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  1. I must confess I was thinking about the prospect, sometime down the road, of going the Diesel Pusher route. Have done some of the comparisons mentioned in this post, and still am not convinced it would be the right path for me. Reading this thread reminds me of some of the maintenance challenges I have with my 41 ft Chris Craft. The diesels run great but the luxury systems, like HVAC, plumbing and electrical, just keep on needing replacement or rebuild. And considering storage for one thing, I could not keep it at my home in Connecticut. Would have to store it in upstate NY, but would want it in my barn, not outside. So there you go, I would now have construction costs to extend the barn. Advantage or disadvantage?, hmmmm..........but I may make the plunge someday.
  2. I have a lot of experience towing cars. For the most part, without incident, which is the way it should be. On a few occasions, I have had State Troopers pull along side and give my hitch a looking over and then drive off. My bad experience was taking an enclosed trailer I had bought about a mile from my home back to my house. I apparently overlooked there were no safety chains. Apparently the prior owner needed them and just took them. After having lunch, I jumped in my rig and drove off to my friends house about 50 miles away. Inside the trailer was my 40 Chevy, all secured and good to go. While on the New York Thruway, about one quarter of a mile from my exit (which was on an uphill grade), it hit my like the proverbial ton of bricks, I did not remember seeing chains. I stopped, checked, and realized my plight. No chains, and nothing in the the truck to use as a fix. Keep in mind, I had tested the electric brakes before buying the trailer. Three of the four were good. Was going to my friends house to install new loaded backing plates on all four wheels. I will stop here. Suffice it to say I made it. There was a Home Depot right off the exit ramp, where I bought chain and installed it before continuing. Here is the catch. We all know to look things over before and during a trip, but will you just check what you see, and overlook what should be there that you do not see, like my missing chains? As it turns out, I went through everything when doing the brakes and at that point realized my breakaway switch was not operable. Another lesson learned. If it's not perfect, make it so, or DON'T GO. I was very lucky.
  3. My mechanic told me that you could not use detergent oil in a Corvair engine because it would leak. Had to use non-detergent oil. Anyone hear of detergent oil being more leak prone in an engine?
  4. I think I met a guy from upstate New York has a vendor space at Hershey. Maybe he can be tracked down from the Hershey web site.
  5. Moverdear, dont blame the wife for misplacing the book. If you spent too much time with the book, she probably threw it out. Stop looking. How about swapping the wheel/tires from back to front to see if that changes anything. Could it be the wheels are way out of balance? That may be a contributing factor. I'm just guessing. My wife threw out my books. Now she is my ex-wife, having been replaced by two pit bulls. They have yet to bite any one or misplace/eat any of my books. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  6. Can you imagine trying to do that today? (To the dog). You would be tarred, feathered, fined and maybe jailed.
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