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  1. I wonder if the fenders and splash aprons were always that chocolate brown color? Perhaps so as even in this black and white photo they aren't as dark as the top material or belt molding appears to be.
  2. I like the way this one is painted/ detailed
  3. If the engine, trans and axles are in decent shape it sure would be a base for a neat speedster. I think that's a great way to repurpose what is otherwise scrap iron.
  4. It's a good reminder of the rare air we breathe with these cars. I have to wonder about Europe. You'd think some might have surfaced by now.
  5. Ned, if you haven't yet joined please consider joining the W.O.K.R. Willys-Overland-Knight-Registry. You'll then have access to the library which is considerable. You can purchase scans of documents etc.
  6. It looks like a very sound complete car. It appears to have S-K's early hydraulic brakes.
  7. Yes, it's the bane of our existence as old car people. If you can't do your own work either because of time or skills you're doomed to hire it done. I hire some mechanical things and machining done but I largely do my own work. I suppose I'm making 50 cents an hour or less. Haha. It's very hard to know everything about what you're buying when you buy a car. I bought an Overland out of Colorado. I should have left it in Colorado. Complete mechanical disaster. The purchase was the cheap part. It was intended to be an inexpensive tour car. It became a three year frame off before
  8. Nice. I'd call that a win if it's decent work.
  9. Wise words. Think before you leap. $50,000 (or less) is what a lot of people will spend on their new car, or driver, and then make payments for month after month for years and years. Perhaps never getting out of the payment cycle. When 50k is an engine overhaul. Yes, it's easy to be way too far over your head. Then you are caught because without the needed repair, what is the car worth?
  10. Yes, whatever is appropriate for yellow metals
  11. Your report sounds excellent! Bronze wheel in the diff by the way. Need the appropriate diff lube for it.
  12. I understand. The older I get (I'm not that old but early 50's with school age kids) and busier I get the choosier I feel about taking on big projects. It was easy to buy the huge projects when I was single and 30 something. Now as I watch the sand run through the hourglass I'm feeling much different.
  13. What I've seen of splash aprons is that the top flange sits on top of the frame. Maybe held there with stove bolts or the like. Then the wood body sill sits on top on that with cotton webbing or belting in between. The asphalt soaked stuff. I replaced the front sill section on my Overland touring and had to graft new into old. It was a slow project but it worked out well. Please forgive the non CCCA conveyance in the attached pictures.
  14. If you email me at pdwoyen@hotmail.com I'll get you his contact information. Thanks, Pete
  15. I should clarify. I think we're having a couple gears machined regardless. Is Mark sending you one of the finished ones? Maybe he and you spoke and he's already sending you one? It's a good idea to have a spare anyway.
  16. Ed, You might want to drop the pan and see what your oil pump gear is made of. If it's brass then you're in good shape. The originals were pot metal and we know what that does. If you have good oil pressure already then it's likely your gear is fine-but you should check. If you need a gear we'll get another machined. We want to keep a couple spares. Thanks
  17. I agree with you. It just gives otherwise great cars a bad reputation. As with any antique car when things aren't tuned or operating to their designed spec.
  18. We have a new oil pump gear. Machined and ready except for very minor hand fitting. Mark will contact you.
  19. The throttle valve reg's are often wore. Some are pot metal and the better ones are brass. We had some brass castings we had machined and then the steel needle valves lapped in to fit. I'll bet your right on the exhaust system. I'll bet you get smoke just from it heating up.
  20. Art liked to turn the oil up. I'm sure you'll be able to regulate it down. Most of my experience is seeing W-K's run and they generally don't smoke much more than any other car. That said I've seen Voisins run that could clear out quite a few mosquitos.
  21. It does seem odd to paint the brightwork black. I have heard of Amish requesting new cars being painted black, remove the radio etc. At least years back. I doubt they'd have sprung for a Stearns though. Maybe some conservative old money type might have done that.
  22. I want to say yes the pan will drop without pulling the motor. I need to do that myself soon. Mark had bronze gears made some years back. I don't recall right now if there are any extra.
  23. I always wondered if that car was blacked out during WWII . Was that a Southern CA car where they were worried about air raid attacks? Weird thought on my part maybe?
  24. The polished or plated strips on the gas tank cover is a really neat detail. Its the first I've seen that. The cars have minor differences here and there. My car came with Brewster running boards on it. Mahogony with grooves and drain holes. Raised metal strips or treads on the top. No rubber.
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