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  1. Jeff Have a speed roadster and had to make a windshield. Am interested in all Model 33's, contact Lorne Walters as he has very nice touring. I used his dust pan to make one for my car as it was missing. Keep in touch Fred Grey
  2. Set up of spark and throttle as made to get Hudson running https://youtu.be/mCpRWiXYsVI
  3. also trying to get info on Continental motor of the 1910 - 1914 era. Can you send some pics? Mine is a AB 600 with cast aluminium base and 4 cyl mono block Can send pics if You want more info on mine.
  4. Not an expert but Hudson did not make a speedster. They had a roadster in '10 and '11 which were 100 " wb. and sold very well with 20 HP The roadster and speed roadster came out in '11 and '12 with 33 HP and 114 wb. Hudson was working on building the '37 HP and 6 cyl. 54 so production figures were 5708 for Model 33. The design of the Model 33 is very good example of what a speedster or roadster should look like and was copied by Mercer and Stutz. Some thing the use of doors dictates definition of speedster or roadster. Also the speedster definition came from the cars that were built out of what ever parts were available, ie a bigger motor or made up body to replace the touring or coupe body. Interesting history and time for sure
  5. First time have had motor running in 25 years . Have been around the block a couple time and now time to check all the work of last 2 years for me. Runs great and will do the Mile a minute for sure!!!!!
  6. Have been away from the Speedster forum for a while as been trying to complete the Hudson. Interesting that there is a comparison to the Mercer and Stutz but not the Hudson Speed Roadster Model 33. These were factory built car made for racing and hill climbing, sold of the floor at $1600.00.At least $1000.00 less than completion but considering the size of the motor at 226 cu. in they were the "poor mans" racer for sure. Less than 200 were believed to have been made and approx. 12 are known to be in still in existence. The only untouched survivor is in the Simeone museum.
  7. This is a video from December 2014 when the Hudson came off the jack stands and onto the floor for the first time. https://youtu.be/-S1xvVTYEpg
  8. I have several short videos of the Hudson build that I have compressed to about 140. each but have had problem getting from UTube to this site. Any suggestions?? Not sure how the first couple went thru??????
  9. After 2 years I have been able to start the Hudson and drive around the block!!. Motor has not run since 1989 so a big relief to hear it run. Have lots to do but this is a very satisfying moment for sure!!!! Hope every one can share the moment!!
  10. Out of the 51 cars produced, how many are still in existence. I believe Guinness Book of Records states Tucker has highest rate of still being in existence Any answer from Tucker Club?
  11. Have 2 ea. Walker 740's but require castors Have tried to find web site that works but to no avail. Any help to find appreciated!!
  12. Am wondering about availability of silver or aluminum coating for glass reflectors on Acetylene cars? Any sources or suggestions F
  13. Cyclopedia of Automobile Engineering printed in Chicago,1909 and 4 volumes, There are some more pics but some are about industrial electrical equipment, Some of the cars are identified and others are in reference to another topic
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