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  1. Good morning all, I am new to this site and have been researching a wooden spoked wheel I have aquired. I was told it was a 29-30 Hudson but do not agree. There are no rivets holding the hub on but pressed barrell rivet of sort. The wheel hub will not come off unless these are drilled out ruining them. The Hubcap logo I believe is IH, possibly indicating International Harvester? Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Terry
  2. Bed Liner Paint, Do It Yourself Bed Liner, Roll On Bed Liner
  3. Hi all, New to posting on this site and wanted to share some great product information (my personal opinion and experiance) that I have used on racing sailboat decks for non-skid (although very tough on bare skin when newly coated) performance, and have used it to coat the ramp door (that was very slippery when wet prior to coating) with this product and also the flooring of my equipment trailer to keep from carving up the nice plywood. This product is not in-expensive but easy to apply, lasts and works great! I used the trailer it to move heavy automotive equipment and gouged it off along with some plywood at times but simple to re-coat that specific area and good to go again. It is an option to look at... Bed Liner Paint, Do It Yourself Bed Liner, Roll On Bed Liner Terry