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  1. Sorrry, can't answer that one, but the Buick forum people here certainly can.
  2. Lots of people used Wisconsin water cooled engines, but not many ordinary over the road trucks used the old original "M"...too big... First, you'll want to contact Terry Harper, who's rebuiding (literally) a Wisc "P", which just might --repeat, MIGHT--be the 6 cyl version of your engine... Interestingly, a 1917 ring catalog, set up by ring size, listing under each size what used that size, has a small 53/4 bore using 1/4" rings section---listing the Wisc M and P, Ahrens-Fox, Boyd, J J Schneer and Seagrave Fire Apparatus models... Parts catalogs, of course, are never complete; a lot of truck co
  3. FWIW, a 36 King products catalog (includes tie rod sockets and intermediate rods, king bolts/bushings) lists no matching numbers in the Buick and Nash tie rod tables...Buick models 1930-36, Nash 29-36 listed... HOWEVER: Parts catalogs seldom cover every model of every make... If nothing turns up you might try also posting in the two makes forums...
  4. There are antique/vintage lock and key collectors; I should think there'd be websites/forums for them under "antique lock collectors" or "padlock collectors" or such...they should be able to identify a number of padlocks from your period or immediately prior that would likely've been used on your unit......
  5. AAARRRGGGGHH!!!----CORRECTION---the "K" is 41/4, NOT 41/8 (the 'senior" refers to my age, not my experience, and it's late here for me).. So if 3092 has a tag, it should have 41/4 in the "date" section, NOT 41/8...
  6. I think---repeat, THINK---this may be an E4 41/2 bore engine; if the tag agrees (the "F" actually being a poorly struck "E") the "date" 41/2 is actually the bore......
  7. I believe the "41/2"on 14793 is the bore, not a date code... I think---repeat, THINK---that 3092 is a a Cont'l "K" 41/8 bore, ASSUMING it's tag is similar to your other Cont'l (14793 F4)...if so, it will probably have 41/8 stamped in the "date" space on the tag... Would you also examine that tag on 14793 carefully, to see if it could be an "E" poorly struck rather than an "F"??? I have an "F", but it's shown as 41/8, not the 41/2 on the pictured tag....there is an "E/E4" (both, if actually two engines--see note following) listed as 41/2 bore, which leads me to think---repeat, THINK---14793 is
  8. Is there a tag on that engine showing "TH" and/or b/s?? I find no "TH" on my Cont'l list (not that I pretend it's anywhere near complete, or probably ever could be, Cont'l being innovative, to say the least, with designationa)... A 1917 Burd ring catalog, seemingly fairly comprehensive, lists over 50 engines/variations, including: (1) Two "T" engines, 5 and 51/4 bores... (2) An "H" as a 43/4 bore (3) I seem to recall at least an occasional older Cont'l designation with a/an/the number first and then the engine model, in which case it might designate a "K", listed as 41/4 bore... Various other
  9. Gasketstogo is a sponson on the smokstak forum; you should find past customers there--there's an antique car/truck forum if you scroll down aways... For a second source, for comparioson, olsonsgaskets.com, Port Orchard, is generally well spoken of... I believe there're other obsolete gaslet suppliers/fabricators in the "vendors and restoration services" section of justoldtrucks.com...
  10. OZ: Yes, it looks like Daniels kept at it until they were satisfied; a pity they couldn't convince the public... ALSO: picked up a couple more early V8 references: GHENT V8, 1917, Ghent Motor Co, Chicago and Ottawa, IL, 1916-18. I assume one of the proprietary V8s, but couldn't turn up anything ID'd which one...one squib said total production (4s,6s,8s) about 187 cars... ROCHE V8 , Los angeles, 1924-25...per Std Cat Clifton Roche, a designer of engines and front wheel drive, has a prototype car built which he apparently drove around trying to find angels/m'f'r's, with no luck...he'd patented
  11. Picked up a couple more from old Std Cat notes: APPLE 1915-16...nothing in classiccar database (CCD)or carfolio (CF); amer-auto'bls has mention, ad for Eight. Did find question in one of the trade journals from "owner of 1915 Apple with Perkins motor", prsumably the V8, but didn't say which Perkins V8... ECLIPSE 1916 Std cat just off handedly mentions 7-pass models with either 40HP 4 or a V8; lists the Model 45 7-pass with 45HP 8; also notes company literature mentioned truck, motorcycle and boat m'f'g, but Mroz US Trucks has no mention. Nothing in CCD , CF above; A-A'bles has no mention. Befo
  12. Pete: Many thxx foir reply...member on smokstak had copy of Cont'l book, advised it mentioned the V12 as being developed for Pathfinder, but gave no other info, no pic, no mention of any production... Apparently was never produced: Davis never marketed any 12, and Pathfinder instead used the existing Weidley V12.
  13. Owner of a copy replied on smokstak: book mentions, saying intended for the Pathfinder, a luxury car of the period, but apparently died aborning, as book has no pic and no mention of prototypes or production.
  14. Please see my request for info in the general forum. Many thxx!! Bud
  15. Does anyone here have the Continental Engines book, and, if so, does it say anything about the Twin Six V12 apparently intended to be offered to the trade in 1915-16??? Both the Davis car and the Pathfinder published ads promising the Cont'l V12 would be available in their cars for the 1916 model year; Std Cat states Davis promised a V12 but never "marketed one", while Pathfinder did market a V12 but used the Weidley... Both ads and trade journal entries stated specs were to be nade available "later", but one account did say it would be a 3x4 OHV, commenting that was unusual for Cont'l with th
  16. If you have a headlight relay you may be able to get the top off and clean all inside/outside contacts or repace if any available for less than astronomical price... Still not getting reply box until clicling on "more reply options"...
  17. Graham: Oops: attachments say Lycoming straight 8---the kicker's always in the fine print--many thxx for effort. Barry: My apologies: I completely missed your point. Thanks for clarifying. A couple more've turned up; one possible, one certain-- Coyote Special 1908-09 Redondo beach, Cal...while I have a note that motorera.com shows a V8, Std Cat just says "50 HP eight" and a couple others say straight 8, so neds more digging... Mitchell "Eight" 1916 only; a 3 x 51/8, listed as "own". Desc, however, sems to match the Buda 3 x 51/8 (the only V8, so far, with that odd b/s).... Couldn't post a dir
  18. Barry: Many thxx!!...somewhere in one of the old periodicals in one of the engine articles or squibs there'd been a reference to a "Comet" just as an aside: no date, no maker/owner, no location, and I'd never tried to run it down... It appears this was being worked on in the same period as the Buffum, and each has its supporters as the first... As remarkable as it was, I find very little online--a few mentions of it, nothing precisely on it...even the Hall-Scott site just mentions it...
  19. 30D: Sorry, nothing in my Penzing on any motorcycles...to the best of my knowledge, don't recall ever hearing of Beck or Corbitt books...
  20. R32: appreciate the effort, but Standard was at the end of the S's in first list... WK: Touche' again!! I just never seem to remember the Knight engined vehicles; some kind of psychological quirk on my part about sleeve valves... ALSO: will add another myself, found by accident while looking up the Davis Mfg Co V8---BRISCOE, who in 1916 offered choice of Ferro 3x31/2 V8 or a four (verified by Std Cat) which also related that later in 1916 he offered a second smaller four, air cooled, supposedly designed in France but more likely acquired from a French m'f'r... Quite the salesman, Briscoe off
  21. RO: Std Cats Austin--Grand rapids, 1903-20--doesn't list any 8; their last years were with the Weidely V12...nothing else in Std Cat seems to fit, not that it's infallible...any more info re' which Austin??? DAVE: Touche'!..I should've remembered these weren't always GMs and FoMoCo and listed them as mainlines, which I don't follow... Ross was at the end of the R batch, and Parenti I'd added as an OOPS at the end... As usual, sources don't agree: Std Cat V8s has: Ross 1916 "A" with an unidentified 3x41/2=254.4 Ross 1916-17 "C" and 1918 "8" with the Her-Splmn 31/4x5=331.8... Std Cat says first
  22. I'm looking for PRE-1930 orphan AUTO V8 engines and the cars that used them--no mainlines (FoMoCo, GM, Oakland and Viking)...regular production or hoped-for production engines (no special racing engines)...one-offs/one-ofs OK if prototypes/ experiments that were intended to be produced but never got off the ground...I have: Abbott (Abbott-Detroit); Apperson Bailey-Klapp, Briggs-Detroiter, Buffum Cole, Cunningham Daniels, Detroiter, Douglas, Drummond Economy Hewitt, Hollier, Homer Laughlin Jackson King Lafayette, Laughlin Madison, Marion,Monarch, Monitor, Murray Peerles, Pilot Regal, Remington,
  23. Found the Company's 1915 announcements of the new 1916 V8 8-55---3x51/8, no maker named, matching the Buda---and a 1916 announcement that for 1917 the "larger cars" would be discontinued and production concentrated on the 6-45 models... I would guess Buda wanted cash on delivery and Massnick-Phipps (Perkins) had engines in stock they wanted to move... it's also quite possible Buda simply decided they hadn't found enough orders to set up an assembly line and Pilot suddenly had to fall back on something available to an indeoendent with slowing sales...
  24. Yes, my only catalog that covers a few (very few) of 08-09s and some of the teens is the 1917 Burd ring catalog, and it's set up by ring size--like "41/4 bore with 1/4" rings", then listing engines, cars, trucks, tractors using that size, the only other info being number of rings used. Can be helpful but mostly frustrating--so near (probably? in there) but so far (no way to be certain!!)...only three T-Hs are listed, the largest being the T-H T17 6cyl 41/2 bore using 5 3/16 rings... Interesting about the cast iron "belly pan"...being a city boy I had to be advised by Ag types that while this w
  25. For you Interchange enthusiasts: When I was selling off most of my old car paper collection, probabaly 15-20 yrs ago, one item was a Peterson/Petersen? Interchange Manual, size halfway between Sears/Wards catalogs, hardbound and nearly as thick, but fairly heavy paper. I recall looking up some Marmon clutch parts and someting for a Hupp or a Graham; never found another listed on Ebay or autolit... Also still have a curious little Penzing Automotive Book Of Knowledge, PB, 8x101/2, 100 pgs, seems to be heavily into substituting Ford parts (ball/roller bearings. gear clusters, etc) for everything
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