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  1. 1- Is the spring in the lower radiator hose to prevent it from collapsing during high speed flow? 2- Does it have a clutch fan, although i doubt that it should, but if it does when you shut off the motor is the fan locked due to the heat? 3- Are belts tight, any slippage, 4- is radiator the same temp at top and bottom, as well as left and right? any cool spots, is it new or was it cleaned? 5- does it stay cool idling and get hot while driving? or does it get hot both ways 6- is the pressure 12-15 lbs? check the cap at an auto parts store. 7- any bubbles in the coolant while running
  2. http://southjersey.craigslist.org/pts/5154016859.html http://southjersey.craigslist.org/pts/5154017471.html Thanks for looking!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. http://southjersey.craigslist.org/pts/5154726915.html Thanks for looking!
  4. When I first looked at it, the theme song from the television and radio commercial for "Yellllooooooooo birdddddddd" popped up in my head immediately. Growing up in the Philadelphia / South Jersey region, our area was a principal marketing target for those flights to Florida, year after year. The airline catered to the "snow-birds", that would leave here right after Christmas, and then return them around Easter. You would see shots of the airplane, crew, and cabin, intermixed with lovely beaches, waves, and warm weather tempting scenes. The only pertinent fact now though would be if the Riv's
  5. Congratulations! Simply a beautiful car! Enjoy many happy years of ownership!
  6. Boy you guys are really taking shots at my confidence levels today! You have convinced me that it is indeed Buckskin, although certainly a "lighter Buckskin" than the Corvettes that I am more used to. My 70 With Pearl Strato Buckets with console has black dash, carpet, kick-panels and console, and is not considered to be two tone. The oddity then with the 68 is the console, as all else appears correct. From the little seen in the pictures of the door panels, they seem to match the seats as they should, although more and better pictures would be helpful. The flash has indeed affected the pictur
  7. My guess is Champagne 70% confidence, or Parchment 50% confidence, Buckskin 30% confidence. IMHO FWIW
  8. Looks very good! Kindly PM me the info for the Trophy Shop, as I think one would look great somewhere in our 70. Your persistence paid off, and you got what you wanted! Thanks! Marty
  9. Welcome to the Forum! Indeed you appeared to be, and are, genuine, an enthusiast, and a buyer! Good Luck in your quest! Marty
  10. I received this email message last night. I was advised that someone is looking for such a Riviera. While I cannot validate it, it would appear to be genuine. Don't know why they selected me, but here it is if anyone would like to respond. I will forward the link to this post to the sender. Contact me for the senders email address and I will PM it to you if you would like to respond. ( or if this is a known spam blast to us all kindly let me know, although I doubt that ) Good Luck! Marty Hi, I am Stéphane. I live in Côte-d'Or in France. It is the capital of Burgundy. I would contact you to s
  11. Very nice car, so it commanded a very nice price! Congrats on the sale! Happy New Year! Marty
  12. A very special wish for a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2015! I hope Santa brings each of you, and everyone in your families, exactly what they want the most! Marty
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