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  1. It is kind of funny that as I do extensive Internet research on this car, the only criticism about it have to do with its marketing failure alone. I cannot find any complaints about the engineering, reliability, craftsmanship, leather cracking, paint fading, etc. (compared to 'successfully' marketed Corvettes with stories abound of bolts rattling loose, and Porsches with RMS leaks and exploding motors) It is odd that so many people have a lasting impression of a marketing mistake made over 20 years ago, instead of appreciating the car in its current environment and time.
  2. Thanks for the info. For sake of discussion I'm trying to think of a base for comparison, and the best I could come up with is the Mercedes 300/320 SL. Is this somewhat accurate? What are the pros and cons of the TC against the German roadster?
  3. Hi everyone. Longtime web forum user but first time to AACA. My lady friend is going through a tough time in her career and I'm looking to cheer her up. She always talks about she'd like a convertible for summertime. I randomly stumbled upon an 89 here with reasonable miles. I didn't even know what the car is so a Wikipedia brief told me it has a turbo 2.2L, handmade in Milan, based on the LeBaron platform, and only 7,300 ever produced. Personally I'd rather have a 10+ old Corvette or 911 ragtop but those price tags are still hard to swallow right now. Besides this car seems more suitable for a young, pretty female lawyer. I am comfortable liquidating some stock to buy the car so I'd view it as a similar investment (2-5 years). I know she'll like the style and interior so I'm looking for more technical info for myself. What can I expect from this year as it approaches 100k? Is the engine easy to do maintenance on? How is the timing belt? How does the drivetrain perform? Will I enjoy the handling when I take it out for fun? Thank you very much! -bro
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