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  1. Credit to Hemi Anderson:
  2. Hey Turbo, What size are these? By any chance are they the same size as the emblem on the trunk lid reflector?🤞
  3. Hemi, I'm interested in doing this conversion on my TC. Checking the online inventory at the local jy shows that they have an 88 reliant and a 94 caravan. I would use a new master cylinder so that is not a concern. I am concerned about the brake pedal, do you know if either of these will interchange? If not can the retaining clip be removed from the donor and put on the TC brake pedal swing arm? Thanks, Mike
  4. Just a heads up, the trunk keys are available here for $3.15 : Definitely worth the saved aggravation of hacking up a generic blank, and cheaper than a $10 e-bay key blank.
  5. Thanks for the info Ghosty! Do you have a little more info on those fasteners? Are they the 'christmas tree' type that push in? Do you recommend a panel-popper type trim tool to remove trim without breaking the plastic slots? Thanks again Mike
  6. Hi, The insulation in my hardtop has started to disintegrate and is causing the headliner to sag. The corner in the rear has pulled out and powdered insulation is getting all over the place. My question is, how do I get the trim off from the hardtop so that I can remove the rest of the insulation and tighten up the headliner? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Mike
  7. Larry, Those look like they are double-cut keys. My 89 is a single cut key and it looks slightly different. Mike