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  1. Thank you for your help. Theres a friend of the family who could help that knows these cars like the back of his hand but I try not to bug him as hes 90. He would be more than happy to help me out but I would hate to bother him
  2. Thank you for being so informative Jim. I plan on playing with the carb a little more once it gets a little warmer(I'm located in MA). I would imagine the float level is fine as the gasket that's in there has been since my grandfather restored the car in the 70's. He knew what he was doing so I don't think float level could be the problem. Regarding the choke rod knob, I was unaware that turned. I read inside one of my service books that the knob should be turned 1/4 turn off its seat. I just played with it a moment ago and I could turn it 2 full turns both clockwise and counterclockwise. I w
  3. Thank you for the reply. Im sorry I have very little knowlede regarding carburators. All Ive been tought in school is fuel injection. How to I go about enriching the idle mixture? How would I know if the fuel bowl level is correct and how to I adjust that? Is the fuel adjusting rod (choke?) that knob on the passenger side insode the cab?
  4. This has been bothersome as then I become stranded at stop lights and signs. My Model A keeps stalling when I come to a complete stop and complete stop only. My foot is pressed down on the clutch all the way when this happens. I shift into neutral when slowing down or coming to a stop. So my car stalls when coming to a complete stop when I have it in neutral. It stalls when I'm hitting the brakes hard. Can any of you knowledgeable folks help me pinpoint what could be the problem? Thank you I much appreciate it
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