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  1. Always forget I have one of those...the "Pitt." engine/s Tad mentioned should be Pittsburgh Model Engine Co., Auburn IN, fmly Model Gas Engine Works, Peru, IN (Model engines)...
  2. A 1930 McCord gasket catalog lists a "Blackhawk Motor, 6, 1929-30, Passenger (Stutz) L6 33/8x41/2" (as that is a 1930 catalog the engine/car model may've been produced later as well)... The next entry is the "Blackhawk Motor, 8, Passenger (Stutz) L8 1929-30 referring to the Cont'l 16S... I should also say, re' my earlier facetious remark, that it'd be much nicer to see a Boat Tail Speedster (or any Stutz) running around with a temporary or permanent replacement engine rather than mouldering for who knows how long in the shop waiting for a possibly unobtainable correct engine...
  3. M101: Perhaps you should contact jwillie4-something thru site, as his 15S is part of the same "family" as your 16S, in case he heard of/ran across a complete engine... If yours is truly not repairable, I do hope you're not considering scrapping anything useable; everything about them seems to be turning into unobtainium...on that point: Years ago my brother and I were into old cars; we went separate ways, he joined Cadillac club . One day, years later, visiting, he looked at prospect. "Tom, that's a parts car!!" I said, but he shook his head. "You're out of touch; more people are in the hobby
  4. Cont'l 8s are apparently becoming few and far between, if that numerous... Someone on here is trying to find a replacement block for a Cont'l 8 in a French? race car (can't find my notes) and jwilli4? here is looking for pistons and valve/spring sets for a 15S in a Jordan without much luck (and those parts are in several other Cont'l 8s, which would've ordinarily've made them easier to turn up)... Perhaps actual production numbers of the range of straight 8s were low, or they tended to thrash themselves apart??? After exiting most of automotive field Cont'l continued on to date making Truck/I
  5. Years ago, Mother-In-Law got one of those-cheap-as owners couldn't get it running right, nor could anyone else in small town in New Mex, incl me with hours of shade tree tinkering (I'll never forget that !@#*&!! thing). She solved the problem by passing it on to someone who didn't care if it ran lousy-seem to recall it guzzled fuel, too.
  6. Per Mroz's US Trucks Ency: 1911-25...nice thumbnail, some pix, began with 3/4 delivery, later up to 5Ton ratings; did build some fire trucks, generally mostly another "assembled" truck. Built a "speed" model 3T in 1919 with the Hershell-Spillman V8; est total prod all models some 4500 or so... Listed in a number of my old parts catalogs, which could be that they tended to stay in service or that they simply used mostly popular engine models... Your pub lib should have copy of The Illus Ency Of Am'cn Tks & Comm'l Cars-Albert Mroz-or Georgano's World Trucks Book (the big one with thumbnails,
  7. Turfcats are Jacobson (Jacobsen?) Turfcats, commercial lawn tractors-grounds keepers equipment, some models of which came with the Teledyne-Cont'l Renault engines with French (Ducellier??) ignition systems. Ign parts were, at the time, not carried by many local outlets, and there were various inquiries as to where to find them. Don't recall if I had confused the Cont'l-R Turfcats with their other air cooleds at the time, but easily could have; many thxx for heads-up.
  8. Touche!! I've got a copy of Tad's Monstrous Spotters Guide, never thought to look at it. Many thxx for effort.
  9. Templar m'f'd a smaller almost hand built luxury car and their own 4Cyl engine 1917-24...near their end they announced work has begun on a 6Cyl engine and that the 4Cyl would be continued. A few of my old parts catalogs do list a 1924 Templar 6, a couple listing (but not ID'ing) a Falls engine... Falls Motor Cptn was also circling the drain about this time, trying to get their straight 8 into production (it reportedly became the Buick 8)... Std Cat lists a 1924 Templar 6 model... David Buehler, the Lakewood Templar collector/guru, has extensive information, but so far nothing as to actually pr
  10. Looks like more 8 cyl Nash stuff...FWIW 36 King Prod Co (engine parts etc) catalog shows piston P111N fits NASH 31-32 880, 980 32-33 Std 8 1070, Spec 8 1170 33 Std 8 1130...that's a 3" bore 4 ring piston--2 1/8 Comp, 1 1/8 oil, 1 3/16 oil... King Prod catalog did not include rods... 51 Fed Mog brg catalog shows rod forging # 22598 (no "SH") for NASH 32 1070 (2nd Series) 33 1170
  11. Does anyone here have an email adds for David Beuhler, the Templar collector/expert/guru?? I have contacts for the museum that displays his collection, and his law firms, but no direct email... I do have his mailing adds, so can use US Mail if nothing turns up ... My old catalogs raise a question re' the Falls engine(s?) used or intended to be used in the 1924 (last years production of the Templar... This's also posted as a new question in the General forum here, and the Antq Auto forum on smokstak.
  12. Does anyone here have an email adds for David Buehler, the Templar collector/Guru?? I find email adds's for the museum in Lakewood, where his collection is displayed, email contact thru law firms, and his home adds, but no direct email... A couple of my old catalogs have raised a question re' the Falls engine used (or possibly intended to be used) in the 1924 model (last year of production)---was it one of the Falls 6 cyl's with four rings per piston (Templar's own 4 cyl used four rings) or possibly Falls' experimental straight 8 with three rings per cyl, or perhaps both--or perhaps just catal
  13. Sheesh!! picked up 32 King Prod catalog which I apparently hadn't indexed correctly and find engines G15, P, RI, S and SM, XE, in addition to above...time to go to bed...
  14. JON (1: many thxx for list---didn't have Saxon or Stephens on my list (in process)... (2) was Hensey misprint for Henney, or Pennsy? (don't find Hensey in Std Cat or Mroz's Truck book)...Pennsy in Std Cat/my catalogs doesn't list Falls, but they weak reeds to lean on... TERRY B + GENERAL---30 McCord gasket/38 Victor gasket catalogs only list (3) Falls 6cyl T8000 31/8x41/4 1923-25 (4) Falls 6cyls C, I, J, K, L, M, N, R, all also 31/8x41/4 1917-22 (different gaskets from T8000)...both show 6cyl en bloc OHV, not the cast in two sets of three per Sambarns original post above... The
  15. Further comments re' Falls engines will be posted to "Falls Engines: Dort (etc)" thread started in this forum by Sambarn 4-22-14 to avoid duplication. Bud
  16. SAMBARN: Missed this thread when it first came on... If this thread is still alive, in your research into Falls did you find anything on a 12 cyl?? I've a note that Automobile Trade Jnl vol 14, #1 (omitted page #---googlebooks) has a Falls ad for "...motors for pleasure and commercial cars..." listing 4, 6, 8 and 12 cyl engines, but apparently no pix/specs... Have date noted as Jan 1916 or so, which sounds way too early for the 8, if it was supposed to be the 8 that was, reportedly, the predecessor of the Buick 8... I only have 4s and 6s on my Falls list, made up from listings in the Falls en
  17. OOPS---remembered another catalog---1925 Perfect Circle rings---which shows "Falls DT-8000" for 1923-24 Series 27 Dort... Also shows Falls "H" 6cyl 31/8 bore for 1921-22 Premocar, Falls DT-8000 6cyl 31/8 bore for 23 Premocar...
  18. A661: Does your Falls engine have a tag?? It's usually a 3x4 inch or so metal rectangle riveted to the block giving makers name, engine model designation, serial # and maybe b/s... A couple of my old engine parts catalogs are inconsistent---one says Falls T-8000, another indicates it could be Falls DT (both are shown as 6 cyl 31/8 bore)... I have A "D" on my Falls list, and a "T", but no DT...unfortunately my catalogs are inconsistent on Falls, listing several engines as 4cyl in one place and 6cyl in another... Many thxx for any illumination... Oh---my sympathy on the Falls engine: there are v
  19. What?? No Reo experts?? Well, Wiki says light, fast truck for its day (logical, with logo like 'Speed Wagon" aka "Speedwagon"). My 49 Motor shows by models (like 1A4, 2D4 etc); does it have ID tag on firewall or inside cab/door mouldings anywhere?? Can say Texas bootleggers loved 'em (several "dry" counties then in Texas) as now deceased stepfather, in misspent youth days, ran liquor in one himself in Texas, said it was great fun.
  20. Tad's pic of the 51 Vagabond in his Monstrous spotters guide seems to show both rear doors of the vagabond open...is that correct??? My old 49 Vagabond had the spare mounted against the inside of the left rear door, which did not open...
  21. WAYNE: Vehicles I found using the 6Y and/or 6Y-7U combination are: Anderson ---41---23-25; Auburn---6-43---23-25 Barley---Light 6-50---22-25 Columbia---Light 6---22-24 Davis---70, 71, 72, 90??---22-26 Hanson---50---22-23 (6y only) Moon---6-40, Newport??----22-25 Star (as shown by Machinist Bill above)---no model listed---23-24 Others used the 7U up into 1927 per what I found. A 1936 King Products catalog (piston ass/bly, valves, bearings) shows a valve change in the 6Y at engine # 10500 (to #10500 and after #10500) It also shows rod insert bearings were then available to replace poured... JON
  22. JON: My apologies for not including you as a Carb reference. I've seen your helpful comments on other threads, and will try to be more considerate in the future... The 10U is shown in 30 McCrd and 38 Victor gasket catalogs as being the same b/s as the 6Y-7U and using the some gaskets listed...other engine parts catalogs how some (but not all) parts mutuality between Early and Late 6Y, Early and Late 7U with 10U and the 7Z, apparently either all members of the same "family" or perhaps gradual upgrades/modifications of the same basic engine... As listed in the other Cardwell threads, I apparentl
  23. If anything like you want was issued the profe$$ional auto literature dealers would have some; you might query them (the only one that comes to mind is autolit, who think highly of everything they have, but they have a monumental inventory)...if anything turned up, but was financially out of reach, you'd at least know what to look for... There are some on EBay, generally for later engines (N,Y,F etc) and specialty engines, but I didn't go thru the 400+ listings---lots of later TM and aero, plus Lincoln Cont'ls... There're pathetic little 6x9 24 or so page Op Manuals covering later L Heads, bet
  24. A 1930 wrist pin catalog lists: Senior 6 1927...Cont. Spec....31/4 bore Senior 6, Victory 6, Std 6 1928-29...Cont...33/8 bore Truck, 2 Ton 1927-28...Cont. Spec...31/4 bore (apparently same as the 31/4 bore above). My 38 Victor catalog lists the above models, with others, in a confused format,with two engines: 31/4x41/2 and 33/8x41/2, and states "Cont'l 12M"... However, a Cont'l index therein lists "Dodge 12M, 14M".. If anyone has a Dodge engine history easily available, does it state which is the 12M and which the 14M, or what Cont'l ID used if not one of those stated?? I assume this's onlin
  25. Does anyone out there know of, or've heard of, any online or other comprehensive list of Cont'l straight 8 engines and/or a list of the makes that used the straight 8s?? I find various lists, but nothing specifically breaking out or ID'ing the straight 8s. If anyone has a copy of the company history book, does it have a good list (or any substantial mention??) of the straight 8s??? From my old parts catalogs, so far I find: 8P/8PA; 8S/8SA; 9JA, 9K, 9KA; 10S; 12K, 12Z; 13K; 14K, 14S; 15K, 15S; 16S, 17S, 18S, and 21S in that numbering system... There's also an R800, not Cont'ls usual numbering s
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