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  1. Well I'm away for my computer and all my pics are on my iPhone . So I can not post any at the current time. As soon as I am able to complete the task I will upload a few. Until then just image a complete 34 with cracked and frosted windows, peeling paint and tarnished chrome. The interior is whole but well worn out and the roof insert is gone. on a positive note the tires still hold air as we put a camera down in the cylinders. They look like they were running yesterday. We're still going to fill the cylinders with ATF to be safe.
  2. Thanks guys for all the info. I was unaware of the importance the 34 Buick series 40 played in the companies survival. I guess it could be possible that its not the original motor. I was on team buck's website looking at the engine chart, and was slightly surprised to see that the engine number didn't match anything representing 34. So I came to the experts here for some info. Everyone here seems to be loaded with buick knowledge. Once we get fire in the engine, we have another task to tackle, converting cable brakes to hydraulic. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, We Just rescued a 1934 mod 41 out of the weeds. We are trying to id the engine to make it easier to find parts. The serial number on the block, which was stamped in front of distributor, is 53530475. It has 3 studs that hold carb on so we know it's not a big block. Any manufacturing info would be great. Thanks
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