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  1. Out of curiosity for upcoming years, does anyone know the price tag for a booth at Hershey? On the lot? I'm sure it varies with location and other factors. If it's something that shouldn't be shared 'out-loud', email me please. Thanks for your time.
  2. Just wanted to remind everybody that may have forgotten. This weekend is going to be a lot of fun. The Allegheny Mountain Region, AACA, is sponsoring the Swigart Museum annual meet August 9, 10 and 11th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). It's always a lot of fun for the whole family, young and old alike. Hope to see you there! Swigart Museum Events
  3. Geez, I'd take a road trip from PA and do it as fast as possible, but I have no idea the fuel I'd use...and my I just don't know what to say. And when does it need picked up by? I could fit it in, one way or another. I have a 2500 and it'll take straps right in the bed. I think it would cost you the same to ship it as it would to just replace parts as you go. Just my thoughts, but I'll drive to do it for you, no problem. I've been wanting to see your car anyway. You'll have to promise me a ride though!
  4. Some have my kids in them, but for anyone that hasn't been, get your kids a membership, it pays for itself in 5 minutes. And they still have the 'build-a-car' race track. Lots of fun.
  5. I awoke this morning to the usual 7:30a.m. screaming 3 and 6 year olds and found I was low on milk. So I got myself ready and decided it was nice enough to walk to my local 7-11, which is maybe 2 city blocks away. Between there and back, I counted 19 Porsches, of all ages. So I figured something was going on other than the cheerleading shows in Hershey, cause I see that every year, but not tons of Porsches. After breakfast, I loaded up the kids and wife and headed to the museum to see if this was the last day for the exhibit or what. But it's not. I guess the nice weather is bringing out the sports cars and me and the kids LOVE it! This is gearing up to be an awesome car year in Hershey again!!! Makes the terrible winter weather worth while in a way. But I went to the Library to get a new AACA hat and they were closed??? I thought they were open on Saturday? It was only 3:30ish. Hmmm... I have new photos of the exhibit at the museum I'll post in a bit for those of you that have not had the privilege to go's fantastic stuff! Can't wait to get wrenching on our Corvair again.
  6. Anyone know? Should I maybe move this to the Chevy forum? That forum doesn't seem to field as many questions as this one though.
  7. I need some help. None of my literature says whether or not my 64 corvair had painted brake drums, suspension, engine,undercarriage, etc. I know the Corvair wasn't a fancy car, but since there isn't much rust on the belly of my car, more like packed on dirt with very sporatic, mild rust, I'm thinking there had to be something. We're trying to do this vehicle back to rolling out the end of Willow Run so we can enter in some AACA judging events and I don't want to paint parts and later find out they weren't. Maybe in the 60's Chevy just blasted all they're vehicles undersides the same? Maybe just a rust preventer or something? :confused:I hope someone knows. I'm cleaning bunches of parts nightly and will be able to start assembling sooner than I thought if I don't have to paint everything. Personally, I like the clean metal look by itself and am hoping that someone can definitively tell me either way. I'm tapping the forum data bank!
  8. I've been experimenting with ways to motivate others (like my wife) to help me get this car done. She likes little intricate work and painting. First I went out and got shiny new spray guns for her, still in the package. Then I got an industrial sewing machine because she was going to do interior things, never plugged it in. Finally, I brought 2 carbs in the house and laid them in the kitchen sink, put the rebuild kit on the table and went to work. Came home,"Honey, where'd my parts go?" She said,"these?" Two polished rebuilt perfectly functioning carbs! Sometimes the garage is just too far away I guess. If only I could get the car in the living room somehow...
  9. There's an ad in one of our local papers. Caught my eye due to the three complete Corvairs for $1000 for all 3, but alas, nothing for ours. He's located here in PA about 25 miles south of Williamsport and has 75 cars he's trying to get rid of cheap that are not 'junkyard' cars. Others listed:61,62,63 Galaxies-$1000; six Pontiacs 51-56-$6000. Those prices are for all six Pontiacs and all 3 Galaxies. He basically said, 'what are you looking for', so he knows what's there. I called less than an hour ago and he answered on 3rd ring, so it's not too late yet. He's a fast talker (reminded me of a Seinfeld episode character). 1-570-538-3464
  10. How about shortwave radios? I suppose they wouldn't be as nearly collectible as old a.m. or t.v. sets.
  11. It's almost in as bad a shape as your 'Vair was! Looks like a good project and you've already started on it just doing all of this research. I can't tell you anything others haven't already said other than see you on Corvair Center forums!
  12. "We figure there's always a chance something could go wrong, so we got goggles for safety."
  13. We feel just the opposite as you, Bob. We like to have a running project. Being able to jump in and go for a ride keeps the interest going, especially for my wife. So I always do mechanical work first, painting and detailing it as we go, get her inspected and on the road. Of course everything we've ever done were all 60's models and have no problem keeping up with traffic. And, honestly, I like to come back from a cruise, pull in the garage and saay, "All this baby needs is some paint and watch out!" I have friends that're more along what you like and I always think what good is a fresh coat on a car that doesn't run? Seems like painting a condemned house or something. Everyone's different! Thaat's what makes this hobby fun. You get to do what YOU like! Dan
  14. I feel that people around my home think we're well-off because we have cars we don't use everyday. They see in the garage when I'm working and it may not just be the cars, could be the $1000s of dollars of tools hanging everywhere, too. And I doubt they think, "Wow. It must've taken years to get all those tools." Which is the reality of it.
  15. Got the engine and transmission out together, yokes off the driveshafts and made a mess! Today pulling the carbs to send out and ordering a complete gasket set. Also might start cleaning parts so the wife can break out her airbrush kit and participate!