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  1. Sorry, no pinion box, but possibly a few suggestions ( I assume there's no Service truck club)--my apologies if already tried... (1) any Sheldon name, numbers or letters stamped, cast on the housing people could use to compare with old axles lying around?? (2) posting around for someone with a Dyke's or similar period publication of truck specs that might list Sheldon's ID for your axle (Don't know if Power Wagon was publishing specs, don't know if Brabhams included trucks)---the idea here that even if no specific ID for your axle you need a list of other similar weight other makes using Sheld
  2. Anyone here know what Cont'ls first engine was??? Per various sources Started as partnership in Chicago 1902 Incp't'd as Autocar Equipment Co 1903 Re-Incp't'd as Continental Motor M'f'g Co 1904 (changed to Cont'l Motors Corporation 1916 et seq) Autocar Eqpmt Co is advertising a "Continental" motor that looks like a 4 cyl inline T-head in Horseless Carriage in 1904, and a marine version is in The Motor Boat in 1905, with reversing clutches, illus complete with driveline to propeller......other ads refer to the company's transmission(/s?) for complete motive power... Wiki refers to first engine
  3. I'd be more surprised if they did have a part... Std Cat, First ed. First printing (but some kind of knock-off as many pix are faint) page 410 Detroit Steam Car---see Trask Steam Devac---1907 De Vaux---1931-32 Devendorff---m'f'r doubted De-Vo---1936-37 "...following the failure of his De Vaux car, Norman de Vaux was trying again..."
  4. OOPS-----WATER PUMP COMPLICATIONS??? Remembered had a 1944 Sealed Power catalog with water pump sections... That catalog does list the C400 and C600 together, not sharing their pumps/s with any other Cont'ls, BUT lists two pumps...one with 51/32 shaft, a second with 6" shaft... Both are listed as if both pumps used on both the 4 and the 6... Not enough parts are listed to make complete comparisuns as to other water pump parts...does indicate packing gland and packing nut are the same, BUT shows different numbers for rear bushings... That catalog also lists a different kit for the C4113, but do
  5. I've found C400s listed for the following in my old parts catalogs: Angleworm tractor (believe it's a small crawler??) no years listed Divco truck--model "R", R34, R35, about 34-37, model "S" 36-38 Federal truck (catalogs differ) model #9 1937. That catalog says #9 went to F140 in 1938) later catalog--9, 9E, 9G, `1/2 to 1T 36-40 AND 3/4T Milk Truck 1937 had either C400 or F4140 Gray marine engines models Phantom 62---35-37 in one catalog---C400, C4143, PC143 and several Cont'l F- 4s C4 and C5---C400 and C4143 J5Y---C400, C4143 Clipper---engine listed as "AC400"?? Four-40---C400, C4143 AND th
  6. I'd just run across a 2013 discussion of this engine, giving the above numbers, which included my own 2013 reply that: (a) the J27R was a mystery to me as it didn't match Cont'ls then engine ID designations ( the C400 number would seem to mean it was one of the C400 series---originally used in the Continental Beacon 4s as the C400 33/8x4 and possibly developed into the later C 4cyl's---C4113, PC113 3x4; C4124 3x43/8; C4140 33/16x43/8, C4143, PC143 33/8x4, all of which took the same set of gaskets listed, mostly with C400etc OE numbers, in a 1938 Victor gasket catalog (12 gaskets listed, one
  7. Yes, that looks/sounds like it, altho I don't expect much from 240 pgs (but will get a copy anyway!!)...
  8. Does the Engineer's Book give adjustments for whether re-using existing fasteners (nuts, studs) as opposed to new ones, and/or whether fasteners tyhreads cleaned (wire brushed, whatever) and/or "oiled" or dry???
  9. 1) Have you been able to positively ID your engine??? 2) Have you been posting around for a Delco per Laydens' info, to at least compare dimensions, mounting, etc, to see if it will at least go on?? (meshing correctly is a whole different question)... I'm assuming you have no starter at all now, just the empty mounting hole??? 3) Have you counted the teeth on the flywheel?? (you mark the flywheel, pull the plugs to make the engine easier to rotate, and count carefully) AND made a rough estimate of the tooth configuration?? AND measured the distance from the mounting to the flywheel teeth?? Th
  10. NO, that's not the Cont'l book---that's a pathetic little 6x9 pamphlet of 23---count 'em---23 pages mostly of the kind of info in any Motors Manual. It does have some tech info, but very basic. I paid like $5-7 for mine; a big disappointment even at that price. I believe the book is "Continental, It's Engines And People" or something like that (copies may come up on Google???---not Googlebooks, but copies for sale) Comments I've seen haven't been definitive as to how much/what kind of engine tech info is in it... STRETCH---post an inquiry on the Antq Car/Trk forum at smokstak, something like "
  11. Someone on the stak has a copy of the Continental book; if I made a note I can't find it... Copies are few and far between; believe the last i saw for sale somewhere (abebooks?? alibris??) was $50+, as far out of my league as the Wauk Production Book (no. WEHS does not sell copies)...
  12. I still don't have any real info on the Y400 I have a 1946 McQ-Norris ring catalog that lists the Y400 (23/4), the Y69 (21/2), Y91 (27/8) and Y112 (33/16) (the complete Y- 4 cyl series, as far as I know), all on separate lines. There've been questions as to whether the "Y-400" actually existed as some parts numbers for the others are Y-400etc... I do not have a bearing or valve catalog that lists all of them; the elusive Y-400 isn't listed in most of mine at all...... A 51 Fed-Mog bearing catalog lists the 69, 91 and 112 taking the same rod inserts and replacement rods, showing the rod forging
  13. The "Reliability Run" mentioned was sponsored by the then Cleveland News, and was in the last few days of July 1910...Googling the reliability run brings up a Plain Dealer newspaper archive that lists several such pieces but requires subscription... Apparently everyone and his cousin were organizing reliability runs to sell cars etc, so no way to tell if "our" Gabriel run included and, if so, whether any specs on cars entered listed...
  14. Library has responded---Golden Wheels has no specs/engine info; does say 32 cars entered in the Cleveland News Reliability Run of July 1910, and, as reported, the Gabriel did finish with a perfect score---but so did 17 others of the starters... No mention of what the grading curve was...
  15. Well, Gabriel is listed on page 124 of Golden Wheels, but that's all Googlebooks has; the downtown pub lib here does have a ref copy, and they're gonna let me know, in a few days, what pg 124 says (I'd rather take a beating than go downtown)...
  16. Contact at Monte's is Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon...they've reportedly moved out to northwest of chicago but emails same: garradmoon@montes@flash.net montesequipment.com Others have remarked Monte's has little if any tech ID info prior to 1920--or was it 1930??---but by all means do call...you can also try P A Ross Machinery in Dallas, sometimes mentioned as helpful with old Cont'ls, and I do recall one post saying they were helpful with an engine Monte's couldn't ID...parossmachinery.com) More to the point, has anyone: (1) contacted Richard Rosenthal, Tucson, 520-977-1771, listed as contact (se
  17. I missed this one in 2014---I have no RB600 or AB600 for Cont'ls either, not that that means much...my own guess--repeat, guess-- is that theyr'e casting numbers rather than engine model designations... There was an early Cont'l "A", a 4cyl 4" bore, and an early Cont'l "R", 4 cyl 41/4 bore (those listings, in a 1917 ring catalog with dates ranging from 09 to 1917, gives no dates for the Cont'l engines), which could easily be coincidences... I have no listings for Gabriel cars as such; a couple of period catalogs list several Gabriel trucks 1919-21 with Buda engines (Buda had no AB/RB600 engine
  18. Every time I run across one of these dual/twin ign threads I mean to start noting the differing designs---dist and mag, two dist's, plugs on both sides of engine, 90 or 45 or other degrees, etc., I think I've still got a Wauk 145 manual which, IIRC, show dual plugs on one side, one vertically over the other!!... Forgot the Mcfarlan, and I'm sure many others, had triple ign... Didn't note, and can't recall now, the larger industrials with 4 plus per cyl, etc... There's probably a definitive book somewhere on such system, that I probably can't afford...
  19. What?? Assuming your battery tech's advice is correct, if that's the only problem, why not get some of that thick asphalt/whatever roof/chimney connection leak sealer (or asphalt driveway repair??), carefully pack arouind terminals where they come out of case, plunk on a thin felt "anti-corrosion" washer (to cover your amateurish work) and Voila!!---all sealed up???
  20. Yes, eyeballing more, did find a few 1111XXX in 6s; very few 1111XXX distributors in the 88 catalog (mostly 78-88, spotty on earlier)...includes some comm'l/ind'l, but not comprehensive on any... (Later addition) Welllll, did find it listed in a 93??? ("FIS-93" ) Std Ign Parts catalog, and it was under Hercs...but, unfortunately, lumped in with various engines using various dist's, like: G-339, GO 226 and 339A, HKE, JXC, JXD5, JXE3, JXLD5 (L=long stroke version of JXD) using Dist #s 649L, 1111807, 824, 880, 899 and 1112601...., plus, worse: QXB, QXC5, QXD3, QXLD3, RXC, RXCM, RXLD, TXC, TXD, WX
  21. Should've thought to add that dual ign also used on numerous "industrial" engines used in stand-alone installations, particularly sites where only checked once a day, if that often, to increase reliability of operation...
  22. Well, as I assume you've found, the Delco site sez they're 'obsolete" (big help)... It does show in a DR dist parts list in a 1956 Filko truck/bus catalog, but didn't see it eyeballing dist's in the makes listings... Are they 4, 6, 8 cyl??? Hmmm...intersting:1988 Delco catalog completely skips 1111XXX in the numerical listings, but there are 1111XXX listed in the makes listings...mostly? all? 8cyl??...
  23. FWIW--- (1) AL # IGE 4027 does show in an AL dist parts list in a 1956 Filko Truck/Bus catalog, but not, as far as i could see eyeballing, in the makes lists...(don't believe catalog listed any military models despite covering WWII period)... (2) Various other IGEs with 40XX numbers appear for Cont'ls in Brockways and in other Hercs in an Oshkosh... (3) As mentioned above, I would agree probably in some dual ign emergency vehicles, and I'd post your find to fire truck etc sites....don't despair, some fire truck collectors restorers are as deep pocketed as V12 auto owners...(ALF had a V12, bu
  24. On locating a running Wisc "M"... The only water-cooled Wisc info I have is two pages from a 1948 Thompson "manual" (pamphlet) listing engines up to 6cyl 63/8x7=1340...it no longer listed the original M As yours is at the low end of this larger range, I'd post around to sites likely to include eqpmt and engines for irrigation, oilfield/municipal pumping, ditching, dredging and such, not to find an actual operating engine but to reach people likely to've noticed one in a museum or display vehicle...like: HCEA--I don't understand why their forum gets so little traffic, but it's free...
  25. Sorry, can't help on ser #s Not many of my old parts catalogs even list Seagrave, but some that do list they also used Cont'ls, Hercs, a Reo and even a Ford V8... That original M also shows up in a 1924-33 Yuba (Yuba Ball??) 25-40 tractor, probably rarer than your fire truck.. I seem to recall Terry mentioning his "P" was primarily used as a marine engine; if so, you might consider sites like oldmarinewengine.com for help..;.l
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