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  1. Hey guys. I'm hoping someone out there has an owner's manual for a '29 model 612. They seem to be so scarce I can't find one anywhere. I'd be willing to pay to have one photocopied for me or scanned electronically and emailed. Thanks. Geoff
  2. Here's a video of a guy putting UHMW tape between leaf springs.
  3. I have just taken the leafs apart from my 1929 graham page and cleaned and painted them with POR-15. I've ordered UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) pressure sensitive tape to be applied between them. It's supposed to be much stronger and slicker than teflon tape. You can get it at McMaster Carr.
  4. Anybody have any experience with lever type shocks on an ollllld car? I have a 1929 Graham Page 612 and have taken my leaf springs out for refurbishment but I don't know much about the lever shock absorbers. They are a piston mounted on the frame with a lever that attaches by a cloth strap to the leafs. I assume they're oil filled? Anybody ever worked on one of these? Thanks. Geoff
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