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  1. Looked at those PW spec lists; they were 1919/20, not 1918...1919 didn't list the trans #, but the 1920 matched the 1919 with the addition of the B-L trans #s: 3/4T #21 with B-L 35 3 speed 11/2T #20 with same trans 21/2T #19 with B-L 35 but shown as 4 speed 31/2T #18 with B-L 50 4 speed There wasn't any column for aux trans. I didn't mean to imply earlier that Watson didn't build over-the-road trucks, which I assume the above are. Coachbuilt has a nice little piece on Watson if you haven't seen it...
  2. You might try sites like ATHS, HCEA and the old-Cat sites---I believe Watson made a line of 4WD trucks that'd be used in heavy const, mining, logging etc...Mroz says the early models (1917-19???) were short wheelbase "tractor" types that used Brown-Lipe clutches and transmissions.... I've 1918 and 1919 Power Wagon specs I can check in the AM, but under trans etc it doesn't give any model #s... Watson died 1925 per Mroz; don't know if any clubs exist... Originally Watson Wagon Company of Canastota, NY, name changes 1919 to Watson Products Cptn, and in 1923 to Watson Truck Cptn ... Maybe local
  3. Many thxx to all who took the time and effort to reply... My curiosity piqued again, I posted the question on the Lugs/Cleats forum at smokstak (I, too, spend too much time there!)... Turns out that Guy Fay, who posts there, is obviously a Case Guru, and was kind enough to link my question to an earlier smokstak thread that included, among much other Case history info, the article linked above and a full page ad on the Plow Works truck, generally listed as 1920-23... I still have to go through that old thread again, as so far I've seen nothing that explains Georgano's Case Threshing Machine C
  4. Well, Jon, if you're still out there--- Seems I did some digging around on this in 2007, when I was first getting interested in old trucks (not the trucks as such but which US vendors engines were in them)... Run search on aths of J I Case Plow Works Truck (or was that a Google search??--it's late here again) and a thread by tseaborg 1-2-07 should come up; ignore the Triumph etc comments. My comments are under "clueless", one of my handles at the time, and there are also comments re' a Threshing Machine Co truck in a link to a 11-22-06 smokstak Lugs/Cleats thread. Sorry don't have time to dig
  5. Something about that Case truck thumbnail bothered me (oldtractors-engines.blogspot.com), so dug out my Case notes... The thumbnail says the Case Threshing Machine Co took the option on the Stephenson truck in 1912, failed to exercise it, and later "...returned to trucks in 1915, building them into the 20s.."... But AQ's list showed the Case truck built by the Case Plow Works 1920-23...The Threshing Machine Co and the Plow Works, although both owned by heirs/family members of J I Case, had been two totally separate companies during those periods... It's quite possible the originator of the thu
  6. Jon: Just noticed your post; haven't been in the site for a few days... Pulled out my trusty Mroz--no mention!! Pulled out my trusty AQ "5000 Marques", and there it was in the truck m'f'r's list: Case, mfd by JI Case Plow Works 1920-23...Mroz is usually pretty reliable... Found a thumbnail, saying Case bought an option on Stephenson Mtr Trk Co in 1912 but apparently didn't exercise it; per Mroz Stephenson failed in 1913, and his mention makes no reference to Case. The thumbnail I found went on to say Case returned to trucks in 1920, building trucks until 1923, but gave no other info... My sug
  7. COMMODORE: Thxx again for the reply and links. The history link I hadn't seen, but if you had scrolled down to the Trucks That Used Cont'ls section on the other you would've found my contributions... Also thanks for the reminder it was there; I'd forgotten about it, and going thru the later comments saw several I might've been helpful on. Will try to follow it now. You're probably right about no complete list existing; my list (limited to Automotive, Ind'l and Power Units, and made up primarily from my old parts catalogs engines lists) is lying fallow as I got bogged down in trying to equate
  8. COMMODORE: many thxx for correction and heads-up. Do you have a copy, and if so, does it have anything like an engine list?? I have a lot of gaps in b/s on the earlier engines...the history of the company itself is not really of interest... LIB: many thxx for clarification; at least Alan knows what's in the car. A 1930 gasket catalog shows Cont'l used a combination of numbers for OE gasket part numbers: the engine model and another letter-number (V4E-200/201 etc for the V4 engine) AND X-3 digit numbers, so the RB numbers could well be Cont'ls OE casting/parts numbers, as you speculated.
  9. I just remembered I was told about (or saw mentioned somewhere) a book about Continental---as best I recall it was titled "Continental And Its Engines". Several efforts over the years to locate a copy (inquires to EBay, Alibris, Abebooks, Amazon and Autolit, probably; if any other auto lit sites can't recall) never ran a copy down, so I may have the title wrong. Pub lib here no help; didn't run nationwide search, and have no idea if, if it exists, it might be helpful. I may've decided that if autolit didn't have a copy it might not exist...they have a tremendous inventory, and they think very
  10. (Sigh) another senior moment--forgot to mention that if it's any consolation, eyeballed my (incomplete) engine lists for the major independent engine m'f'r's for any "RB", and didn't find anything likely... Beaver had an RB, but it was 53/4 and/or 6x7 (a number of older engines were issued in two bores, sometimes one for gas and one for kero), a bit large for yours... Buda had a period R, 31/2 bore, but no RB, and I don't think Buda penetrated the luxury car market to any extent... Lycoming had an R, either 3x or 31/4x (catalogs don't always agree) but a gasket catalog says it's en bloc... Wau
  11. Alan: Sorry, can't be of any further help other than to suggest another old Cont'l possible contact: P A Ross Machinery in Dallas has been mentioned as helpful with old Cont'ls--parossmachinery.com...forgot to mention them originally... Have reviewed my period catalogs: same answer--just that one listing of an "R" giving piston and ring info (and no way of telling if the "RB" was a variant or a completely different engine)--nothing on any RB, but absence of proof does not prove proof of absence, or however it goes... There is a much later R800, but it's an 8cyl, another completely different en
  12. Al: Just remembered didn't answer your question re' HP---no, don't think any of my catalogs ID or rate engines by HP, probably because it's so variable... There was an original system which tried to rate HP by CID, and I believe the Auto M'f'r's Assn used a formula to try to tame the wilder claims... Presently, with BHP/Dyno HP, it varies with how tight you want to wind it up, and all too often, for those who want the highest reading, with the engine on a stand, bare of any power-robbing accessories... While some engine makers advertised a specific HP---Model 4s unit power plant 22HP w/3 spe
  13. Al: Unfortunately, lots of things about the orphans remain murky, at least without research, and sometimes---too often---even then... Std Cat says a few early cars used Beaver engines (1906/7) "... but soon Kissels would be virtually all Kissel made..." Coachbuilt's nice thumbnail on Kissel isn't any more help. but the club (kisselkar.net) should be able to tell you exactly. My old catalogs are spotty on Kissel (low prod, own engines, not much incentive to carry special parts??): 1917 Rings---Kissel trucks only, no direct engine ID 1924/25 Piston---cars only, all "own" 1925 Tings---3 models (
  14. LIB: I stand corrected; so much for mental free-wheeling. The "R" shown in a 1917 ring catalog lists it as 41/4 bore with a 4 ring piston, but nothing else. Do you know if your RB has the same bore?? If so, it could be a variant. Unfortunately I have nothing showing the "R"s stroke, and only that one listing for the "R"...
  15. Well, fools rush in, they say... Cursory Googling the Gabriel failed to bring up prices (or much else), except for an odd note on the forgottenbooks site (a page of auto related snippets): "...1650 to 4000 "Gabriel" Gabriel Auto Co, Cleveland 3 models chassis only..." If those were, in fact, chassis only prices, I'd be surprised if that was a Cont'l...while I'm not pretending to be well versed in Cont'ls, my impression is that they didn't penetrate the upscale auto market with their 4s... LIBs post is also intriguing...while Cont'l did build a period "R" 4cyl, I don't have an "RB" on my Cont'l
  16. While EBay probably has a batch of old Cont'l engine ads with illus, and Googling for them will turn up ads in period auto etc magazine, a 1917 ring catalog lists some 40 or so Cont'l engines, some undoubtedly variations of a particular model, and the question would be how accurate and/or representative ad illus's or photos of particular engines would be for all in the line... RO's point is very well taken, unless you're just collecting pix/illus of old engines... Monte's in Chicago is generally considered the place to start for parts/info/sympathy, as the case may be, for obsolete Cont'ls...
  17. Hazard Motor M'f'g Co, Rochester, NY---don't have much on them (no in-depth research) possibly primarily marine engine builder (ads in Motor Boating, etc)... Apparently built the "Silent" marine engine 1911 only?? per post on oldmarineengine.com... 1913 or so introduced Ergon line of Comm'l Car (Truck) engines (various ads)... 1917 ring catalog lists six Hazard engines, all 4s (not listed as marine engines) from 33/4 to 4" bores; Hazard apparently issued several of their engines, using the same designation, in two bores per 1913 Power Wagon ad (gasoline and kero??)...years listed in that 1917
  18. KBT---quick, before something unfortunate happens to the elderly gentleman, ask "...an IH what??..." (they built trucks and all kinds of motorized Ag etc eqpmt)...AND what makes him think it's a Cont'l... I don't recall an old Cont 4 in the truck lines (some old Wauk 4s, yes); a very cursory eyeballing of a couple handy catalogs finds the little Cont Y4069 and Y4112 4cyls in some 38-40 or so Combines and Hay Balers, and a couple Farmalls used a GD193, but I think that's a diesel (altho there was a G193 gas version) and I assume you mean a gas engine... That said, I don't follow IH, so I don't
  19. OK, I'll bite---why bury a car (or any other piece of eqpmt)??? With broken down stuff, one generally assumes whatever it is'll be handy for some part or piece in the future, especially on a farm or ranch... Tax authority taxes anything above ground??
  20. Just noticed your several years old plea for Ujoint Disc catalogs...don't get into site much and don't believe I've ever been in this forum... If still looking, check old fan belt catalogs on EBay...I have a 1930 HiLaB fan belt catalog (HiLaB Products Company, Indianapolis) which has, in the back, among other rubber products , a rubber/fabric Disc alphabetical listing by makes using their discs, a listing of makes by their disc numbers, a list of the dimensions of their discs (OD, ID, Thick, # of holes, size of hole and bolt hole circle) AND the same for their discs for Mags, gens and Pumps. W
  21. Looking up the Dan Patch in the Std Cat took me to the Savage car (1914); Savage Motor Car Co, Detroit, was formed by men named Cummings, Taylor and Robert W Fishback (R.W.Fiskback in the Hercules (1914-15) listing, in which he was also involved)... Both Hercules and Savage literature referred to Fishback as a world renowned engineer, well known in Europe, but Std Cat describes him as "...a small time Detroit engine builder..." There was a Savage 4cyl, 4cycle water cooled vertical inline 3x4 engine announced in several autp periodicals in 1914, and I believe at least one small 1914 ad (no spec
  22. There's also Automobile Qtlys The American Car Since 1775 AKA 5000 Marques, my copy a second edition 1976 but I don't know if updated from original 1971...the car index has a supplement of cars announced but apparently never built; it also has an American and Canadian TRUCK index as well as an index of truck "possibles". No thumbnails, just names, addresses, dates, but a nice reference, laced with all kinds of other info. Georgano probably has something comparable on World Cars, World Trucks, but his books are outside my budget range; I do have his little Comm'l Veh 1830-1964 book, just names,
  23. The american-automobiles.com website on the above car/cyclecar (sources differ) attributes it's Badger engine to the Christensen Engineering Co, Milw, who did build a line of industrial harizontal engines and farm type water cooled engines... However, it appears from references in Carette Vol's 1 and 2, other period sources, etc, that the engine was actually to be produced in Oshkosh by the Badger Motor Co of Oshkosh, one of the entities of the Termaat & Monahan/Fahrney/Universal Motors tangle... Ziebell was employed by Termaat & Monahan, marine engine builders, who were involved in th
  24. An announcement in the 10-20-1915 Motor World (pg 43) stated that Caille Perfection Motor Co, longtime builder of marine engines, had produced a light 6 cyl for low priced cars, desc as 31/2x5, 35HP/1500 but maximum speed at 2250, detachable head, side valves, 3 mains and splash-pressure lubrication. I can't recall hearing/reading of a Caille car engine, but there's lots I haven't heard/read about, and lots I have that I can no longer recall!! To save rummaging thru endless Caille hits, does anyone here recall anything about their car engine, which may or may not've actually been put in a car?
  25. On our old jalopies with the open crankcase ventilation system as described by JB above, on slow pulls uphill, or even general running, it'd stifle us with the blowby vapors coming up into the cab, so we'd just run a rubber hose from the slanted outlet up to a hole we'd cut in the air cleaner...always seemed to work fine (or perhaps our engines were so worn out we couldn't tell any difference!!!)...
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