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  1. It's not the same but you can make anything work. The 54 should be a inline with no clutch and the 59-60 will be a v with 12 volt clutch.
  2. Hi Gary Are you having any luck with your computer? Just checking in. Thanks Lee
  3. Thats OK I know how that is. Any way I'm working in Florida and my cars are in Nebraska so I don't get alot of time vto play with them anyway. I just bought the 55 the last time I was home and there might be some more parts I may be interested in. Thanks Lee
  4. I can fix some cracks steering wheel and horn rings if they are better than what I have. So send me pics of those too at thanks Lee Wunderlich
  5. How are the steering wheels w/horn ring and brake boosters w/masters and plates, Pics if you have them.
  6. The problem is not the weight, it is the center of gravity is so far back on engine most cherry pickers will not work unless you remove front fenders and bumper, and the C G is why you will want to remove the trans The bell housing clutch an converter are heavy hanging off the back.
  7. Yes those hubcaps are from my 49 new yorker I liked them so much I found another set. I have 3 trim rings and 10 dog dishes but I think my son wants them for his culb coupe. But we are not going for concourse neither of them have OEM motors. I like yours my son is tring to decide what color he want and he is thinking about white or light gray I'llhave him look at yours thanks.
  8. OK what is the skyway raido ? The other 46-48s have cowl mount antenna and raido in dash, the 47 8pass has raido delete plate. Was skyway raido under dash or dealer installed?
  9. Yes that looks like the same hole. This one and my sons 48CC are the first 46-49 I've worked on the Ply 49 1/2 and the 54 converts I had had top switchs under dash and the 49 1/2 and 50 Dodges and Chrys I have are sedans and hardtops. I have other dashes to install if I can not find out what that hole is for.
  10. Hi Iam starting on my next project a 1947 Windsor 8 passenger (not limo). It has a switch hole (double D stamped not drilled) half way between wiper switch and windshield (top of dash). I have 4 door and 8 pass part cars a my son has a 48 club coupe and 46 CC parts car none of those or any others I have seen have a switch there. That (47 8 pass) was OEM raido and heater delete. Does anyone know what that switch was or should be?