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  1. Pete, a Super, 50 series is about 4inches wider than a 40-60 series. Is it possible that they sent you a bumper for a smaller series. The bumper on my Special measures about 75 1/2 inches from tip to tip. spacing between the center 2 holes on mine is 15 1/4 inches. Your bullets and upper bumper pieces will bolt on to either size. Did you mark your bumper before you sent it out? Stean
  2. Bob, I have tried to send you a PM. Hope it goes thru. Stean, BCA#45778
  3. It's been awhile, but do you still have the original wheels for the 55 Special?
  4. Joe, they are soft but not spongy soft like door weatherstrip. They are from Steele, and I believe they are identical to the ones in your picture. Stean
  5. Joe, in your picture, the piece on top is for the driver side. The protruding section falls in front of the flipper where it curves up to clear top of vent window post. Stean BCA#45778
  6. Joe, this picture is your item on my 1955 46R. It installed with the screw in center as you described. Doesn't interfere with flipper at all. The protruding piece is what makes the seal at top corner when door is closed. There was already a hole for the screw in body, you may have to probe through old junk to locate it. I know I don't explain very well but it really does work. Stean
  7. don't know where you're located J.W. it may be much colder there. here in oklahoma, opening the auxilary heater door on the defroster provides adequate heat in our winter temps. without the main heater. Stean
  8. Put a model OFA-1 from Oil Filter Adapter Enteprises on my '55. It came with very clear instructions and was easy to install. Stean
  9. Could be from either a Special or Century, as long as it's a two door hardtop. Have been told that hinges from the same models in 1954 and 1956 will work. Only one of mine is bad, but would be pleased to get a pair.