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  1. Local classic car owner restored and hot rodded a '37 Dictator coupe a decade ago. In the process, he removed the original Studebaker drive train and stored it in his business on pallets. A few years back, he needed room at his business and moved the pallets to just outside his home garage. He covered them with plastic to try and keep the weather away. The plastic eventually became part of the environment and the parts have been exposed to the weather for a year or more. Everything is there from the fan to the rear drums, minus the driveshaft and air cleaner. This includes both the front and rear leaf springs. Owner would like to get $200 for everything. I do not want to post owners information, so please email me at the following: champs at zoho dot com - or simply message me here. Thanks. *Edit - sorry - parts are located just outside of Frankfort, Kentucky.
  2. John, One thing you might want to be careful with is metal that is thin. Blasting can create a lot of heat so you have to be careful. Had an Uncle that took a Studebaker truck hood to get blasted and they must have had the new guy at the place do it - it was ruined by getting the metal too hot - just rolled from one side to the other. Shop felt bad and returned his money - they should have also offered to find a hood as well...
  3. I ended up with two different brands. The Lark has BF Goodrich and the truck is sitting on Firestones. Good luck.
  4. I would go bias - and for the very simple reason that the car was built and engineered for those type of tires. Even the wheels were not built for all the flexing that a radial tire does. Besides, my Lark drives much better with its bias tires. With the owner's manual recommended 24 lbs in the front and 20 lbs in the rear, it gives a very nice ride.
  5. I am kind of partial to either Avanti gold: or Avanti grey:
  6. Just wanted to make sure this would work - some forums operate a little differently. This is my 1962 Studebaker Champ 1/2 ton. Enjoy. Photo of my truck back in the spring of 2011. Just repainted the wheels and was a little apprehensive about squeezing the caps back on - so took a pic before hand... Finally got up the gumption to put the caps on - no problems because to style of clips Studebaker used, you can simply push the caps on without hammering on them with a rubber mallet (or the back of your hand). Although the truck currently lives in Eastern Pennsylvania, it was shipped new to north-central Texas and lived on a farm from 1965 to 1991.