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  1. Me neither. Two messages sent: replies = zilch. oh well...life goes on
  2. Man. In my dreams! I would love that car like my little sister! Come to think of it, I used to bash her when I was a kid LOL! Only softly tho... Nah, wasn't me, sadly.
  3. Did somebody end up buying this car? I sent a message to owner, but, no reply. Understandably he or she might not be willing to ship this beautiful classic out of the USA.
  4. Nah, I miss it too much, and nobody's to blame. I could have had the chassis repaired but chose not to. It has gone to a panel beater who by all accounts has restored it into a gorgeous car. Happy ending, even if not the fairy tale I wanted it to be. Cheers Ken.
  5. Man, what I would do to own this car! Since my other disaster with the 55 century I have shied away from cars, but I love the 50 Buick! Wish I could get her on a boat heading to Oz....
  6. Wonderful car! One of my all-time favourites!
  7. My truck gets to go on road trips these days, usually on the back of a tow truck. Just got it back from sitting in a smash repair shop waiting on getting some work done for the past three months. They never touched it. I rang every few weeks, not wanting to bother them that much and the last time I rang I asked for the boss and guy on phoe said he was nowhere to be seen but I heard him talking in the background, so I got my old girl outta there. At least she was on the road for a little while....sheesh!
  8. Wow! Love it! Wish I could get a closer look at that!
  9. Will do! Although I don't have any friends, only you guys
  10. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!
  11. As always, it's great delight to receive an email from this site alerting me to a new post by you. You're a busy man these days! Heheh. Never seen a car like Linus around here. They look great together!
  12. Ah, guys...you can have your snow this Christmas. I'll stick to hot sand and diminishing bikinis. Brrrrr. Damn, those pictures look cold. Glad we all aint brass monkeys
  13. What a beautiful car. Congrats! Really, the 49 Sedanette has to be one of the true classic Buicks. Right up there with the 50, 51, 52, 53,....come to think of it, they are all beautiful! Wish I still had my 55 Century. Should never have sold it.
  14. Did you call them on the number they provided? Might be a hoot!
  15. Very funny! Should be more humour in the world!
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