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  1. I picked up mine at Mac's Antique Auto Parts located in Lockport N.Y. They mainly deal in Ford parts. Have been using mine for 2 yrs. and no issues. they are cheap enough to throw a spare in the trunk also. Around 20. bucks give or take depending on length.
  2. I guess I got an education in the antique market. $3000.00 for a new core that is similiar to the original. i am old school and think that's pretty expensive. They say they can replace it with a later model design but i think that would detract from the looks of the car.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys. Sounds like a couple of skilled shops not too far from home. I will do some contacting and let you know how I made out. Spring is around the corner and way too much work into this car to let it sit. Thanks again
  4. Thanks Tom, I think your correct on the crank handle. Unfortunately here, there are a lot of "old" businesses going under and some to be very good radiator shops with the late model plastic involved they cant survive. I try to do everything myself but putting a torch to 90 yr old fatigued metal is best left to a professional. Thanks for the help on this.
  5. Sorry about that. from West Seneca, New York. It's a 22 roadster. I spent the last 8 years getting rid of the rust and cant drive it. Worst mistake was flushing it out. overheats badly and leaks really bad now.
  6. Very new here and was wondering if anyone may have a spare radiator for sale for a Buick model 22-34 . Mine took a dump on me and would like a spare to replace it. Not too many craftsman left in the area to trust with the original to repair it. I would like a second radiator in case it was not repaired correctly.. Any help is appreciated.