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  1. I'm not real sure .... All that I have been able to figure out is either 1929 or 1930 .... It is a 4 door sedan so I would assume it is a 96a ??
  2. Looking for a collectible for a 1929 or 1930 Whippet 4dr sedan .....
  3. I spoke with Chris about this earlier. Thanks for the help !!
  4. That is true, but if you look at his profile, there have been several posts from May and June 2014, so I am still hopeful that it will be answered !!
  5. Chris, I didnt know if you still had this or not, but if so I would be interested in the wood blueprints if you would part with them. I know that this is nearly 4 years old, but thought that I would check !! Thanks .... David
  6. I am needing a left rear upper door hinge for a 1929 or 1930 Whippet 4dr sedan. This would be the hinge that looks like a piano hinge. I have one, but mine is broken. I am also looking for a set of the wood blueprints if anyone has them laying around and you no longer need them. Let me know what you have .... Thanks ... David
  7. I am looking to see if I can find some one with a 29 or 30 Whippet sedan that could get me a body measurement. I am needing to know how wide it is from right side B post to left side B post, both at the floor and at the top. I am trying to piece a body back together, and need these measurements to align my body. Also, if someone might happen to have a set of left over wood blueprints, I might ne interested in those if you dont need them anymore !! Thanks in advance !!!
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