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  1. Oops e mail is info@sandspitfishing.co.nz Thanks again Carolyn
  2. Hi yes please forward photo's and deails about the Buick. Thankyou Carolyn
  3. Great advise thankyou. I will try an advertisement and yes I have looked at a couple on E-bay but they seem really expensive for the condition even though they state Show Car! I did bid on one late last year but missed out. Thanks Carolyn
  4. Hi, Can anyone help please? I'm a serious buyer who wouldn't muck you around so to speak. After all this time I am still after a complete 1958 Buick Limited convertible ( I know its a hard one ) to keep the limited 2 door hard top company in my garage. Missed out on one last year as the Forum put out a few warnings and I got a bit hesitant. Coming over for 3mths in June so would be able to view if you have one. Fingers crossed. Thanks Carolyn:)
  5. RW Chatham --Can anyone tell me please if this guy is legitimate. Thanks Carolyn
  6. HI Bernie, You are right it does happen. We had a guy in our Panel shop last week who last year purchased a car through e-bay. The guy was born deaf and has only just recently got a transmitter hearing Aid fitted which some how has given him back his hearing. Anyway to cut a long story short he was communicating via e-mails paid the guy 30k and never heard anything again from him nor did he receive the car. I have had a couple of e-mails through your site through the private message which seem pretty legitimate. One sounds really interesting just waiting to hear back with photo's etc. The othe
  7. Thanks again guys! If anyone truly has a 58 Buick limited convertible please get in contact.. I am a gunuine buyer and will fly over to check it all out before the purchase. Thanks again everyone for your help at weeding out the not so nice people in this world. NZ Girl
  8. Okay thanks for the warning. I will give this guy a miss and look else where. Regards Carolyn NZ Girl
  9. HI could you please send me some photo's and more info on the car please. My e-mail here in NZ is s follows. info@sandspitfishing.co.nz Thanks Carolyn ( nzgir l)
  10. HI Thanks for that and yes I know but thought I would get the feelers out ( so to speak) We have a 58 limited two door hard top that we purchased last year which the American owner nick named "Bradley". Just thought Bradley could do with "Bridgett"? Fingers crossed someone may have a contact. Thanks Carolyn
  11. HI just new to your forum so I hope I get this right. I am after a genuine 1958 Buick Limited Convertible. Anyone have any info on one for sale. Thanks NZ Girl
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