, apparently gave dates for the Verac/Veerac engined model, a 12-25, as an indefinite 1918-19, while his later Ency of Am'cn farm Tractors referred to it as a 10-20 and was indefinite as to starting date and listed as late as an indefinite 1924... It's possible the 10-20 and the 12-25 were different machines,
  9. VWLFAN: Many thxx for reply---yes, it was your thread, coming up on Google, that mentioned Pittsburgh Model was acquired by Rockwell/Rockwell Ind's... Pittsburgh Model may well've switched to building H-Ss under license; a Brit RR forum said the Pittsburgh Model engines in Baldwin yard switchers used in France in WW I gave a lot of trouble, and Std Cat says when the Great Western car failed in 1916 (the Model car became the Star and then the Great Western) trade press accounts largely blamed "...faulty engines made by the Model company in Pittsburgh...". I'll have to dig around on Rockwell...
  10. USPS (Postoffice) website has an international calculator....US Book Rate/Media Mail isn't recognized by other countries, so has to go standard rate unles you want Express. $27+ to send 4 lbs to Canada, but you should do a lot better than $599...
  11. 1970, 71 and 72 Chevron Car Care Guides (Lube Guides), the spiral bound service station guides. I assume everyone here familiar with them. Good cond, the three for $10 plus media mail mailing. About 11/2 lbs each, mailing would be just under $5. Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email thru site.
  12. Established 1901 or so, Model Gas And Gasoline Engine Co, later/earlier Model Gas Engine Co, later Model Gas Engine Works, Auburn and Peru IN, later (1912) Pittsburgh Model Engine Co, Pittsburgh and Peru, later (1915) purchased by either Standard Steel Car Co (RR cars and Standard auto) or Standard Automobile Co (Standard auto) and resold to Rockwell Industries late 20s/early 30s?? built gasoline engines, transmissions, gears and unit power plants for cars and ?? (engine, clutch, trans as a package to go into "assembled" cars and ??)...even their own car, the Model, 1902-07... Apparently a fa
  13. Downsizing, clearing out--- Atlas Service Guide, Vol I, 1966, PB, 144 pgs Atlas Brake Service Manual (Std Brakes), PB, 106 pgs. Water stains along bound side, nothing obscured. no date?? Atlas Brake Service Manual (Disc Brakes) PB, 25 pgs. Slight water discoloring bottoms of pages, no date? Atlas Basic Tune-Up Training Manual, PB, 78 pgs,some minor smudges Atlas Ign Parts Catalog & Tune-Up Specs 1967 Supplement, PB, 40 pgs, some minor smudges Ign parts to Atlas Ign cross ref, 27 pgs (loose) 10-1-67 Atlas Dealer prices tires, tubes, 4 salmon color pages, outside pages soiled but clearly leg
  14. Downsizing, clearing out--- Two Sun Elec Co automotive test and service eqpmt "catalogs"---"693-416" 25 pgs, var eqpmt, some specs, can't see any date, has typed price list dated 7-1-59; and "693-428" (cpyrt 1960) var eqpmt, about 35 pgs, no prices.. Both 81/2x11, first 2-hole pinched, second 5-hole punched. Allen automotive testing and servicing eqpmt brochures, same size, 20 pgs eqpmt, mostly both sides one page for a piece of eqpmt, 18 pgs tools, battery chargers etc, 4 pgs 11-1-59 price list. 5 hole punched but pinned together. Good cond except has various prices written in small size ne
  15. Downsizing, clearing out---two Chev manuals Chev Small Block V8 Interchange Manual, David Lewis, Motorbooks, 1989??, 8x101/2, 143 pgs Chev Performance manual, John Michelsen, small block V8 262-400 CID, S-A Design Books, 1989?, 127 pgs. Both very good cond. Price for the two including media mail mailing $15 total (Wt just over two lbs) Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email thru site.
  16. Downsizing, clearing out---batch of "Public Roads, A Journal Of Highway Research", little magazines, pub by US Dept Agriculture, Bureau of Public Roads. 9x11+, about 20 pgs each, fairly light stock, same paper covers, primarily technical articles on road const, over various soils/bases. All b/w (actually more an ivory and black), some pix. Would be of interest to those experienced in and/or interested in road const techniques/surfaces of the period. March thru Dec 33, Jan 34 issues (11 issues). Price for batch including media mail mailing (low, slow, cheap) $10 Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or em
  17. Downsizing, clearing out---1929 Rusco clutch catalog, 81/2x11, PB, 4-hole punched. Pgs 3-35 alphabetical listings cars, trucks, some tractors; 36-48 numerical clutch facings list (applications): pgs 49-52 index old Rusco numbers numerically and new Rusco numbers, with some ABLA Red No's; pgs 53-72 clutch plates for "Popular Types of Cars, trucks, and buses". Also has 9-16-29 facings price list and 1-1-30 clurch plate price list. Covers soiled, pulp type stock but holding up well. Price including media mail mailing $5 total. Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email thru site.
  18. Downsizing, clearing out---Tired, worn copy of Automobile Power Plants, Ben Elliott, 1923, sez First Ed, Third Impression, 335 pgs, 53/4x81/4. Covers worn, soiled, beginning to come loose at front, occasional smudge, minor dark stain extreme upper right corner some front pages, light water stains some back pages but none into text/pix. Pieces gone from two blank front pages. All int pgs text/illus good. Price including media mail mailing (low, slow, cheap!) $12. Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email thru site
  19. Downsizing, clearing out---mint cond copy James Moloney's Ency of Am'cn Cars 30-42, Crestline 1947, LC # 77-089427, ISBN #0-912612-12-6, 81/2x111/4, no dj, red cover w/roadster, b/w inside pgs, 384 pgs. Price including Media Mail mailing (low, slow, cheap!) $20 total. Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email thru site.
  20. K31: My apologies for my well-intentioned but admittedly presumptuous comment... Also, lest any CCptn enthusiasts be led astray (as I was in a momentary?? attack of senioritis and/or (approaching?) senility, that was a replacement engine, not an original...
  21. Downsizing, clearing out--- Recall manual 1982, 392 pgs Recall manual 1983 554 pgs Dealer service eqpmt catalog, tools to paint booths, in separate sections not numbered consecutively, 500+ pgs?? (wt 3 lbs) All 81/2 x11, good to very good cond. Batch of three with media mail mailing (low, slow, cheap!) $10 total. Bud Tierney 503-281-8576 or email thru site.
  22. Downsizing, clearing out--batch of Mitchell Collision Estimating Guides CCptn incl AMC, Jeep, Renault---May 1987, 360 pgs Ford. Lincoln, Merc---May 87, 320 pgs GM incl GMC---June 85 and June 87, both 560 pgs European cars---18 makes, Feb 86, 400 pgs. Batch of five and media mail mailing (low, slow, cheap!) $10 total. Bud Tierney, 503-281-8576 or email thru site.
  23. Please see my post in the Dodge forum.
  24. In the course of a temporary?? mental lapse/senior moment, I was looking for parts commonality between 28-30 CCptn 8s and similar period Hupp 8s...I didn't find any, but I did find (per a couple replacement parts catalogs) an oddity... It seems, per those catalogs, some (not all, per those catalogs) Chrysler 1927-33, DeSoto 1928-33, Dodge and Dodge Trk 30-34 factory engines, 6s and 8s, used a special narrow "L" shaped compression ring, listed as .094, .100. .107 and .114 (I believe the "standard" 1/8 would be .125??)... None are listed under Plymouth... The only other make in those catalogs (
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