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  1. 56 Ford panel truck frame with 1970 Monte Carlo Clip and what looks like a Chrysler rear end. We also have some small parts, Passenger seat, dash parts, inside panels. Body still on frame ( a lot of rust), Nose gone, no glass, all four door complete but very rusty. $1800.00
  2. No I don't . But I will keep you in mind. If you know anyone looking for a 1946 olds 98 8 cyl. with trans, please keep me in mind,Thank you, Bob.
  3. I need a set of 41 Plymouth head light buckets, a hood ornament, a clock and a radio. The radio does not have to work, just look good. Thank you Bob.
  4. 1941 Plymouth headlight buckets, Hood ornament, clock and a radio. Radio does not have to work, Just look good. Thank you Bob.
  5. Hi Mkolner, I'm interested, what shape is it in and how much. Are you in the Jersey area? If not in the area, how much to ship it. Thank you Bob
  6. Hi Joe, The parts were great ,thank you. My parking light bezels could not be re-chromed, do you have them. I also need door window weather stripping, do you have a connection for them . I am having bad luck finding them. I also need the round red trunk light lens. Thank you, Bob
  7. Thank you Guy's for your quick response. The pulley does sticks out further than the balancer and the pulley on the pump can not be turned around, it will stick out further. The Balancer and spacer idea is one that I did not try, Thank you. Bob
  8. Hi Lew, Thank you for replying. I have a new system here, just learning how to use it. I would be willing to take pictures and snail mailing them to you. It might be quicker at this point. If you are willing to do that, you could send your address to airvette63@netzero.com or call me at 201-233-3924, that is my cell number. Thank you again, Bob .
  9. I have a 1958 Ford Rancharo with power steering on a Y block. I don't know if it is an add on or OEM. The pump pulley and the balancer pulley don't line up. It is off about 1/2 inch. tried everything I could with adjustments, No Good. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I need a radio(does not have to work just look good), a clock , hood ornament and chrome also seat adjusters,Headlight buckets and bezels. Thank you Bob
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